Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday 5 time!

It's Friday 5 time!
This week it's 5 random questions:

Just Me and My Life

1.If you could be on a show(talk show, game show...) which one would you pick?

Price is Right! I'd love to play the "Plinko" game and be on the showcase at the end (I would bid $1...ha)

2. What was your first job?

I was a grocery bagger at Krogers! I was 15 and worked there until I turned 16 and could get a "real" job!

3. What's one of your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate: Little Debbies, Grasshopper (mint and chocolate) cupcakes from Muddy's, cookies, M&M' name it, I enjoy it! Maybe this is why I can't shed any weight...doh!
4. Would you ever vacation alone?
If I had to, maybe...but doubtful. I value alone time, but to me vacations are best spent with the people you love.
5. Democrat, Republican, or Independent..or maybe even Green Party
Happy Weekend y'all!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

On track!

I've been MIA because our internet has been down. I have to admit it has been a nice break! We've been boring taking it easy, so there isn't much to blog about. 

Here are some ramblings that you probably don't give two hoots about!

It’s amazing how easy it is to get off track in a lot of areas in your life (domino affect). These past few weeks, I (and B too) have vowed to get a few things in order.


B has always been pretty faithful about exercising, me…not so much! He would gently recommend that I go with him to the gym or do my Jillian Michaels DVD, but I would have an excuse!  Well, I went to the doctor in May and as I stepped on that dreaded white scale I had a come-to-Jesus moment. I vowed that the machine was wrong I had to do something about it, immediately. That’s when I found Zumba and made myself go! The feeling was wonderful. I knew the results wouldn’t be immediate, but the boost to my esteem sure was!

We’ve also been trying to be more aware of what we put in our bodies (you know that whole input=output thing). I’m not counting calories, but checking to make sure the junk food I eat is worth the calories etc. I’m a huge French fry fan, so to make my addiction somewhat healthy I have mostly switched to baked sweet potato fries! I actually prefer them to regular fries (at least for now)! The other day I wanted something sweet after dinner, and reached for my favorite Little Debbie. I turned the box around and read “Calories: 330” (YIKES). I promptly put that sucker back!  


    Need? Want?. Sometimes the two get blurry!

    We’re saving for an upcoming trip, among a few other house things which means our budget is pretty tight. I have really been trying to buckle down and separate my emotions from the buy. Case in Point: I have wanted unique letters for our living room wall for a while now. I found one on Etsy and I fell in love. I immediately jumped and was about to click “confirm payment” and then something stopped me and I asked B if I should buy it. He didn’t say no, but said “do you have to have it now?” I thought well duh…I have to have it NOW….then my inner Dave (Ramsey that is) said “STOP”. Even though I loved that letter “e”, it just wasn’t justifiable at this time to drop $27 on an impulse. Score one for the budget!!

    We’re trying the envelope system again, and this time leaving our debit cards at home. I told B we should have a friend come over and hide both cards so we’re not tempted to use them, but figured that wouldn’t be such a great idea!

    We’re also trying to add additional income too! I have to brag on B because he’s been working a ton of extra shifts and over time to help boost our savings! I’ve put the word in with a few families that I’m available to baby sit, so hopefully that will be a nice addition!


    I’ll admit, I’m not in a church pew every Sunday. B works odd hours and most Sundays so that doesn’t help. However, I know that in order for everything else to get on track, I have to get my faith on track too. I went to church Sunday, by myself! The Gospel pretty much hit home as I worried about 300 other things. I’ve also been listening more to our local “positive, encouraging” (mostly Christian) radio station.It helps listening to positive songs instead of the crap out there!'s hoping that we'll keep the ball rolling!

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    5k? No? Way!

    I have apparently been bit by the getmylazyassinshape bug and I think I like it!

    I have been taking a Zumba class 3 times a week for over a month. I've only missed one class because I was registering for a 10 week 5k program!

    I found a neat training program online and went Monday to get more information and register! They have different levels: walkers, and beginner/int/advanced runners, so I was stoked. I'm definitely a "walker" who will only run if someone with a knife is chasin' me! I met with one of my coaches and she was super sweet and assuring!

    So for 10 weeks, I will meet with my women-only group and train!  At the end of our 10 weeks, we will have a graduation 5k! I can't believe that in 10 short weeks, I'll actually do something I've always wanted and never thought I could! 

    Now...if only I could find an extra $100 for some new walking shoes!

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Brew Crew

    Yesterday we decided to check out Memphis' own craft Brewery, Ghost River because they give free tours on Saturdays! The tour was packed! Apparently we were the largest tour since they opened 2 years ago!

    The tour was interesting and we learned quite a bit about the brewing process! There are more varieties of hops than there are grapes and women have more taste buds than men (which is why we prefer sweeter as opposed bitter). They passed out several samples, and my favorite was the "home run red" which is seasonal for the Red Birds!
     a few of the tanks, where they make the good stuff

    B enjoying one of the samples!

    The tour guide was also the owner of the brewery! 

    After the tour, we were both tipsy feeling good and famished so we decided to try out a new Gastropub called Local! I ordered the Kobe Beef Sliders and B ordered the Chicken Wrap. I joined the clean plate club because my food awesome!! (Remember the Clean Plate club at Captain D's? I always tried to join, but rarely could!!)

    Kobe Beef sliders....yum-o!
    B was watching the World Cup game.

    Local is located on South Main,
    a neat street that has a trolley and a lot of great shops/restaurants!

    After we stuffed ourselves, we decided we should head home to check on our guest! We were fortunate that the local dog store gave us samples of tiny dog food, so we didn't have to buy a bag!

    That night we found Rita's owners and they treated us to Sonic!

    Today we hung around the house, cleaning and getting some stuff done! I finally purchased a Shark Steam Mop, so I went to town cleaning the floors!

    Wonderful weekend and hopefully we'll have a wonderful week!

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Meet Rita!

    She's the sweet Chihuahua we found as we were driving down a busy road.

    I couldn't fathom the thought of leaving her walking on that busy road, especially in this heat. B stopped and I hopped out and grabbed her. We figured she belonged to someone that lived on that road, so we stopped by two homes but nobody was home. We dropped her off at our home and went on to our already scheduled activity.

    After our activity, we went by a local dog store to pick up small dog food because our girls' food is almost as big as she is! I called the after hour animal shelter, and they did have a report of a lost Chihuahua in the area where we found her. However, we have to wait til Monday to find out if it's the owner.

    So...we are now the proud temporary owners of a *gasp* small dog. Our dogs are doing well with the whole thing, but can't quite figure out why there's a chew toy small pup in the house.

    Last night, we decided to drive down the road we found her to see if there were fliers up! There was! We called and the people described "Rita" perfectly.  We agreed to meet at a local church and as soon as we got out of the car, "Rita" went crazy because she saw her people! They were a super sweet family and had the dog for 13 years. The mom was crying ever since she realized the dog was missing! They thanked us profusely and treated us to Sonic! I'm just so thankful to find the owners!

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    Fourth Fun

    This weekend was great and went by way to quickly!

    -I finally got around to reading our church bulletin on Weds and discovered an ad for a new burger place (our bulletins have ad space in the back for the parishioners) in town. I'm always on the hunt for a good burger, so decided we'd go on Saturday. It's a low key type place, but with different burger options. We chose the bison burgers, B's with loaded fries and mine with sweet potato waffle fries! It was very yummy and we left full.

    Bison. Yum.

    They had this neat tic-tac-toe board and we had to play a game!
    The cat won the first 2 games, and B sneakily won the last!
    I declare a rematch!

    -We purchased a flag  last year. As of July 3, 2010 it was still in our garage. I thought the "Patriotic Police" might get us if we didn't have it up, so we finally decided to hang it! We needed a new pole and bracket, so we went to our favorite mom/pop hardware store and were good to go. Well...apparently the flag was made for the old/cheap pole we had because it didn't exactly fit correctly. But...I was determined to have it flying come hail or high we improvised! We'll get the correct flag, or do it up right soon!
    getting his nifty ladder ready

    at last!!

    -I found a recipe for a Watermelon margarita in the Food Network Magazine that really sounded good! I got all the components, and decided to make it before our firework show. In a different part of the magazine it mentioned to make a "red, white and blue" drink you could use blue pop rocks for the rim. Apparently pop rocks are hard to find when you need 'em! Thankfully the guy at the Walgreens was super helpful!

    The drink turned out pretty good, different but good.

    - Our town hosted a firework show, so we decided to go check it out! They apparently had a car show, bands playing, fair foods, and blow ups for the kids to enjoy that afternoon too! It was packed. The fireworks started at 9:30 and were quite good! They lasted for a long time too (longer than expected)!
    I really wanted to go in the Superman maze, but passed (this time)!!

    A weird photo of the firework show!


    We were apparently the only ones in our neighborhood that didn't get the firework memo. It felt like everyone around us were shootin' them, so we just stood outside and watched (while we watered the yard...multi-taskers)!! Thankfully they pretty much stopped by 10, so it wasn't too annoying! We had to pick up a few firework debris in our yard, but all in all it wasn't too bad.

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful and safe holiday!

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    At the ole ball game....

    Last weekend my parents came down to visit.  The Memphis Redbirds were playing the Nashville Sounds, so it was the perfect time for them to come and see a game! The weather was great, albeit hot!

    Before the game, we decided to eat somewhere decent (no $5 hot dogs here!) and chose the Flying Fish restuarant! It was featured in Southern Living and B had eaten there and enjoyed it, so we decided to give it a shot! So glad we did...the fish tacos and catfish were beyond delicous! I actually ate all 3 of my fish tacos, which is rare for me!

    Our tickets were on the Sounds side, so I decided to get some autographs (I made Ben come with me!). I had no clue who any of our guys were, so I just asked two who didn't look "that" busy! They were both really nice and one was HUGE. His forearms were the size of my legs...but all muscle!
    I wanted B to act like the catcher and me the hitter, 
    but he wasn't up for it!!


    The game was great. The company was even better! My mom's a trip! They post the batter's info on the big screen, and one had a low batting average. She said "He must be a really good defensive player, since they're letting him bat." My dad replied "well, he is the PITCHER...!" The rest of the game, we gave her a hard time about that one!
    The Sounds were crushing the Redbirds and had a 6-1 lead at the 9th inning. Well....the Redbirds must have had their rally caps on because they came back and WON. It was tense. I didn't care because I was for both teams, but I really wanted the Sounds to win! We were the only ones cheering for 'em too.
    The Redbirds have a wonderful stadium.
    Hopefully the Sounds will get one similar.

    After the let down game, my dad surprised us with a really neat carriage ride/tour of the city. My mom and I had never been in a carriage, so were happy to cross it off our bucket list! The tour guide was named Mary and sounded and looked just like Mary Poppins! She was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
     It was so neat seeing Memphis from a different view point and learning some of the history!
    Great Surprise Dad!

    Mary and her horse Nelle.
    Whoa Nelle...clever.
    The next morning we took them to Brother Junipers for breakfast! As always, the wait was long but the food was great! After a late breakfast, my parents were jonesin' to go to Lowes, so Ben obliged. Actually, they were helping us look for parts for our broken garage door! Thankfully, we found out we only need to replace the one panel!

    We had a great weekend visit and hope they come back again soon!!