Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here's Memphis!

Finally getting to enjoy the life (at the park)!

Mud? What mud?


Settling in just fine!

At the shelter....PLEASE take me home!

We adopted Memphis Girl in October from the Memphis Animal Shelter (hence the name)! She had been abused, neglected and mistreated but has been the sweetest dog and a wonderful addition to our crew!


Meet Dixie!

Enjoying the pond at Shelby Farms park!

Posing with her sister!

Enjoying a walk at the greenway

First St. Pat's day

Baby Dixie

Cook out in Collierville!

A friend had a cookout gathering for his birthday this past week! The rain held out, the company was great and the food tasty....all in all it was a nice evening!

Off course I left my camera at the house, so I had to use my trusty cellular phone!

Welcome to the Fishbowl!

Not sure why we even need a blog, but hey if all the other cool kids are doing it by George so are we!

We'll use this blog to keep you all updated on our fabulous lives, so be sure to check often! :)