Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Partner in Hope

I'm not exactly sure how to word this, so bare with me...

A sweet little 5 year old girl named Emma, lost her battle with cancer this past Sunday evening. She fought a long, hard battle, but ultimately God needed another angel. 

 (photo from St. Jude's site)

I got to meet Emma at a friend's birthday party back in January. She was having a lot of fun just like a 5 year old should! Quickly after, they received the horrible news that her cancer had spread and there wasn't anything they could do etc. Her mom creates and sells jewelery and little Emma helped. She came to my school last Wednesday to sell some of her pieces and was proud of her creations. She was in quite a bit of pain, but hung out with us for a while! I purchased two sets of earrings, and I will wear them proudly and think of her every time.

She went to St. Jude and was even the patient of the month in March!
 You can read her story here:

I'm not one to ask but if you could spare a few bucks a month (or one time), I know St. Jude and the children they serve could use it greatly.

I know my donation will be made in memory of sweet little Emma.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Misc Monday

1. I have recently started taking a Zumba class and I'm loving it! I'm not one for traditional exercise, so this class is perfect for me! I love how I feel after and can already tell a difference just after 4 classes! Since a gym membership wasn't in our budget, I was stoked the class I found is FREE! Can't beat that!

So...Ditch the Workout...Join the Party! You can search for classes in your area!

2. I'm in love!

A lady at work brought me a huge bunch of her hydrangeas! I placed them all over our house and love them!! I planted 3 hydrangeas (cone head not the mop) and can't wait til they bloom!

3. How cute are these?
They're "Cookout" cupcakes!

It's easy....take brownie mix, put it in cupcake pans,bake... then use icing to make the grill marks (supposed to be black, but I didn't have black food coloring). Add orange/red sugar for the "coals" and top with red hots for the hot dogs!

They were a huge hit for my kids' father's day gift! I think I may make 'em for a BBQ/Cookout!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


When I was a kid, my dad would always joke and say "your favorite show is on", when in reality it was WWE, that fake wrestling stuff. I fell for it a few times...thanks Dad!

I never thought I'd actually get "into" professional fighting, but a few years ago I went with B to watch a UFC match (on tv...not in person) and I was hooked. There is something so intriguing about the sport, and of course the attractive fighters don't hurt!
Rich Franklin (a former HS teacher!) and Mirko Cro Cop (from Croatia),
two of my favorite UFC fighters!

One of B's fellow officers also trains in MMA (mixed martial arts) at a local gym. He invited B to sprawl/train with him a few times and B really enjoyed it. Hall (fighter friend) competes and hopes to go professional one day.

Last night, Hall was fighting for the bantom weight (135) title with a "minor league" group, V3 fighters. He invited B and so we went!
it was held at the FedEx forum,
but in their grand lobby.

Law Hall (his "fighter name") 
not a great picture, but you get the idea

Of course, Hall had to fight last. Thankfully, only one fight lasted the entire time so it went by fairly quickly! Hall was fighting for the title, so it was 5-3 minute rounds. His opponent gave up after the 3rd round. Who does that?? So our guy won!! He had shirts that said "You fought the Law and the Law won!" Clever!

It was a lot of fun, but totally different than what I expected.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Simple Proposal....

Over on Kelly's Korner it is all about proposal stories!

Ben and I met and were together since October 10, 2002. We dated through: long distance, war, college, adjustments etc and pretty much knew we'd be married one day.

July, 5th 2007:
-He was leaving the next day for Memphis to start the police academy that Monday.

-I had to take Dixie Belle to obedience II class and he finished up his last day at his part-time job.

So, after her class I headed back to B's parents house to drop her off, see B etc.

He decided that we (Dix too) needed to go for a walk around the neighborhood. As we were walking, he stops and says "Hey babe". I figured he was waiting for Dix to do her business, so I stopped and turned around.

Well...there he was on one knee, ring box open!! He said "Emily Katherine.......somethingverysweet....will you marry me?

I should have said "about time" but said "YES!"

I know to most it doesn't sound like a romantic proposal, but it was simple, sweet and perfect for me!

(I found out later that he had asked my parents permission a week or so before!)

The next day, we loaded up and headed down to Memphis! He checked into his new digs and then we headed out to do touristy things! It was odd seeing a "pretty rock" on my finger, but I quickly got used to it!

Us at the Peabody Hotel, the day after the proposal!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(rambling post...sorry in advance!)

I was having sort of a rough morning (I'm not a morning person!) since I didn't sleep well last night. As I was walking into work, I ran into one of my student's mom from last year. We spoke and she informed me "L speaks about you all the time and last night she informed me that Mrs. E is my favorite teacher, ever!!"

My heart smiled when I heard the news!

I always knew growing up that I wanted to teach. I came home from school, ate snack, watched Full House and then headed to school our basement where I had a desk, white board, role book....the works! I enjoyed teaching all the imaginary pupils, and am sure they're doing well in life! ha!

I went to college knowing I'd go the education route. Well I got sick (and tired!) of school and the thought of 1-2 more semesters/years made me cringe. So, I abbreviated and went the Child Development/Family Studies with a minor in Education route. I thought this would be great because I could work with both kids, families and the elderly (whom I love to work with).

Fast forward to 2 years post graduation: I'm debating on what I want to do "when I grow up".

After seeing wonderful results, hearing such positive things from the parents last year and especially after what I heard today, I'm most almost hurts to type....going back to school and getting my teaching license.

I'm not enrolling tomorrow, but I believe God has finally readied me for the possibility!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lets do Lunch....

This Friday's five is about the 5 people (fictional, dead, any time period etc) you would like to have lunch with!
Just Me and My Life
1. My Pa (dad's dad).

He passed away when I was 10 and I miss him terribly. I was his only grand-daughter and yes, I was spoiled! He did correct me though (I remember a spankin or two!) when I got out of line!

I'd love to pick his brain about the good ole days, WW2,  how to have a successful marriage (I'd like to get *his* perspective on it), and  how my dad really was as a kid!!!

2. My Dee (mom's dad).

He passed away when I was 1. I have heard such wonderful things about him and it really makes me sad that I wasn't given the chance to know him. I'd love to ask him about all sorts of things: how was it like to have 3 jobs so your kids can attend Catholic school, how crazy it was to have 6 children and only 1 bathroom, and how was it growing up in an Irish-Catholic family in the olden days! (there is a ton more I'd like to know, but I think I'd just sit and listen to him talk!!)

I'd also ask him if he really did roll over in his grave once I started dating (now married) a "Jarhead" (term for Dee was Navy), like my Nanny said!!

3. Scout and Atticus Finch:

To Kill a Mockingbird is still my favorite book! I'd love to ask: all about Mrs. Finch, how they both could be so forward thinking in such a "backwards" society, and I would ask Scout how it feels to hear your father get called horrible things etc and how she really dealt with it!

4. Mrs. Laura Bush.

To me, she is a class act. I can't wait to read (gasp! I hardly read) her book! I'd love to hear more about how she deals with the in-laws, how she felt being "the First Lady" and seeing.hearing her husband getting scrutinized (rightly and wrongly), how she became a librarian....all the good stuff!

5. Bill Cosby:
I would simply just sit and soak everything in and try not to laugh too hard! He has to be my favorite comedian and TV actor of all time! I could watch The Cosby Show all the time if I could!

I would like to know though how the tragic death of his son really affected his view point/comedy etc, what the button he wore on the TCS for a while meant and how much his sweater collection cost!

Happy weekend!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

....on Friday night...

Last night B and I decided to have a "date" night!

B and I are the most indecisive people on the planet because we hem and haw about where we want to eat, what we want to do etc. He suggested this new gastropub (b/c he thought it was Thursday!) and I was on board til we figured we'd have to pay to park (it was downtown), put up with the Friday night crowd, drive 30 minutes etc.(does that make us old fuddy duds?!)

We ultimately went to Soul Fish Cafe and SPLIT a 4 piece catfish dinner. I honestly felt like an old married couple splitting a meal, but we both stuffed ourselves and had left overs! I'm thinking we'll split more dinners now!

After dinner, we hemmed and hawed on whether or not we wanted to "go out" and do anything. Since we spent a small fortune this week on our a/c, we decided to go back home! I'm so glad we did!

The night was beautiful, so we decided to head outside to enjoy it! know I like my catfish chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night....

Self Shot take 1

Self Shot Take 4
(not pretty but B had enough...if only the dogs could take 'em for us!)
We sat and watched the girls play, but they naturally wanted to be right by us!
So our date night wasn't anything fancy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

And its funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most
Not where you live, what you drive or the price tag on your clothes
There’s no dollar sign on a piece of mind this I’ve come to know
(lyrics by Zac Brown Band)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday 5

Today it's about "5 things you have to have if you were stuck on an Island".
Just Me and My Life
(check her blog out to play along!)

1. Air Conditioning.
I'm a wimp and do not do well in heat! I'm pretty sure I'd be hard pressed to find A/C on a deserted island though...
(see post below to read our adventure with out air for a month...not fun!)

2.  Family and Friends

Hey if I'm going to be stuck, I don't want to be there all alone!

3. iPhone (because I'm sure there is an app to figure out how to get off the island!)

Oh wait...someone stole it (or it magically disappeared) last year! I'm due to upgrade in 2 weeks, so I'm saving my pennies to get one! Hopefully I wont get stranded before then!

4. Yellowbox Flip Flops

My mom just introduced me to these and I'm in love! They're the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet!

5.  Drinks!

I usually don't have a huge appetite in the summer heat, so I'll be on a liquid diet! Ha! I'm pretty sure I'll need my Reisling or since I'm on an island, Malibu Rum (with pineapple juice and Midori...yum!)....with a cute little umbrella of course!

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


May 1st, 2010: massive storms, flooding, tornado etc hit our area.

Luckily (and I'm trying really hard to be "thankful" right now!) only our A/C and two outlets were affected by the storms.

B is really handy, so he did what he knew to fix the air. He quickly realized it was out of his league. Thankfully, it was still only "warm" outside so we didn't feel the heat!

We decided to call an A/C guy to see what the deal was. He literally came 30 minutes after I called him and assessed our situation. He reported it was the "control board". He informed B that he'd check around for the best price and let us know.

A week passes and no word from A/C guy #1. I force B to call because it was getting hotter and I didn't want to wait til it was 93 outside.

A/c Guy #1 says he'll order the part and let us know when it comes in. That was last Tuesday. We have yet to hear from him.

A lady at work told me about  a guy she uses/knows/trusts and gave me his number on Tuesday. I begged asked him if he'd look at it etc, and he came that evening! He said he'd fix it the next day! Apparently the part that we needed doesn't even need to be "ordered" can go to the Carrier place and get it. (Must be a new concept to Guy #1)

He sent an employee over on Wednesday to fix our problem. We dropped a nice chunk of change so we were expecting it to "be blowing snowballs" as B so eloquently put it!

Imagine my surprise that it was not doing anything. Nada. It was still 88 inside and I was livid.

Naturally I called first thing this morning and he apologized profusely and said he'd be out this afternoon. He re-inspected the work done Weds and checked the breaker thing in the outside unit and it too was shot.

After a simple replacement of a breaker thing (at no additional charge...thank goodness), we now have COLD air!

It feels beyond wonderful too!

I will never do my best to not complain about being cold again!