Monday, May 31, 2010


This past weekend my family and I journeyed to Normal, IL for a mini family gathering and my cousin's graduation! Post coming as soon as I gather pictures from the fam!

Anyways, my sweet parents and husband agreed to meet 1/2 way between Nashville and Memphis so I wouldn't have to drive an extra 6 hrs (3 per way) by myself etc.

We met today and B and I were making great time on our way home....until....
we came to an abrupt halt on I-40.....for 4, yes FOUR, long hours.

After an hour, we all started to get out and investigate etc. A group of us became fast (and heck, old by the time we left) friends and made the most of our unfortunate situation. We: shared food, played a game of washers (think Skiball from Chuck-e-Cheese!), pet dogs, and the most fun was trying to get the Semi's to honk at us! Yes, three grown women (myself included) and one 8 year old boy were motioning for Semis to was great!

It is always refreshing to see the good side of humanity especially when we were pretty miserable. Everyone was friendly, sharing, cordial, courteous, and just plain nice.

I feel horrible for the families of those involved in the fatal wreck.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Breed!

Apparently, I'm not a German Shepherd Dog anymore. Mom has dubbed me the "German Mud Puppy" because frankly, I love all things mud!

My sister and I can go outside to play and she'll frolic in the grass while I hunt for the nearest mud puddle (to lie and splash around in of course)! Mom always threatens to send me to live with the piggies but I know I have her wrapped 'round my muddy ole paw!

Gotta go pray for more rain!
Memphis Girl

Friday, May 21, 2010


This week over on Kelly's Korner it's about your hometown! There are so many directions I could take this, but I'll just give y'all the highlights!

I (and B too) was born and raised in good ole Nashville, TN!

Here is a little bit about my hometown:

Nashville maybe better known as Music City, USA because it is basically the Country Music capital of the world! It's not abnormal to run into a country singer at your local store or honkey tonk! We have the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame and the famous Ryman Auditorium!

Nashville is also known as the "Athens of the South" because we have so many colleges within our vicinity. We have a beautiful Parthenon, complete with an Athena, that every elementary kid visits!

Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans (NFL), Nashville Predators (NHL) and the Nashville Sounds (minor league baseball).We were voted "best fans" the first year we acquired the Titans!!

Nashville is the home of President Andrew Jackson. His house is called the Hermitage, and the areas around there are named after him (Old Hickory, Hermitage, Donelson...after his wife). In elementary school we went every year and in 6th grade we got to be the "tour guides", complete in period appropriate dress! I was selected for the actual about nervous!

Nashville is also home to the Opryland Hotel. It also had a wonderful amusement park called Opryland but it closed awhile ago (they opened a stinkin' mall in its place...still bitter!!). I spent many a summer day walking around, riding rides such as "Screaming Delta Demon, Chaos and the Hangman", eating dippin dots and watching shows.  My mom and her siblings all worked at Opryland USA too!

When you come to visit....please take the Nash Trash Tour! It is a hoot!

Nashville is a wonderful place to visit, live, and raise a family in! 

So....y'all come back now ya hear!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Police Officers...

  • if you get lost in the woods, they'll come and find you and save you!
  • will take you to jail if you hurt someone.
  • protect us from the bad guys.
These were a few comments my innocent 4 year old kids had to say about what Police Officers do and why the kids appreciate them etc!

As we were discussing, making "thank you" cards and pretend playing....2 Officers in West Memphis, Arkansas (like 15 mins from Memphis) were fatally shot and another 2 were wounded. I'm not a huge believer in coincidences, but it's kinda eery that I was led to have this discussion today of all days.


This has really hit home for me and obviously B.  My heart breaks for the families of those heroes.

So...please be sure to say an extra prayer tonight for the 4 Police officers' families and for all who "protect us from the bad guys"...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance...

other's Day weekend (yeah, just a tad slow on the uptake!) two of my good friends, and former roommates, graduated!

K finally decided it was time to end her collegiate career, after a good 10 years! We jokingly referred to this graduation as her honorary PhD, because heck if you're in college that long, you should at least have a PhD! :-) I'm proud of her though for sticking it out through everything and finishing! Most would not after that long!

V graduated with her Masters in Higher Education or something like that. She made sure to announce "everyone, I am a Master!", so we refer to her now as Master V!

she's a hoot!

They held a mutual party and I was thrilled I was able to make it (K threatened bodily harm if I did not)!!

For Mother's day we had a cookout with yummy chicken kabobs, corn, beans and Sister Schuberts! My, Grannny, brother and his family came down and we had a wonderful visit! It was a great low-key weeekend!

Will questioned why I always take so many pictures! It must be bad if an almost 4 year old thinks you take too many photos! But...with subjects as cute as them, it's hard to resist!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This past week was "Teacher Appreciation" week. I honestly don't need a week to feel appreciated because every smile, hug, "Look Ms. E....I did it!", makes me feel  appreciated! However, it was nice to have a week set aside for little ole us!

Every day was a different theme:

Monday: write your teacher a thank you note!
I received several notes from the parents that truly made me feel "proud"! Some kids drew me pictures etc to say "thanks" too!

Tuesday: pick your teacher a flower!
I was blown away by the beautiful flowers I received. From picked out of their (hopefully not their neighbors!) yard to beautiful Perennials! One child got creative and brought me a Lei! Another brought me the prettiest artificial flower....apparently she knows my black thumb reputation!!

Wednesday: Supply day!
I honestly expected a few supplies...but my parents went above and beyond.

Thursday: Sweet day!
I received enough chocolate (the good Ghiradeli kind) to last me a lifetime (well, maybe a month!). One kid brought me a huge bag of Skittles and another a bag of Kisses! I'll be my Dentist worst nightmare soon!! One mom brought in a yummy Peach cobbler and another a huge thing of brownies! Diet appreciation week starts tomorrow...ha!

Friday: Surprise day!
I was truly shocked. I'm not one that expects much, so I was surprised to receive such wonderful gifts. I received: generous gift cards to Starbucks, GAP, Express, Chillis (and their partner restaurants), Red Lobster (and their partner restaurants), Pier 1 and a huge basket of body lotions!
Monday I received two more generous gift cards, one to Wal-Mart and the other Gordmans (clothing store)!!

I am beyond thankful to all of the parents who went above and beyond to make me feel special!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Click Click!

 It's Friday Five time!
Just Me and My LifeThis week it is about my love, photos! I love taking photos and capturing memories. Ben could really care less about having his photo taken, but he puts up loves me, so he smiles anyways! I guess he's learned after 7.5 years, it's just easier to give in! Ha!

Here are just a few (it's supposed to be 5, but we'll see!) of my favorite photos (and stories):

My Granny with her Braves loot: Cracker Jacks, Hat, blanket!
She is a die hard Atlanta Braves fan. I'm talking: watches every game, knows all the players, coaches etc, probably knows the players batting averages etc....die hard! She's not too happy with them at the moment, but I think she'll stick 'em out!
Anyways, 4 years ago my family decided to surprise my Granny and take her to a game. So...I called her and set up a "date" (she assumed just me and her) and said "be ready early". We (parents, bro/sis-in-law, B) borrowed a neighbors van and headed to her house. I dropped the family off at the church down the street and picked my Granny up. She knew my car was in the shop, so wasn't surprised by my new ride! I load her in and head to the church (it is literally less than a mile from her house!). She still didn't think anything of it
until she saw the family. We hop on the road and the light bulb clicked and she said "we're going to the Braves, aren't we?".

The Atlanta Braves will always hold a special place in my heart because they treated my Granny like royalty. She was immediately picked up in a wheelchair and given a tour of the stadium. The employees went above and beyond and brought her a goody bag full of Braves items! I think she even had a marriage proposal too!!

She still talks about that trip!

The girls!
Memphis has the most wonderful park called Shelby Farms. It literally has everything one could want to do outdoors: fishing, paddle boats, kites, hiking etc! It also has a huuuuge off leash dog area. The girls absolutely love this place. They can run til their hearts are content, play with others, and frolick in the ponds!
It truly is Heaven on Earth for dogs!

4.5 looong years! It meant so much to have my family there to celebrate!

Cruise fare: $1,000. Pina Colada: $6  Sunscreen: $4. Trip of a lifetime with my husband (and family): Priceless!
(just guestimating the prices!)

No need to describe!!

Three of my favorite boys!

The best Uncle a girl could ask for.
I miss him.

Hope y'all have a picture taking, memory makin' weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clean Up...

This weekend I went home (Nashville) to visit my family and to help clean up from the flood damage.

My grade/highschool sustained massive damage and was hosting a "clean up" day on Saturday. My brother and I decided to pitch in. It was amazing to see the amount of volunteers: alumni, parents, present students, faculty/staff, neighbors that were all helping. My brother and I (and others) ended up with the glamorous (note the sarcasm)  job of clearing out the basement/storage room. It was of course full of good ole Stones River mud. The Stones River has always stunk to high Heavens, and naturally the excess water etc didn't help.

After we finished our task, the football coach needed our help clearing out the weight room. I reminded him that I didn't lift weights while I was there, much less 6 years later! Yeah, he still put my weak self to work!

We labored for about 2.5 hours and decided we stunk enough to call it a day.

I didn't bring my camera, for obvious reasons but I am still shocked to see the damage first hand. ...both gyms' floors were bowed at least 2 feet off the floor and all the weights in the weight room are now rusty. There was way more damage, but I only got a small glimpse.

My parents had almost all the clean up work done at their house. It was surreal to see the basement empty and to hear fans running all the time (get rid of moisture).

That's how high the water got in the garage...crazy!

I'm happy I was able to do "something" to help and wish I was there to do more.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not all the monkeys...

(are at the Zoo!)

Last week B's mom and sister came down to visit! We were happy the roads were cleared enough for them to make the trip from Nashville and that they didn't experience any damage etc to their house.

We decided to take them downtown and show them Beale street, where B works etc. We also decided on the Memphis Zoo and it worked out well because Tuesdays are "free" for Tennessee residents! It was our first official visit to the zoo (other than their special Zoo lights), and every time I've been to a zoo it is hot and muggy...last week was no exception. They have a neat water feature that explodes from the ground and I was reallly close to jumping in fully dressed, but I refrained

Elizabeth wanted to see the Pandas.

B's mom wanted to see the Giraffes. There was a baby Giraffe that was beyond precious!

B wanted to see the gorillas. He really wanted to see one beat the glass wall and scare the people, but thankfully that didn't happen. Yeah, he's a niiice guy...ha!!!

He also wanted to see the Wolves because they look so much like our girls. It is pretty neat seeing the similarities.

I really enjoyed seeing the Polar bears! Of course, the air conditioning didn't hurt!

After the Zoo, I introduced them too my newest addiction  love, Muddy's Bake Shop!

We really enjoyed their quick visit and can't wait to do it again!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The house that built me...

My childhood house wasn't immune to the historic flood and I was able to see the damage firsthand today.

Here are the pictures they took during the flood:

Their driveway, and backyard.

Inside the basement.
Majority of the items ruined.

No, you're not looking at a nice lake with cute ducks.
You're looking  at my parents backyard.

   I'm thankful it wasn't worse than it is, but it is heart breaking.

The country start Miranda Lambert has a wonderful new song (my blog title) that I can relate too! This house, it may just be brick and mortar, but it has so many wonderful, sad, crazy, life changing memories with in these walls....I'm just beyond thankful it wasn't completely destroyed.

...won't take nothin' but a memory, from the house that built me....

I'll post pictures tomorrow of the clean up of the house and DCA.

Monday, May 3, 2010

No words

I'm flat out in awe.

Our headmaster (yes, I still feel like I'm a part of that place) requests major prayers. School has obviously been canceled for the rest of the school year.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

flood 2010

I still cannot believe Nashville has flooded. It truly boggles my mind. Words cannot even begin to describe the destruction...

This is my old elementary/highschool. 
Above: football field, and concession stand type building.
Below: I believe is the baseball.
Below is my brother's backyard. 
This just occurred this afternoon.

A couple from here in Memphis:

Flood waters outside of Memphis flipped over a Firetruck.
Not something you see everyday.

The street a kid in my class lives on.
The rapid water ate through the pavement and almost the pipes below.

 I feel helpless. I wish there were more I could do.

(most photos were taken off of friend's facebook pages)