Monday, November 30, 2009

Not me Monday...

I did not go nuts and destroy the living room while they were away (mom was out of town and dad left me out while he ran an errand-big mistake!).

No. I did not do this...

It must have been Dixie Belle, because I would never do anything like this! I don't even know how to read those magazines!

It wasn't me who laughed when dad had to pick this mess, that would be mean!

Memphis Girl

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thankful for...

1. another beautiful day

2. Ben for putting up with me (no small challenge!)

3. My parents for an amazing start

4. my brother for not killing me when we were younger (he sure tried!) and for showing me the ropes

5. my Grandparents for spoiling me, but spanking me when I got too big for my britches

6. Ben's family for accepting me graciously

7. Marney for having my two wonderful Nephews and being a great SIL

8. Our dogs and their uncoditional love

9. Our house

10. Having jobs we enjoy

11. Not knowing what hungry is

12. God's love, grace and that He has a plan for me!

(Thankgiving pictures!)
me and my boys! I've missed these two!

Brotherly love! So sweet...
I missed Bubs and Marn too, I guess!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ben and I celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday since he has to work and I'll be going home! We had a simple dinner that consisted of: Honey baked turkey (and ham), green bean casserole (my favorite!), fried corn, mashed potatoes, and Sister Schuburt's rolls!!

Yesterday, my class had our T'giving "feast" as well! My mom found the cutest Pilgrim hat cookie, and we both thought it would be fun to make! So, I set up the items:
1. fudge striped cookie
2. Reeses peanut butter cup
3. vanilla frosting (colored yellow)
4. Chicklet (I looked everywhere and couldn't find them, so I substituted a tick-tack)
I think the kids did a great job (this was the example!) and they really enjoyed the process!

Stuffed birds...

In other news...I got new glasses last weekend!
They're growing on me, but I really like them!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1/4 Century...

Sunday (11.22) I turned the big 25! I still can't believe that I'm a quarter of a century old! Crazy how life flies! My brother called to remind me that 25 years ago, I ruined his one and only hunting trip! I'm pretty sure I was worth it! [I was born early and on nobody was prepared. My uncle forgot to take the Turkey out of the oven, so "I" burned the turkey...ha!!]

I wanted a low key birthday and had an almost perfect day (it would have been perfect had Ben been off and my family down etc)!

We went to 11:30 Mass (we're now official members of St. Ann's!) and stayed after so I could be a "proxy" Godmother to our friends' baby's baptism! Their family lives in Arkansas, so I was happy to stand in! I'll be her TN Godmom!

After mass, we headed home so Ben could go to work!

Monday, we ran errands and ate at Chick-fil-a! BIG, fancy birthday dinner there, huh?

I became a fan of Edible Arrangements of facebook and received a FREE box of dipped strawberries! I'm not a huge strawberry fan, but who could turn this down?
Great birthday treat.

Hopefully the next 25 years will be as wonderful...

Project # 8,012

We are slowly but surely updating our house and had another project this weekend!

It was supposed to be an easy project, but it didn't go as planned!

we're updating the brass to brush nickle!

Ben reading directions! Yes, he's man enough to read the manual! ;)

However....I only tell this because he rarely messes anything up...he put the "hook" (not sure the technical or correct name) up the wrong way (it at least looked right)! So...we were up on the ladder, holding this heavy fan, trying and trying to connect the wires and screw the whole fan to the "hook" and were unsuccessful. Ben, normally VERY patient, started telling the fan that he hated it, among other things! was time for him to go to work, so we stopped before we broke anything etc! We went without a main light/fan for a couple of days due to work schedules/light!

Fast forward to today:
Our friend Taylor has recently upgraded his fans, so we begged, I mean, asked him to come over and help!
Thank the Lord for him...b/c now we have:

our new fan!
(He informed B that the hook was upside down etc and it was installed in no time! Well, at least we know for next time!)

It's nothing fancy, but we love it!

Now off to plan Project #8,013!

fun with picnik

If you are in need of a good photo editing website, check out!

If you know me, you know I love photos! Ben not so much, but since he loves me (I reckon), he smiles!

Anyways....I upgraded to "premium" and have a lot more fun things to do with my photos! It is actually quite inexpensive (but very addicting) too!

Here are some of my edits:

my beautiful Nephews!
My SIL took this photo at a pumpkin farm and I thought it was adorable!
I added my touch!

MG is another one of my favorite subjects!
There is a process called "cross process" and it is similar to using incorrect chemicals when you process your pictures to give it a neat color (more natural etc)! It works best on naturally lit I used it with most of these!
My new favorite process!
I used cross process and grit to give it a different look!

A little of this and a that...

DB is used to all of my photos, and usually poses for me now!
I had it in B/W but thought the CP looked nicer!

The header of our blog was created on Picnic too! You can make fancy collages and use them for cards, gift tags etc! Pretty neat!

I still have a loooong way to go, but I'm happy!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Show us your life: pets

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”
Today over at Kelly's Korner is all about pets!

Dixie Belle:
LOVES: water (esp from the sprinkler/hose/pond), her people, sleeping, eating, playing with Memphis
Graduate of level II obedience school (even though she thinks she's too good to listen sometimes)

She was our "Valentine" present and our first dog together! She's a true GSD: loving, loyal, smart, protective, smart (yeah, too smart sometimes)!

Still can't believe she was this tiny when we first got her!

Her first St. Patricks' Day!
Everyone can be Irish for one day, right?

Memphis Girl:
Adopted: October 17 2008 from Memphis Animal Shelter (hence her name)

LOVES: eating, running (she seriously thinks she's an Olympic track star), playing, people who don't abuse her, eating, running, playing!

We adopted her over a year ago and couldn't be happier to have her in our crew!
At the shelter!
My heart broke.

Here are the girls November photos!

Down stays makes taking pictures a lot easier!

Dixie Belle never misses a thing since she has ears that can hear all the way to China!

Pretty girl!

HEY...this is MY photo shoot!
(these two can play all day if we let them!)

Memphis Girl thinks she has to be glued to my side and that she's a lap dog! could you resist such a sweet face?

Here is proof she's a brown noser...

Memphis went for her annual check up and the Vet says she's "perfect"! I cannot believe it has been a year since we adopted her...time flies! She's gained weight, eyes, ears, heart...everything is great! :)

Thanks for lookin'....have a doggone good weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its a beautiful day...

This past weekend was packed full:

Ben had a guys camping weekend planned and my roommate from my freshman year was getting married, so I decided to head to Nashville for a "girls" weekend!

Friday night my mom and I went to our annual trip to Christmas village (in Nashville) and shopped til we dropped! I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping now, so I'm excited!

Saturday we dropped my dad off at my grandmother's and drove the rest of the way to Lookout Mountain (Chattanooga/GA) for my friend's wedding!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and she couldn't have asked for better weather!


We stopped by Covenant College on top of Lookout Mtn!
What a beautiful campus!

This was an old home they converted to a wedding venue!

Look at that view!

The beautiful alter!

The new Mr. and Mrs.!

My granny!!
This beautiful tree outside my granny's house!

Meanwhile: Ben and his friends

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday USMC!

Here's to 234 years of honor, courage and commitment!!

Every year the Marine Corps celebrate its birthday by hosting a "birthday ball"! Each Unit holds their own and I was fortunate to go to two! They are filled with history, fun and lots of memories!

Our first ball together was held in Las Vegas!
As Ben and I were getting into the elevator to go to the ball, I was NERVOUS! The door opened and there were at least 5 Marines in their dress blues....WOW! I commented "Y'all look nice" (b/c seriously any Marine looks darn good in their blues!) and they all replied (like they rehearsed) "and you do too ma'am"! Aww...helped calm my nerves!

After the main festivities (speaker, flags, oldest/youngest Marine etc) they have dinner, dancing etc. Well, we were walking in the hallway to get a drink or something when the next thing I knew, I was stuck! The CO (commanding officer) of B's unit was STANDING on my dress. Ben of course had no clue and kept there I was, alone with his CO on my dress! Thankfully, another Marine came to my rescue and politely asked the CO to move!


I love this photo, even if B's eyes were closed!

Our second Ball was in Pechanga, CA!

It was very nice, but I accidentally lost most of the photos. (I'm still bitter about this)

The only funny story was trying to explain to a single Marine what a "bobby pin" was (b/c I needed him to get me some on his way)! Needless to say...I had to wing it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Counting down...

Until we can:

Get away to where the boat leaves from
It takes away all of your big problems
You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean
But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from
(Zac Brown Band's song Where the Boat leaves From)

Ben and I are fortunate to be going on a cruise with my parents, brother/SIL and family friends in TWO MONTHS (1 week and a few days but hey who's counting)!!

We are both stoked and wish it was tomorrow, but we have to be patient! This will be Ben's first cruise, so I can't wait to see his reaction as he steps on the big boat (yes, I know it is called a ship)!

Some things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting away, but still having my family around
2. Steel drums
3. ROOM SERVICE! (One of my cruises I practically ate the ship out of cheese cake...oops)
4. Beach/pool time
5. Formal nights (haven't dressed up since B's MC ball and plus they serve LOBSTER yum!)
6. Parasailing (Ben and I are doing this in St. Marten and I'm excited! Yes, our life insurance is up-to-date!)
7. Meeting people from all over the world
8. Just being on the ship, especially on our balcony and enjoying seeing the world go by

Is it January yet??