Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your party

Today over on Kelly's Korner is all about our wedding party! I'm actually getting this post in on time!!

I wanted to keep it simple, so I decided to have three SIL Marney, Ben's sister Elizabeth and my good friend Kali! Ben had his good friend Justin, his cousin Jeremy and my brother Brian! I did not want any flower girls or ring bearers, but chose to have my nephew (Will age almost 2 at the time) escort my grandmother down the aisle. It was more appropriate than trying to put a lot of stress on everyone, including my nephew.

I couldn't find the shot of the pew decoration, so this will have to do, even though it is had to see.
I did not want flowers, and thought it would be neat to have "P's" on my side and "F's" on Ben's. So, my mom and Uncle made the bows and attached the letters to mark the family pews! I thought they turned out great! It really went with my monogram theme!
My gorgeous flowers!

Our beautiful programs with our rings!
I loved our monogram!

The girls got ready at the hotel where the reception was going to be held (Embassy Suites)!
We had all got our hair done together, had lunch at Panera Bread and then finally made our way to the hotel! It was a wonderful day spending time with just the girls!

It took forever to get their sashes tied just right!
L-R: Elizabeth, my Aunt Erin, my Mom, Marney!

We made it to the church, ON TIME which is huge for me!
Here we are! I totally forgot I didn't have my sash on, but oh well!

When picking out the girls' dresses, I wanted something simple, black and that they could possibly wear again! We found the perfect dress (looked great on everyone) at David's Bridal! I actually wanted to order myself one, but refrained!
They wore whatever black heal they wanted too and my only request for hair was "no spiral curls around their face"!
I tried not to be too "bridezillaish"!

The photographer asked us to look at each other....well, this is what ya get! lolMy cousins, Claire and Meg, were our greeters!

Meanwhile, over at the old Convent (now a meeting room), the boys were getting ready.
Ben apparently had too much fun with the guys the night before, so he was chugging water and crackers! Poor thing...not!! lol
L-R: Dave (our friend who was one of the Readers), Ben, Jeremy.

Guys have it made huh? No hair, makeup, etc....wake up, put suit on, and done!

They do clean up well!
They wore simple black tuxedo suits, with pink striped ties and solid vests. Ben wore ivory. I did not want wear butoniers (I have no clue how to spell that word), just a simple pocket square.
LR: Brian, Ben, Justin, Jeremy

Ben with my girls!

We chose not to see each other until the ceremony, so I had no idea this picture took place! It was a sweet surpise!

My beautiful Grandmother, escorted by my sweet nephew, Will (and my brother)!
She was supposed to be wheeled down in a wheelchair b/c she's 86 and had some health problems. Well, the little Brat (must be where I get it from) said "I'm WALKING down that aisle"! Granny gets what Granny wants...
I'm beyond blessed to have meant everything to me to have her there to celebrate my special day!

My new family!

Dad, Mom, me, Ben, MIL, FIL

I loved both my Mom's and MIL's dress! I thought they looked beautiful!!

Ben's mom told me that the "rules" said for the Mother of the Groom to: "Show up, Shut up and wear Beige!" LOL...I'm glad she showed up, but I'm really glad she did not wear beige! We actually went together to pick her dress out, b/c she wanted my "okay"! What a nice MIL, huh?

My Uncle Tim was in charge of the music and scriptures. (This is a weird picture due to the lighting)

He had such an amazing voice and has played in 1,000's of weddings, so I had 110% faith that the music would be awesome. A doctor at my mom's hospital (b/c she totally owns that place!) and his daughter play the violin. They agreed to play for our wedding ceremony and it was wonderful! We also had a trumpet player who played for my entry...I felt very "royal"!

It was LOVELY. I'm so glad we have it on video b/c I really miss hearing my sweet Uncle's voice.

I'm awful, but I cannot remember the names of the songs we came in to. Cannon in D was one I think the girls came down.

The wedding party!!!


The center is our unity candle...left/right were lit by our parents.
The smaller ones were for rememberance of: my grandparents on my Mom's side, my grandfather on my Dad's and Ben's grandparents on his father's side.
Ben lit his grandparents candles and my Brother lit my grandparents candles at the start of the ceremony.

It was nice to have their memory alive on our special day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


From "Mom's" closet!

Today, there were bad storms (tornado's too) outside and "Dad" called "Mom" to tell us we should take cover. Well, she gathered us up with tons of pillows, flashlights, water and of course her cell phone and made us get into her closet. Memphis Girl and I knew it was serious b/c "Mom" never lets us get in her closet (she's afraid we'll wear her shoes I guess). It was a tight fit, but the three of us made ourselves comfortable until the storm passed. We haven't ventured outside yet b/c it is still raining and we don't want to mess our hair up (or get hates that), but we don't think there is any damage.

"Dad" was at work, but the nice firemen let him take cover at the fire hall! He's alright, just busy now.

Well, off to investigate where dinner is...

Dixie Belle

Monday, July 27, 2009

Party like its John's birthday...

Friday night we had a surprise party for my Uncle John b/c he turned the big 50!! It was held at a neat restaurant/lounge, Mad Donna's, in hip East Nashville! My uncle had NO idea there was going to be a party and was truly surprised when he arrived! Keeping a surprise among the Keogh family is no small task, so I'm pretty proud!! A great time was had by all...

My cousin Courtney drove down from the Knoxville area! She is a wonderful person and an awesome Dr. Nurse aka Nurse Practitioner.

Ben with my camera: "Hey Em..."
Me ordering a drink: "yah...oh..CHEESE!"

The birthday boy (or should I say old man), finally arrived!!

US! We had a wonderful time, even though it wasn't really our element!!

My sweet SIL, Marney!
She's a great friend, mom and a wonderful wife for putting up with my brother!! :)

The Keogh cousins with John (and my Aunt Mo)!!

I look pretty good for 50, huh?! LOL
I just had to wear the 50th bday tiara!!
FIFTY candles!
I'm just glad the fire dept didn't have to make the scene!!

John and his over the hill balloons!

We had a wonderful, busy weekend in Nashvegas!

Show us dress!

Since I was back in Nashville all weekend, I didn't get a chance to participate in this weeks "show us..." on Kelly's Korner! Since it was wedding dresses, I couldn't resist!

I LOVED my dress! It was so simple and so me! Much to my mother's dismay, I did not want one single lace, bead, flower etc on my dress....just the sash and a pendant. The sash was handmade by two of our family's friends and it was beautiful!

Here she is sans sash....

The beautiful sash and pendant!

Front of my dress.

Wow. I can't believe it has been one year and roughly four months since we said "I Do". Time flies!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I don't...

I decided to participate in a "McLinky" post I found on another blogger's blog (Jenna's Journey).

It is a list of "don'ts"...

I don't feel well today thanks to a summer cold.

I don't drink coffee or hot tea.

I don't like grits or squash. I know I'm thisclose to losing my Southern card!!

I don't know how to use chop sticks.

I don't drink enough water.

I don't watch movies (very rarely). I still haven't seen the Wizard of Oz, if that tells ya anything.

I don't want to finish painting the trim in our house, but don't want to pay $$ to have someone else do it. Any volunteers??

I don't watch commercials. Thankfully we now have DVR, or else I'll mute them/change the station.

I reckon that is it, for now!!
So want to make your own "I Don't" list? Simple! Post it on your blog, and link yourself up on my MckLinky!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer nights...

Ben and I both had Saturday off, so we took full advantage getting chores done. We returned an item at Lowes (and didn't buy anything which is a first), picked up oil filters for our cars at O'Reilly (is it a bad sign when the staff all know Ben?), grocery shopped at Aldi's, edged the flower bed (thanks Ben!), weeded flower bed, trimmed yard, changed the cars' oil (which Ben made me help), and organized/cleaned the garage, I'm probably missing a few things too.............yeah, we had a productive day!!

Yesterday was my friend April's wedding reception in Olive Branch, MS! The weather has been gorgeous the past few days, and it was perfect for their outdoor reception! The venue (her in-law's house) was amazing and of course seeing my Memphis friends again was wonderful!

the beautiful view...

The Williams' house
Ms. Kim, me and Katherine....just before sunset!

Ben all comfy!
We moved to the seats behind him (more room) and didn't want to leave!

Mr. and Mrs. Williams arriving at their reception!!


April and me

Maha and Ms. Kim!
these ladies are the best!

Regions gang!

April's husband Ben's mom is from Holland (confused yet?), and wrapping the couple in tissue is a Dutch tradition for good luck. They also sang to them, which was totally neat, even though I had no idea what they were saying!
The yummy cakes!

What a wonderful way to end a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We need an intervention...

Maybe if I pray hard enough and look sad enough, it will turn on!

Yes!!! Thanks be to life is complete!

Got it...

Dixie Belle is obsessed with all things water. Ponds, tubs, hoses, long as it has water, she's there! Ben recently set up the sprinklers to water our lawn and Miss Thing figures that since water comes out of it, it has to be for her! Today, I felt like being a nice person, and let her play! I figured it is killing several birds with one stone: watering the grass, exercising Dixie while providing her water! I set the timer for 30 mins and she literally ran 'round and 'round eating the water the entire time! She stared at it when it shut off, thinking "what the heck...I was just getting started."

She has also been caught red handed with half of her body in the bath tub...praying it would come on!

She's addicted...
Do you think the A&E show "Intervention" could come and help her?