Saturday, October 31, 2009

A witchin good time!

This time last year we had just closed on our home, so we spent the night at Lowes instead of trick-or-treating! But, I knew this year was going to be a fun one, and it sure didn't let me down!

We purchased what we thought was a ton of candy (and we didn't really break into our stash either!), but apparently we have waaay more kids in the neighborhood(s) than we thought! Next year, we will have to stock up! The kids were all very polite, but one decided he didn't want to wait for me to hand him the candy and reached in and grabbed a handful! Oh well...they're kids!

The highlight of my night was my very last Spook:
Two little Spidermen came walking up to our door, so I immediately went to open (trying to advoid the door bell getting rung) and heard in the cutest 3-4yr old voice "Oh nooo it is a WITCH"! I informed him that I was a nice witch and he said that he and his brother (also Spiderman) were "nice too!"

He immediately ran off to get his sister (and didn't even wait for his own candy!) b/c she was back with their parents. I followed to give sweet Tinkerbell some candy too and as I was walking back to the house SpiderMOM informed me the Spiderman said "She's a really nice lady!"

My heart melted!

He thanked me several times, to which I praised him for his wonderful manners!

So.....that one experience alone made my entire Halloween!

Memphis Girl the Witch!
She did very well and really loved the glow sticks we used! If I went outside to meet the Spooks, she waited patiently at the door (wishing she could play)! One Spook commented "she's silly", but I doubt Memphis paid any attention!

She met a guy at B's old precinct (who also lives in our neighborhood) and the guy's son (some GI Joe character...I thought he was a Ninja Turtle..oops)! She of course let them love all over her and didn't want them to leave! SPOILED!

Emmy the Good Witch!

I'll get you my pretty.....

and your little dog Dixie too!!
Dixie the Witch
Dixie did very well too! She stayed in her crate and rarely barked (only if the doorbell rang)!

Ben the Gangsta Witch

Can't wait til we stir up another batch next year....


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last Thursday was Ben's big 29th birthday! He had to work that night, so we opted to wait til that weekend to celebrate! I wanted to take him somewhere different, so I chose the Peabody Hotel brunch!

It was delicious (everything from omelets, prime rib, lamb, to sweets) and we left very stuffed! Ben was too full to even get something sweet, so I made up for him and got two things!

It was held in the Capriccio Grill, which is located in the Peabody!

Taking in the view after a wonderful brunch!
Here's to another year B!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Founder's Day!

To the world I promise temperance and insight and courage. To crusade for justice, to seek the truth and defend it always.

To those who my life may touch in slight measure, may I give graciously of what is mine.

To those closer ones, Love that is ever steadfast.

To my mind growth, to myself faith, that I may walk truly in the light of the flame.

Happy Founder's day to all my fellow Delta Zeta sisters (including my Mom)!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Operation Headboard

I love fabric headboards, and had one envisioned for our room since we moved in! However, I knew we were going to eventually upgrade to a queen bed, so I waited to make one until that time. Well, about two or so months ago we received a queen from Ben's mom, so I knew my headboard would soon follow!

So, my mom came down this past weekend to help me search for fabrics to make our window treatments and headboard! We shopped until we dropped and found some great fabrics (I'll tell ya about my curtain fabric later) and the fabric for our headboard was 40% off too!!

Thankfully Ben has weekends off, so he was home to hang the curtain rods and help with the headboard. Oh, who am I kidding, he and my mom did 99.99% of the work!

Here's some photos of our mission:

The weapons:
1 can of spray glue to adhere the foam to the board.
1 peice of 1/4inch plywood cut to size
staple gun
exacto knife/razor blade
two thicker strips of wood
picture hanger thing
lots of patience
(oh and a few beers don't hurt either)

Always check to make sure you know which end the staples come out! This particular staple gun is quite tricky and the staples don't come out the end you'd expect!
We figured this out the hard way! (Thankfully nobody was injured!)

We had to get one more thing of foam.

Ben looking thrilled to start this mission!

He's a real trooper and went right to work!
I don't think he trusted me to use the exacto knife!
Atta boy!

Laying the batting over the foam for extra comfort.

Stapling the batting to the wood.

Proof that I helped!

Operation Headboard was good to go until the dern stapler decided to break.
There is an old saying "when it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight...MARINES". Well, Ben is a good Marine b/c he absolutely destroyed, I mean tried to fix, that stapler. I left for two seconds to return to a stapler in 1,000 little parts.

At this point it was almost 1 AM, so yeah we weren't trekking to Wally world to get a new one.
My mom stayed up and sewed our bathroom curtain. I'm quite impressed!

Sunday, we woke up and made our second trip to Walmart to get a new staple gun!

My mom had to go back to base, I mean home, so it was just me and Ben to finish our mission!

To finish he had to screw the two thicker pieces of wood to the headboard on top and bottom.
Apparently, you need drill bits and wood screws for this part.

Then, he attached a heavy duty picture hanging system to the wood strip and to our bedroom wall.

The hanging system was awesome and came with its own cute little level!
Yeah, he didn't think it was cute...Men!

And...after you hang get...

Our mission was finally completed and was a success!
It may not be perfect, but it is perfect for us (and for three people who really didn't know what they're doing)!

Excuse our bed, I had to thow the sheet on to take this picture and the pillows don't even have cases on them! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!!!

I can hardly believe it has been a year since we adopted Memphis Girl! I don't know what we ever did with out her!

She has come ALONG way since we adopted her, from: an abused, shy, neglected, heart worm infested, starving dog to a silly, loving, "talkative" (she doesn't bark, she talks!), healthy, wonderful part of our family!

The first picture is at the shelter.
She did not want us to leave and they had to literally lift her into her "crate".
My heart broke leaving, but she had to get "fixed" etc before we took her home.

She's thrived since the first day we brought her home! Look at how skinny she was before, and now she's perfect! Feeding your dog regularly is a new concept, ya know.
(I'm glad I don't know her old owner, b/c it wouldn't be pretty)

Mud? What mud?

Pretty girl one year later!


Mom, Dad and Sister

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Fun!

Today was the perfect cool fall day! Ben has weekends off this month, so I wanted to take full advantage! I saw a sign for a corn maze last weekend and thought it would be fun to do! This was my first time ever going through a corn maze and we both had a blast!

The "rules"!

Ben entering at his own risk!
(it apparently becomes haunted at night!)

There were a series of 10 questions to help guide you! We must be pretty smart, b/c we were in and out in 45minutes, not the 2 hrs the worker told us!!

On top of the "look out" post!

Ben saying..."which way?"

Half way through...

10 out of 10...YAY!

We see FREEDOM!!!

We had a great time!!
We both agreed we wouldn't want to do this at night though. If I'm going to get lost, I at least want to "see" where I'm going ya know...

Across the way was a "fall festival", so we walked over to check it out!
There was a neat band playing folk music! We enjoyed several songs, including the "mockingbird".

They had a petting zoo, so of course we checked it out! (After all, we are two big kids)

Laughing at the pig!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must be a blue moon...

...because this is what I woke up to find this morning!!

Aren't they beautiful? He rarely does the flower thing, so I'm pretty shocked! ;)

I guess I will keep him....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Fun...

This past weekend my parents came down to visit! :)

Saturday: mom and I (w/ my friend Marci) went to "Mistletoe Merchants", which has over 100 booths selling specialty items, Christmas items etc. It was a fun time and I didn't spend too much! We then ran a few errands before heading back home! My dad was ready for supper, so I took them (well, in theory) to a neat restaurant in Arlington called Vinegar Jim's! It was DELICIOUS! I can't wait to go back!
A neat restaurant in Arlington! Very friendly and food was wonderful (even the fried pickles)! I guess the company wasn't too bad either!

Mom and Dad...
Me and Dad...
Sunday: my parents had to leave, Ben had to work and I had a baby shower to attend in MS!

My friend April, opening her baby "cake"!

The real cake was yummy...half strawberry and half white!

What a busy, yet fun weekend! This weekend Ben will be off, so hopefully the weather will be nice and we can do something fun!