Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tale of two cities...

Today's "Top Two Tuesday" is your 2 favorite cities!

(Other than my wonderful hometown, Nashville)

1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
via online  
They had the neatest art museum!
at the Miller brewery with our family friend's daughter!

My mom and I went a few years ago for a wedding and I fell in love! The city, the people, the beer, the eclecticness (is that even a word?)...everything! I'd love to move there, but the whole winter season isn't really my thing!

A friend of mine lives in Green Bay but went to school in Milwaukee, so while we were there she met and showed me around! We had so much fun and I hope to go again!

2. San Diego, California

Ben was stationed outside of San Diego, so I had the chance to visit quite often! San Diego's weather is perfect! It's warmer during the day, cooler at night and hardly ever rains! There's a plethora of wonderful stuff to do, so you'll never get bored (Old Town, Coronado, beach etc)! Plus, there is an In-N-Out burger!!

dinner with friends in San Diego!
Ben at the ocean! We learned the hard way that the Pacific is waaay colder than the Gulf!

USS Midway 

There are two of my favorite cities!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


My dad sent me a slideshow he created from our cruise this past January. I decided to create my own and it is too neat not to share!

Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Fishbowl's Family Cruise! Slideshow: "TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Fishbowl's Family Cruise! Slideshow ★ to Memphis, Grand Turk and The Bahamas (near World) by Emily and Ben. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor"

They have different "themes" so you can make one for any vacation!

Friday, August 27, 2010

friday fun

Today's Friday 5 over at Beth's blog, it's random questions: 
go to her blog to play along!!

1.Something you are OCD about:

This sounds crazy when I read it, but water spots etc
on the bathroom faucet. Drives.Me.Crazy. I like my faucet and the stopper to shine! 

I like organization, but I'm not really "OCD" about anything else! 

2. Your favorite quote:

"Pretty is as Pretty does" - my Granny

She has always used this quote! When I was younger I never "got" it, but now I truly understand the wisdom of the quote! If I can be 1/2 as pretty as she is, I'll be one happy girl!

3.What is the farthest you have been from home?

Lets see....I've been to: Mexico, Canada, and a ton of places in the Caribbean. One day I WILL go to Europe! 

Ben's got me beat though....he's been to: Japan (lived in Okinawa), Iraq, Kuwait, Mexico, Caribbean and I'm sure more places I can't think of!

4.Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?

fake! Growing up we always had a real one, until the year ours died soon after we brought it home! Artificial trees are way more practical!

5.First Blog you ever read?

My brother's friend, Ashley, has a wonderful blog! She was my "inspiration" to start my own! 

She also introduced me to Kelly's Korner too!  

Happy Friday!! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Misc Musings...

1. We've been with out a computer for about a week and it was a weird feeling. I was relieved because I wasn't "attached" to this thing, but lost at the same time. It is amazing how much one uses the internet! I actually had to use the phone book to look up a number (and even had to sing the alphabet to get to the right listing..ha)!! Thankfully a guy B worked with does computers/electronics on the side and he fixed it on the less expensive side! I lost all of my bookmarks (cool blogs etc) so I'm a bit bummed, but he salvaged my photos so I can't complain!

2. Last week, a friend invited us downtown to his condo. We decided to ride the trolley and check out this bar B found when he worked down there. I heart the trolley now! If you're down in Memphis, ride the trolley and find Bardog...their food is yummy! We got to ride for free, so that was an extra bonus (his job has some perks)!

3. Perspective:
I've been kind of  "bummed" because we've had quite a bit of stuff break etc in the past few weeks. However, my perspective changed completely today at Zumba. A lady in my class had her ENTIRE house BURN down. Her husband was asleep (with a sleeping pill) and if it weren't for their neighbor (and God of course) pounding the door and calling 911, he most likely would not have made it out alive. She lost everything and she had an upbeat (albeit worn out) attitude that everything will be fine. It instantly made my problems seem minute and made me appreciate our: house, cars, "stuff" and most importantly my loved ones.

4. On a positive note: less than 2 months til B's big birthday and our trip!!! I'm not excited or anything! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Happy...

August,in my family, means one thing: BIRTHDAYS.  So, instead of having a post for each birthday I'll lump 'em all together...

3rd: my Brother
So glad we didn't actually kill each other growing up!

10th: my Dad
doesn't he look dapper?

True (blonde moment) story: I was at Walmart in mid July, so I thought to get my dad and brother's cards since their birthdays are in the beginning of August. I searched and searched for the perfect card for each. I got one that I really like for my dad and was excited to mail it. Fast forward to his birthday week: I was going to write in the card and decided to read it again. Here's the ending "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY". Yep, I must've missed that part when I was at the store. So, needless to say, I went and searcehd again for a birthday card and have filed away that card for next year!
I informed my dad and his reaction was: "All that money for education....!"  thanks dad!

16th: my Nephew

Cannot believe he's 4 already!
I remember his birth like it was yesterday!

23rd: my Granny

She will be 88 this year (even though she says she'll only be 21)!
She's a trip and I love her dearly.

26th: my Mom

I'm so thankful for each and every one of these people, but I'm most thankful we don't have any more August birthdays! ;-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adventures in babysitting...

I've put word in that I'm available to babysit with a few families. We're trying to get extra money for our upcoming trip, so babysitting was a great idea for me to earn a few extra bucks!

Friday a parent called and asked me to babysit Saturday because she had a last minute work thing come up. Even though I enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays, I agreed (9-4:30).

I get to their house and E (the little girl) was beyond excited to see me! She woke up at 6:30 asking when I was going to get there!! Her mom had to leave soon after, so we were on our own.

What to do...

E has 8 million toys, but she only really wanted to play with a few. We decided to go outside before it got too hot, however even at 9:30 it was already hotter than blue blazes! So, we quickly came back inside to cool off.

Around 11 it was time for lunch. On the menu for today was a turkey sandwich, green beans and fruit. Well....I couldn't work the fancy schmancy no rough edges can opener. Seriously, I tried and tried and tried and couldn't figure the darn thing out. I kept telling myself "Emily, you have a college degree so you should be able to figure this out.....you are smarter than a can opener..." but it didn't help.

So....what's the next best thing that doesn't require an opener: mac-n-cheese!!

Apparently, E likes her sandwiches cut with a butterfly cookie cutter, so I obliged. As I was cutting the perfect butterfly I thought to  myself "I didn't get this type of treatment from my babysitter". I should send my sitter a bill for my therapy!

After we ate our sandwiches, mac-n-cheese and pineapples, we cleaned up and headed to rest. Nap time = happy time! :) Thankfully she took a great nap and gave me time to clean up the house and rest too!

Once up, we decided to do some "work". We worked on our letters, shapes, colors...the works. We then put together roughly 32 puzzles and turned the living room into a train yard!

The day went by quickly and E did really well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Operation On Track is in full swing! I'm trying to stay accountable, so I figured if I type it, read it and have family/friends read it...then I'll have to stick with it...so here goes!

It is crazy, but sometimes I think God speaks in surround sound! Sunday's Gospel was about being "prepared" for the hour the Son of Man will return. Our new Priest gave an excellent homily using a parable from Sigmund Freud about preparing for life and the unexpected.

I listened to his homily thoroughly and thought about how it related to me and our goal to get on track. I'm pretty happy with how things are going, but could always be more prepared!

I'm still training for the 5k, even in this miserable heat. Training was cancelled last week due to the excessive heat and was amended this week. There are 3 groups depending on the pace, and I was put into the "fast" group.  I think I lost 10llbs last night just from the heat and 2 mile "fitness walk". Still Zumbaing, but only 1-2 times since I'm training!
I'm famous...I made the training website! It's proof I'm actually doing the program! woohoo!

I'm still not doing well with the food part though. I know what I need to do, but it is haaard! I love my cokes, sweet tea and other junk, but it's getting ridiculous! My mind must think I'm preparing for a famine, because I eat and eat even when I'm not that hungry. I just need to buckle down.

B is still working out and he even started playing basketball on Friday's with the guys at work. He comes home dripping, but it's great cardio! He's actually trying to gain weight, so he's no help in the food department. (Not fair, at all)

B is working like a dog. He picked up two extra shifts (on his days off) and hasn't complained one time! I actually baby sat for the first time in years (for someone other than my nephews) and had a great time! We're keeping each other in check about spending too. It is going to feel great paying for our trip with cash!!


Church 2 weeks in a row is great for me! B wasn't able to go with me, but hopes to this week! One of his partners is a former Baptist preacher, so he says he gets "church all day long! I told him it never hurts to have more God in your life! ;-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have to brag on B, so you're forwarned!

As I was cleaning our office, I found a nice 8x10 letter on cardstock. It was out of place amongst our old mail, so I turned it over and read that it was a "Letter of Commendation" from B's work. I read the letter and asked him about it to which he replied "yeah, I got that a few months ago". No big deal, right....well, for me it sure is!

A couple weeks ago, he received another one because he (and his partner) caught a serial burglar that was terrorizing the city for a while! Again, he didn't even mention the letter. He was a bit taken back when I said I was going to frame it!

The past two weeks he has been getting a ton of felony arrest (which usually equals OT, which I love!). He called after one to tell me he'd be late and I said "wow...this will be great for your stats". My husband responded "I'm not worried about that...I just want to get these dirt bags off the streets!" Now...I'm partial...but that's the type of police officer I want protecting me!

He was #1 on the "Above Average" list for his precint/shift for felony arrests!!

Sometimes, I forget to "brag" on him and tell him how proud I am of the work he does, so I'm trying to make a point to tell him more often!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Design on a dime...

This weekend I decided to finally tackle the mini projects I wanted done around the house! It felt so good to cross those off my ever growing list!

1. Mantle:
Neither B, nor myself like a lot of "clutter", but our mantle was kinda boring! I wanted more color too, so I browsed the internet for ideas.

I found this and loved it:

(if this belongs to you...let me know!)

I went to Goodwill and found 3 brass candle sticks for $.99, so I scooped 'em up! Then, I went to Lowes and got some spray paint in Pistatichio (sp?)! I didn't have any candles, but had a gift card to Peir 1, so went and thankfully found some that would work!



I think I'm going to add a few more to make more of an impact, but I love the way it looks so far!

2) Door:

I love chalkboards. I originally wanted to paint the door that is in our garage with the chalkboard paint, but B vetoed that idea. He said the garage is "his" territory since I have the entire house (what-ever!!)! So....I got sneaky and decided to paint the side of that door that is in the laundry room, since technically it's part of "my" house! Plus, it's right when we walk out, so we can leave important reminders and actually see them!




I even got extra domestic and made a: Gooey Butter Cake from Mrs. Palua Deen! There's nothin' better than cake mix, 2 sticks of butter, cream cheese and sugar!! I decided after I practically ate half the pan by myself to share it with the girls at work! They were impressed by my baking skills ability to follow directions! :-)

Grand total for both projects:
Candle sticks: .99 each
Candles: $1.50x 3= 0, thanks for the gift card
Spray Paint: $4.99 (Lowes store credit)
Chalk Paint: $12ish (Lowes store credit....but $5 out of pocket)

So, I spent roughly 10 bucks for two projects. Can't beat that!

(thanks to store credits and gift cards!)