Saturday, August 29, 2009

Show us your life....Wedding Showers!

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”
Yesterday over on Kelly's korner was all about Wedding Showers!

I was blessed to have three wonderful showers!!

My mom's best friend, Mrs. G, and her daughter held my first shower (a bed and bath themed). Tennessee doesn't get snow that often, but of course it snowed the day of my shower. I am truly blessed that my friends braved the "bad" weather just for me! We had yummy food, great stories and tons of laughter!

Opening some of my wonderful presents!

Mrs. G has the perfect "shower" house! Her sun room is an awesome spot to gather an intimate crowd!


My second shower was held by my Aunts, and was a "Sip and themed" shower!
My family and some female friends were invited and we had a blast! Keogh girls sure know how to have a good time!

The lovely (and mostly devoured) food! The color scheme was pink/black of course!

My to-die-for petit fours with our initials! Are they not adorable?
I LOVE Sweet and Sassy's petit fours!
My mom and me...
We all wore "aprons" because it was a kitchen themed shower!
Some of the wonderful ladies with their aprons!
They all shared recipes with me as well! That is what Ben was the happiest about!!

My wonderful hostesses.
My Aunt Erin, SIL Marney and Aunt Molly!

Since it was a "Sip and See", they set up my previous presents out for the others to see!
Just a few of my blessings.
(I love my awesome lamps)

My third shower was held by Ben's Aunt and Grandmother! It was so nice being with the future "in-laws"! It was a drop in shower so it was nice getting to spend time with everyone as they came in!

My delicous cake! At this point, I really didn't need any, but I can't say no to a cake this good!

Cutting the cake.
I look so focused, especially since Ben's Mom and Grandmother are watching! Must.not.mess.up. lol

Are these not the prettiest?
Ben's Grandmother has them in her yard.

Ben's cousin, Gracie! She was so sweet and gave us cookie mix and sprinkles!

Ben and I are truly blessed....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I don't....

Jenna’s Journey Blog

It is another "I Don't" Wednesday over on Jenna's Journey blog!

1. I don't know where my phone (aka my life) is. (St. Anthony...pray for me!)

2. I don't know how to use the grill we got...

3. ...and I don't want to really learn how too either!

4. I don't like waking up early.

5. I don't understand why the stores have had Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff out since July.


6. I don't want it to be Summer anymore...Fall needs to hurry up!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nothin' like Nephews...

My sweet nephew, Will, is THREE years old today. Where did the time go? I remember rushing to the hospital, getting ice chips for my SIL (w/o the "damn" spoon!), and finally seeing his 10 little fingers and 10 little toes! Now: he's sharp as a tack, starting pre-school, potty trained, a sweet older brother....the whole nine yards.

Happy birthday sweet boy!
Aunti Em and Uncle Ben

So tiny and sweet!
(at the hospital)

I rushed to get to the hospital before he was born, didn't have time to change from my uniform!

All grown handsome and such a good big brother!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog gone cute...

I'm partial, but I think they're the cutest!


Apparently our "life" didn't get the blog memo about being exciting or occurring in "captions"! So here are some pictures of our non-exciting life!

I decided to finally hang up some of Ben's Marine memorabilia, in the guest bedroom!

I have to tell ya, I'm proud that Ben had the forethought to save this newspaper from President Bush's visit to Camp Pendleton! I know our kids and grandkids will one day like to read about B's experience with the war and everything.
It will be framed in a nicer frame soon!

a close up..

Ben's Uncle Charles (dad side) was also a former Marine (he lost a battle with cancer (I believe)! I found this picture of Uncle Charles' boot camp class in '54 and thought it was the neatest! Ben has one similar, so hopefully we can find it and frame them together!

Do they not look so handsome and dapper?

Ben's parents came down Saturday with a truck load! They were nice and brought us a GRILL! We cooked out right after we unloaded and had a wonderful meal together!

The grill is made from an old water heater! So...we're "eco-friendly"!
They also brought us a queen size mattress/bed, but the room is a wreck so I couldn't take a picture of it! :)

THANK YOU again George/Mrs. Fisher!!!

We are going to tile the kitchen floor and have officially begun the "search"! We checked with Lowes, but plan on shopping around! I'm so thankful Ben can tile b/c it will save us serious money!

This gray ("Grotto Black" actually) is the one Ben likes from Lowes.
It is growing on me!

This is in the "mocha" family...but I'm not sure if it goes with the hardwoods.

The girls got new necklaces at Old Navy! I love Old Navy's dog collars b/c they're half of what you'd pay at pet stores, and a lot cuter!

I saw the "pink and green" and had to get 'em! My dogs are Delta Zeta Dogs legacies ya know!

Yakitty Yak...don't talk back...

Do we really have to stay while you take all these pictures?
Fine, we will stay, but we aint lookin'...

Meanwhile, my brother and his wife just purchased another home!! It is a very nice house, but the lady LOVED wallpaper. Wall paper isn't really their thing, so they had a "stripping party" a couple weekends ago! Thank God for steamers!!! Yes, I did help....a little! It took 4 women and 3 men hours to do this one room (but once the steamer kicked it it flew by)!!
The next house we buy, I'm making sure it has wallpaper in at least one room so he can come help! lol

Friday we both had the afternoon off, so we decided to do some window shopping. We checked out a bike place and now Ben thinks he's Lance Armstrong. I kid...but, we both found bikes we liked. I LOVED the "townie" bike and even got to ride it! Yeah, talk about pressure: haven't rode a bike since I was a kid, riding bike in front of the store clerk, in a parking lot...NERVOUS! But, it rode very well b/c it has "flat foot" technology! Anyways, I'll add it to the list of "wants".

I love having a phone that does multiple tasks! It is so convenient having a camera (albeit crappy one) on my phone for moments like these...
AWWW....Ben and Dix reading...and no this wasn't staged!

All dressed up and work to do...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Show us your reception

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

Today over on Kelly's Corner, it is all about wedding receptions! I have really enjoyed the past three Friday's b/c I love thinking about our wedding and what a wonderful day it was!

Our reception was held at the Embassy Suites in Nasvhille, Tn, held directly after our wedding service (evening wedding held at the same church my parents were married in!!)

I wanted everyone to just have a fun time and not to feel out-of-place or stuffy etc. We chose to do "stations" instead of a formal sit down dinner. Ben and I are not the most formal people, so it would have been out of character for us! However, I wanted to make sure the food was GOOD and plentiful, and it met/exceeded my expectations!

The "wedding planner" at Embassy was engaged and planning her wedding too, so she knew the pressure I was under! She and I clicked and I think my parents liked that helped!

I wish we could have a reception every year, but I doubt my parents would foot the bill again! lol

The wedding party rode on a trolley from the church to the hotel!
It was a short but fun ride!

My cake!
I wanted simple flavors and it had to taste awesome.

My "F'in"
My mom and dad found an awesome chocolate graphics place here in Nashville that do amazing stuff (business cards etc in chocolate!)! We met with the owner and asked if she could do an "F" in chocolate for my topper. They were able to do it in dark chocolate to get it as black as possible!

It was probably more work but I wanted something unique, and "Whatever Emily wants..Emily gets" HAHAH!! was a running joke in my family...."where's the "f-in-chocolate or here's your "f-in-chocolate etc" (b/c literally it was an "F" in chocolate)! Maybe we were just too tired and/or stressed, but it was too funny!!

I still have yet to eat my "F-in-Chocolate", but I'm sure it will be yummy (in the fridge).

The table linens were made by our friends (who made my sash)! It "puddled" the floor and looked gorgeous!

I guess my cake was good...huh??

The centerpieces.
We didn't have set tables, but did reserve one for family (see my Granny?)!


It was in honor of all my 6 years work at the Y in you have to play that song at your wedding. Period!

The hosts....enjoying a wonderful evening!
Align Center
Ben's Aunt MiMi has had major health problems and surgeries. However, she graced us with her appearance on the dance floor! I'm so happy our Photographer caught this, b/c I know I'll need proof....lolMy mom sure had fun!
She looked stunning...

Ben's Aunt Teresa and his sweet cousin Gavin, cutting a rug!
I was so busy, I didn't even get to see/speak to half the people I'm glad they did have a good time!!

Taking a rest!
We had the whole area in front of our ballroom, so we decided to place the cheese/crackers, bar, and several lounge areas in there to create a "get-away" from the party!

It's okay...we are married!

True story:
My garter was cutting off circulation, so I took it off prior to the wedding. I totally FORGOT to put it on at the reception. the time he was supposed to toss it, I started to panic slightly. My Aunt Erin (who was wonderful and helped planned the wedding), got some toule and made a "faux garter"!!

This picture puts a smile on my face b/c I LOVED seeing my Uncle Tim having a blast with our family and friends. That man was a dancing machine that night....even formed a "tunnel" for all of us to dance through (can't think of the proper name) and the conga line...

My beautiful bouquet and our beautiful Waterford flutes!
Just a candid of us...soakin it all in!

Making our exit...


It was sweet of you to read all about our special day!!!
Em (and Ben too)