Sunday, July 12, 2009

Show us where ya live...Sunday!

(Dixie investigating the new item in our house...she approved)

A couple of weeks ago, Ben's mom sent us a beautiful monogrammed doormat! She knew I'm all about monograms, so she thought I'd like the mat! It fits perfectly on our front "porch" and I love it!

[THANK YOU AGAIN Mrs. Fisher/Debi!]

Entry way!
(I hang "seasonal" decor where the flag is!)

When you enter the front door, this is to your right. My grandmother (&great grandmother) had this hutch in her dining room, and I loved it since I was little. When we first walked into our house on the tour, I instantly KNEW this corner would be perfect for the hutch! I think Trudi and Nanny would be proud...

The black frame was given to me by my second cousin and is of our wedding invitation! She also gave me the shamrock that has an Irish blessing!

On the wall when you first walked in, I placed this Uppercase Living statement! I'm looking for a frame to place around it to help it stand out!

Oh and totally off the foyer subject...but I added plates to our bedroom!
Ben's reaction: "PLATES???? In a bedroom?!
I had to show him examples on HGTV, but he still wasn't getting the idea! Men...

I found these at an antique store here in Bartlett, and LOVE them. However, they're way to shabby chic for my taste.

So today while shopping for a friend's wedding gift at Target (aka the Devil), I saw these and thought they'd be great! I think they really help give our room color (our bedspread has the blue) and a more "young-traditional" edge!

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