Friday, July 3, 2009

Show us where ya live...

Today over at Kelly's Corner is about yards/garages.

We moved in a house that was vacant for over a year, so the yard was awful. Ben has worked hard on the grass getting it mostly free of weeds and what not. He has to fertilize soon (or something) so that next year it will be even nicer! I've worked in the flower bed and that has been one heckuva chore! We're still not completed but it does look way better!

I love having a garage to park my car in now!! It's nothing fancy, but does the job!

Ben's yard toys.
our recycling station (the hamper is for cans etc and the bags are for cardboard and plastic bags)
EXCUSE our mess to the right...I haven't organized that part yet!

The backyard.
We're trying to get the part closest to the patio to grow was washed away by all the rain we had.

Of course, the girls had to get in my shot, after all it is "their" backyard!! They love having a big yard to run and play in!

The other side!

entry way to our sidewalk


So far I've planted monkey grass and zinnias...more flowers and mulch to be added

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