Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Seven

1. Make racks: well, I do this more now than when I was a kid, so I guess that's something! Ben has actually shown me the "proper" way to make the rack, but I DID have "amnesia" ya know, and can't for the life of me remember! :)

2. Put all excess gear away: We have a lot of excess gear I believe. I'm not sure how two people acquire so much crap in just over a year.

3. Wipe sink and shower: (I'm not sure exactly what they're supposed to wipe it with but...) We clean the sinks and shower regularly. In honor of Billy Mays, I purchased "kaboom" and it seemed to work in the shower!

4. Clean Mirrors: check! They might have streaks, but they're clean.

5. Sweep and Swob decks: We have two dogs who are still blowing their winter coats, so we sweep/vacuum all.the.time. Swobbing the decks is my least favorite chore and makes me wish I had a Marine living here...wait a minute...

6. Lock secretaries, wall lockers and closets: Marine translation 101: secretary= dresser; I keep my closet "locked" at all times so the dogs don't go trying on my shoes. It is the only place they're forbidden!

7. Take out trash: this is the one reason why women get married, I believe! I'm all for equitable distribution of the chores, but this is just something a man should do!

All rooms must be ready for inspection no later than 0615: reason 1,003 I was never in the Military...0615 (that is 6:15 AM) is an address, not a time which ALL these chores have to be completed.

I found this picture the other day from Ben's old Marine Corps barrack days! It is now displayed on our fridge so we can "field day" properly (Marine translation: day every week when you basically "spring clean" your room)!

Ben thankfully has maintain most of his Marine Corps cleanliness training, so I reckon I did alright!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show us where ya live...


I randomly found (through a friend's blog) a neat blog. Well, the owner of the blog has a thing called "show us where you live" on Friday's. This Friday's was "master bedrooms". I'm late b/c some of us have to work ya know!

Here ya go:

I need to clean my lense apparently!
The brown is a lot darker in person!

Ben's dresser, which my mom and I found at the flea market!

My dresser, which belonged to my Grandmother (who's picture is in the small frame with my Grandpa)!
I'm looking for something to go over it but for now it is a collage of our wedding/shower invites!

Nightstands were found at a hotel liquidation sale. My mom and I (well, mostly mom) painted them brown and put new updated hardware! Awesome find for 50 bucks (pair). The lamps were a shower gift from a family friend!

View from the hallway.
I really need to find window treatments!
I've purchased neat antique plates to hang on the wall by the window!

The lovely wallpaper our room had before!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun with Picasa

Memphis Girl!

My sweet nephew!

At the vineyards below for our one year anniversary!

Millington Vineyards (In Millington, TN)

I recently found a picture editing program called Picasa. I've been playing around with the editing of some pictures (especially changing saturation levels) and like what I see!

Just thought I'd share!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Casa take 2

eat in kitchen area

hallway frame! (there are three on the other side)

Side table in between the living room/kitchen

and we have trim paint! It has really made the floors "pop"!

our office
I saw someone use a porchbox in their office and thought it was a neat idea! I'm keeping coupons, receipts, other papers in there!!

NO updates on the yard front....way to hot outside!
(heat index over 110 yesterday)


There is a neat site called Etsy.com, where people can go and sell their handmade items! I've browsed but never purchased anything until last week.

I found the neatest earrings that were super inexpensive (like $6 for both), so I thought what the heck!

They came this week and I love them!

Not something that I would normally wear, but they're different (and I like that)!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A work in progress...

(for some reason, this picture got rotated)
We went to Lowes and I decided it has been long enough and I was going to start painting the trim.
I've completed the kitchen and have started the living room! I'm taking it one room at a time!
Here is before/midway!

Now...on to the flowers! It is still a work in progress:

I've planted zinnias and monkey grass so far!
Ben is going to edge the bed for me and we'll add mulch after we're done planting!

I need to weed some more too...

The entry way to our sidewalk.
I love my lantana and solar powered lights (a Walmart special!)!
I have NO clue what the plant with the purple flower is. It just popped up one day!

My beautiful double knock out roses!
(My mom graciously gave me two of them, but since I'm a rookie, I accidentally killed the other (b/c I didn't plant it deep enough).

I now can appreciate why landscapers and painters are so expensive. It is HARD work, I tell ya!

I've been working in our flower beds practically every dry day that I'm not at work. I think it looks 100x's better, but we still have a long way to go!

Dog days....

Memphis girl decided to help me paint the trim!
It is about time she contributed to the family!

She has such a hard life now...all she needs is a cold drink and she's set!

Dixie didn't want to pose for long, she had better things to do i.e. fetch the ball and her sister!

Pretty girl makin' sure she wasn't missing anything...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh what a night....

Not what I want to see at our house again...ever.

Saturday morning was one for the books....

Friday night, we had major storms (tornado too I believe) and lost all power for 16+ hours.

Our house sits on a corner and the one street "t's" into our house. You have to take a left or right, or else you're in our back yard. Our bedroom/bathroom is right by the street that "t's".


I get home from work around 11 PM to a pitch black house and neighborhood. Ben gets home a little later from a friend's house.

He got up about 2:45 or so to take his contacts out etc. All of a sudden, we hear this loud "whooooo....BAAAM" sound.

At this point I thought something had literally crashed into our house, b/c the noise was that loud.

We go outside to investigate what the heck just happened. We walk up our side yard to a scene I never want to relive again.

A 4 wheeler flipped upside down, parts everywhere, fence busted
Female: laid out on the sidewalk (her friend sat her up against our advice), blood EVERYWHERE especially her head, face tore up, hand obviously broken etc etc.
Male: sitting, shaken up, complaining of back pain
Both individuals: HIGHLY intoxicated and belligerent

At this point there are about 5 neighbors (b/c I'm telling you, the crash was loud) helping, calling 911 etc.

Apparently, MALE calls his friends to come get him. Well, one of the friends was the FEMALE's brother. Brother was HIGHLY intoxicated as well. Brother tries fighting everyone etc but thankfully his friend calmed him down enough.

Emergency Services gets there and starts to take care of the FEMALE. Brother then goes off again on another good Samaritan. At this time, Ben (who is in his PJ's mind you) and the other uniform Officers try to take Brother away from the scene. Well, Brother proceeds to swing at the Officer, causing the Officer to spray his pepper spray (yeah, B got some too of course). The big ass jerk cried like a little girl.

So....by 3:30/4 AM we have two highly intoxicated individuals severely hurt, laying on our sidewalk.....another highly intoxicated person in handcuffs with pepper spray in his eyes laying on our yard.

Oh and did I mention I had to be up at 6 AM to work a 16 hour day. NOT COOL.

Here I am after: DRENCHED and not too happy.


Last Sunday, my two nephews were Baptized into the Christian faith and Catholic church! I was fortunate to be baby Drew's "Godmother" as well! Which reminds me: I really need to study up on the "Godmother" role, so I can be the best one yet!

The ceremony was simple yet very sweet! The boys did very well and I was the proudest Aunt!

Ben had Army drill that weekend too, so he could not attend. When Uncle Sam calls....

I left my USB card at home, so I had to borrow these pictures:

The Baptism ceremony!

My family! My Aunts and cousin (& great cousin) came as well!

the Godparents with Drew and WW (who decided to be silly)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The ABC's of EPF

A - Age: 24
B - Bed size: full (for now)
C - Chore you hate: mopping and with two dogs, I have to do it frequently (grrr)
D - Dog's name: Dixie (our 2 year old GSD) and Memphis (our adopted, 3 yr old GSD)
E - Essential start your day item:
F - Favorite color: I have several: Robin's Egg blue, brown, red/black
G - Gold or Silver: Silver
H - Height: 5'8"
I - Instruments you play: I tried playing the Clarinet in elementary school, but it didn't go too well. I think my parents still have it at their house.
J - Job title: Teacher-Counselor at Youth Villages (but I'm exploring my options)
K - Kid(s): None
L - Living arrangements: in Bartlett, with Ben and the two dogs
M - Mom's name: MOM
N - Nicknames: Emmy, Em, Sis
O - Overnight hospital stay: I had my tonsils out when I was a kid
P - Pet Peeve: dishes in the sink (especially when the dishwasher is empty)
Q - Quote from a movie: I'm not a movie buff, so I have no clue!
R - Right or left handed: right
S - Siblings: one brother, Brian and SIL's Marney and Ben's sister Elizabeth
T - Time you wake up: I wake up when Ben gets home, but re-wake up around 11. Unless it is my 16hr day and then I'm up at 6.
Underwear: um, what?
V - Vegetable you dislike: Tomatoes (much to my mother's dismay)
W - Ways/Reasons you run late: I am my mother's child, so I get my lateness honestly!
X - X-rays you've had: teeth, arm, foot, then the fun one of my intestines (gross milk/chalk stuff)
Y - Yummy food you make: I'm learning to cook: but I like my smothered and covered pork chops and "chicken roll up" (they really don't have an official name)
Z - Zoo animals you like: Giraffe's and Monkey's

Monday, June 8, 2009

Casa de Fisher

We were blessed enough to purchase our first home in October! Buying your first house is truly a surreal moment. The house hunting process is not like that on HGTV, it is actually a lot of work! We had only 30 days to find and close, so that did not help. However, we were fortunate to find a great house in a great neighborhood and it was a heck of a deal!! The process had some bumps thanks to a Bartlett code inspector who had authority issues....but thankfully Ben was able to address the issue and handle it!

We love our house and still find it hard to believe that is "ours".

Here are some before and afters. It is a work in progress...

Our humble abode...

laundry room
I guess I could take the blue tape off the washer/dryer now, huh?
(the sign says: "If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your wife told you...")

Master bedroom, after!
(still a work-in-progress)
This was the lovely wall paper in the master bedroom before!

Memphis and Dixie's room.
The other side is our office area. The white cabinet houses our wine bar!

The office before.
I think we should have kept the NEON green paint and "I make boys cry" stickers. :)

Door knobs before brass/after brushed nickle.
We have a wonderful mom and pop hardware store down the street that we frequent. They by chance had the brushed nickle door knobs for only $5 (on sale)! I was so happy b/c these suckers are expensive especially when you have 15 or so door knobs!

Chandelier before brass/after brush nickle
We found this simple, classic chandelier at a local lighting store, on sale! Thankfully Ben is handy so we were able to install it lickity-split! It helped update the room nicely!

Kitchen after!
I found new hardware at Lowes (my home away from home), and that small change really updated the whole look!
We plan on getting new counter tops, tiling the backsplash, floors and aplliances.

Kitchen before.
It had fruit stenciled all over, green velvet (and dust infested) curtains and the floors have seen better days! However, it had great custom cabinets and pretty nice counters! We saw the potential!

Master bath before and after!

Before: sponge paint gone wrong!!
After: simple, yet sophisticated!
We updated the lighting and hardware on the cabinets (not shown, sorry).
I really like the new wall letters that are on the market...such a nice touch I think! I need to fill the apothicary jar, but not sure with what!

We will be updating the counter tops/sinks and maybe tile (since B's a pro) eventually! I don't think the shell look is still "in"!