Friday, October 29, 2010

Totally Rad...

Last Friday was B's big 30th birthday! A few months ago I decided that I wanted to throw him a surprise dinner to celebrate! Thankfully my parents agreed to host the shindig and we agreed on a menu and such. I wanted it to be low key and simple, so we only invited a handful of friends and family!

We drove up to Nashville Friday morning and I dropped him and the girls off at his parents. I said I had a nail appointment, so he didn't really think anything about it (since he knew I wanted to look nice for our trip)! In reality, I went to pick up his cake and help get stuff ready!

He knew we were going to dinner at my parents, so that helped. We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few items and to give everyone a chance to get to my parents. I tried my best to take a long time, but he was getting antsy (WM does that to him!)!! We got the all clear message from my parents, and we arrived shortly! He walked in first and saw everyone sitting there and his face lit up! All our hard work paid off!

(ignore the smudged nephew thought it was a toy...oops!)
I really wanted a cool and unique cake, so I went to the bakery we got our wedding cake from! I found a picture online of an idea and they ran with it! I went with the Rubik's Cube and Pac-Men because they were from the 80's! Everyone loved it and it was really yummy!

We had yummy: appetizers, salad, lasagna (B's fave), 3 cheese pasta and garlic bread!
I also put a variety of pictures of B up and his mom had several albums from when he was a kid!

 I did some research and chose the Rubik's Cube since it came out in 1980! 

Wonderful friends and family!!
Our nephew Will went around and gave everyone Halloween stickers!

 I found some cute 80's buttons, and gave 'em out!

Everyone, but most importantly Ben, had a RAD time, totally!

Friday, October 22, 2010

29 + 1=


Today is his big 30th birthday! He is officially an old man now and I take delight in telling him this fact! ha!!

I actually have big plans for his birthday, but he doesn't know yet (or at least I don't think so)! I cannot wait to see his face tonight when he finds out what we all (my mom, his mom, me) have been planning! Stay tuned next week to read all about it!

Saturday we leave for his big birthday bash vacay, so you wont be hearing from me for awhile! You're welcome! ha!!

Happy birthday Ba!! Love you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Memphis' Day!

We celebrate our girls birth/gotcha days usually by getting them special treats and taking them to the park. This year, I wanted to do something different for Memphis' gotcha day!

The kids in my class always bring cupcakes or something when it's their birthday to share with the class. I was actually inspired by this and decided to do something similar for MG's day.

two leashes, collar, muzzle and treats!

I looked online to see what the local Animal Shelter needed and went through all of the girls' old stuff they don't use/need anymore. I also picked up a box of treats too!

She was sad those treats weren't for her!

what are these?

Memphis Girl and I took a bag full of goodies to the shelter. We walked in and the lady probably thought I was surrendering her because her face lit up when I said "we're dropping off donations"! The sweet Shelter workers loved on MG for a while and of course were quite thankful!

Right next to the Shelter there is a wonderful dog park! We haven't been there before, so it was a nice change! MG was the only large dog there, so she ran herself silly around the entire huge area! She would tease play along the fence with the shelter dogs and of course found the muddy water!

run Memphis run!

She had so much fun on her Gotcha day! I think this will be our new tradition and we will continue to do this with both girls!

Check with your local Animal Shelter because they are always in need of supplies and of course volunteers!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Got ya!

Two years ago we adopted Memphis Girl and honestly we couldn't be happier!

Here's her adoption story:

Ben (while on duty) calls me at work:
B: you know how you always wanted to adopt a dog??
E: um, yeah, why?
B: well, I had to come to the animal shelter to drop a dog off and I asked if they had any Shepherds and they do. It's a male and he's great.
E: we really don't need another dog right now...we're buying a house etc great?
B: really a sweet dog...when can you come meet him? I'm going to put our name down for him.

E: ooookay...I'll go Saturday....

After he gave the Shelter our info and said we're interested in the dog, I get a call from a worker stating that the dog tested positive for heart worms. I had no idea what that meant, so she explained that it's a slow and painful death if left untreated and we HAD to get the dog treated if we adopted him. Of course, that made my decision to adopt this dog (even before I met him), so we agreed to get him treated.

I meet him that Saturday and fell in love. It broke my heart when they had to put him back in the crate. I wanted him NOW, but they had to neuter him first.
love at first sight! (at the shelter)

I go a couple days later to drop off the Vet's note stating we've agreed to treatment, and the incompetent lady at the Shelter almost broke my heart. She said "Oh, that dog has already been claimed." Basically stating that I wouldn't be adopting him. Turns out, WE were the ones that claimed him and if the incompetent lady had checked she would have known that. Thankfully B took care of that issue because I was too ticked/upset.

Finally, almost a week after we first met, we were able to bring him home! Ben named him Memphis because we got him at the Memphis Shelter.We decided to introduce the dogs while on a walk in neutral territory. Only then did we get a surprise....HE is really a SHE! Yep, the whole time we were informed it was a male dog and all along it wasn't! We wanted a male to avoid any "alpha female" situations, but thankfully it hasn't really been an issue! Of course we then added the "girl" to her name to make it more feminine! ha!

meeting her new sister!

she was malnourished and abused. So sad.
She has truly been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier!!!

Happy Gotcha day Memphis Girl! We love you!!!
Dad, Mom and Sister

Friday, October 15, 2010

office space

This week's "Show Me Your Life" is about offices!

We use one bedroom as our office/dog room. We recently switched to AT&T's internet, so our computer has to be in our room because of the phone outlet. However, our nerd computer savvy friend is going to install a router so we can get the laptop/printer out of our room! 

 Here's the office before:
Don't ya love that NEON green? My dad was bummed when we painted it neutral...ha!

photo from the realtor

 Here it is today:

Usually the book shelf is centered under the picture (didn't notice til now!)! I was in major purge/shred mode so I had to scoot it over so I can use the shredder!

work area

dog's area

 I found this license plate at Bob Evans and had to get it for Dixie's crate!

 We inherited the white cabinet, so I put it to use with all our bar and entertaining items.

 There's our multi-purpose office space!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

love my job

I can honestly say that I love my job! Yes, it gets super stressful at times and I leave exhausted but I LOVE what I do!

While at recess, I overheard a conversation between one of my boys and girls and it made my day!

(they were playing on the truck shaped equipment....pretending to be driving)

Boy: we are heeeere!
Girl: yay, Target
Boy: let's get Mrs. Emily something
Girl: yeah, lets get her a card...she really needs a card
Boy: she'll be so proud

I can't believe they'd include me in their pretend trip to Target, but I'm sure am glad!!

Also, I've been talking about my upcoming vacation with them because you really can't spring a big change on 4/5 year olds. I put a picture of a ship on our calendar on the day we're leaving and every day we count down to see how many days left. I showed them on the globe where I would be going and answer questions they have.

Yesterday a little boy was quite concerned when he realized I was going on a "cruiser ship". He said "but, what about the sharks?" I said "What do you mean, E?" He matter of factly stated "you know the sharks, that will eat you if you're on the water....and I don't want them to eat you." I of course reassured him that the ship had many  layers of metal that would protect me and that I'd do my best to stay far from the sharks!

The kids just make my day so much sweeter! I love my job...if only the pay was better (ha!)!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling Crafty

 We had nothing planned for this weekend for once, so I for some reason became domestic! I cleaned the house, did laundry, grocery shopped and even cooked! I don't have a fever, in case you're wondering (mom!)!

I found a recipe for Chocolate chip Pumpkin muffins that sounded delicious, so I decided to bake them today. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, but these babies were GOOD and so simple! Seriously, try 'em out!  Go here for the recipe, seriously!

I also finally tackled a craft project I've been wanting to accomplish! I actually set a record because I went to both the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby and only spent 8 bucks! That's great for me.

Anyways, I've been eying these cute Halloween wreaths people have been making out of strips of fabric. It looked easy enough, so I thought I'd try it!

 I went to DT and got the wreath mold. I wish it was a tad bigger, but for only $1, you can't be too picky! Plus, I'd rather spend the extra $5 (the bigger one at HobLob was 4.99) on our cruise!

 Used black spray paint I already had to do a rough coat, just so the ugly green doesn't show!

 Got orange and black tulle from HobLob. I got 1 yd of orange and 2yds of black because I wanted to have more, not less just in case (tulle isn't expensive). I have plenty left over, so I could use it for another craft!

I cut the tulle in strips (as I needed it as to not waste the remainder). I then just tied it onto the wreath mold. Seriously, it's that simple! I alternated black, orange and so on. After I was done, I used black/white houndstooth ribbon I already had to hang it! Wider ribbon would probably look better, but I made do!

There she is! Not too bad for 5 bucks and less than 20 minutes! I may add more to give it more "fluff".

If you want to see my inspiration, head over to the cute blog This & That! Her's is WAY cuter than mine!

eta: I think I said "seriously" like 10x's in the post! Seriously Em, get a bigger vocab! ha!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Friday, October 8, 2010

eat and sleep

Today over on Kelly's Korner blog, it's "Show me your life Friday" and the topic is Kitchens! A couple weeks ago her topic was master bedrooms and since we were out of town, I thought I'd do it today too! get two for the price of one! I love looking at other's houses so I love these "SMYL"!!

This is our kitchen, when we purchased our house. Like I said earlier, the previous homeowners (it was a foreclosure) looved their stencils. It had strawberries and apples everywhere.

But the cabinets and counters were great and the appliances worked, so I knew it had potential!

Here it is today...
We replaced the hardware and lights and will soon replace the floor and appliances!

Saw this sign at HobLob and had to have it!

Our eat in area.
We just got this table from my parents (since they redid their kitchen and didn't need it) and I'm stoked!
I love hand-me-downs!

We finally chose our tile (we'll use 18x18)!
We'll hopefully have it installed (we're doing it ourselves) by Thanksgiving!

So now for our bedroom!

This is what was on one wall when we moved in! The fan actually had black lights in it, so I'm not quite sure what was going on and frankly don't really want to know! ha!

here it is today...

 We made our own headboard and I love it! 
B doesn't care for the plates above our bed, but I really like them!
He joked and said one day he might just take 'em for skeet shooting practice.
Thank God he doesn't even know how to skeet shoot!. ha!

my dresser (it was my Nanny's),
I'm contemplating paiting it and changing the hardware, but it's still in my mind my Nanny's (grandmother) so I cant yet.
(ignore the fan cord...we haven't gotten around to replacing it yet)

B's dresser aka work crap dumping ground (hence the basket!)
Ignore the tacky cord. 
I refused to pay $50 to have the direct guy reroute it, but we're going to have a friend redo it soon! 

We are looking for a rug for our room, but haven't "the" one yet!

 So there ya have where we eat and sleep!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Q & A

I read this on one of my friend's blog and since I love questionnaires, I thought I'd play along!

1. Do you like Starbucks? Are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy their Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

2. How do you decorate and prepare for fall?
I usually just change out my tall cylinders that are on our mantle with pumpkins/gords etc that I found on clearance at Micheal's! This year I added small pumpkins to my candle sticks, which I love. I may even add a hay bale and larger pumpkins outside, but haven't decided yet! After Halloween, I'll bring out my Pilgrims (I kinda collect 'em!) and Thanksgiving plate!

3. Will you participate in your college's homecoming activities?
 Not this year because we will be on Vacation! :) Go Blue Raiders!

4. What is your favorite fall clothing item and or accessory?
I heart fall clothes...jeans, long boyfriend cardigans, tall boots, dresses with tights, jackets etc. Love it!! 

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Looking back, it would have to be the year I was a "penny"! I took dance since I was 3, so usually whatever I was the year for recitals, I was for Halloween! I wore brown clothes and held a round cardboard cutout with "1" in glitter on it! I think I may still have that penny somewhere! 

A few years ago we went to my SIL's sister's (got that?!) Halloween party and I purchased "Betty Rubble" costume that I loved! I think I may wear it this year to hand out candy! 

6. Do you like Halloween/horror movies? Do you have a favorite?
um...that's a negative! When we were dating, B took me to see "house of 1000 corpses" and it has frankly scarred me for life. I've actually never cared for movies, especially scary ones!

7. What is your favorite fall activity?
Going to the corn maze and pumpkins patches! The fall after we were engaged, I came down to visit B and we went to a local patch. Apparently it's uncommon for younger, kid free couples to go to pumpkin farms because the owner asked "where your kids?" This year we may "adopt" a kid to bring with us! ha!

06 at a farm outside of Murfreesboro

8. What is your favorite fall recipe?
My mom introduced me to a "taco soup" that is perfect for fall weather! It has shoepeg corn, black beans, taco season, ranch dressing (powder) and a few other things I forget! 

I was hoping to make it this week, but it looks like our weather is getting warmer by weeks' end. Boo.

9. What TV show are you most excited about this fall?
NCIS! I'm addicted and was excited to see how the cliffhanger from last season ended!

10. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Usually after Thanksgiving! I try to plan it out so I get the biggest bang for my buck and don't have to keep fighting the crazy crowds!

11. What do you miss most about summer?
I love fall and this summer was just plain awful (heat wise), so not too much! I'll miss the longer days though because I hate it getting dark so daggum early!

12. What movie coming out soon are you most excited about??
Haven't a clue! I'm not a movie person, at.all.  

Happy Fall!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Saturday we journeyed to the huge quaint town of Halls, TN for B's family reunion!  It was for his mom's mom's family, so there were a lot of people he hadn't seen since he was a kid or didn't even know!
They had a nice slide show of pictures of the family, some waaaay back! It was really neat to see! B's great grandmother (he called her Granny) seems like she was a neat woman! She apparently snuffed tobacco (YUCK!), wasn't afraid to lop off a "chicken snake's" head before it ate all the eggs, and she was quite the gardener!

Lets be honest, the best part about family reunions is the FOOD! Of course, this one did not disappoint! One of B's great Uncles smoked some wonderful BBQ and we had tons of yummy sides. Since we only live an hour away, it was requested that we bring a dessert. I decided to make a "Gooey Butter cake" and thankfully all but a few pieces were eaten (didn't want to take much home b/c we're working on our "bikini bodies"..ha!)!

After we stuffed ourselves, we mingled and went outside to enjoy the beautiful albeit windy weather! B went outside to get something and didn't come back. I went to check on him and this is where I found him...

playing frisbe. (Big kid.)
There was swings, frisbee, softball, and board games to keep the young ones (and almost 30 year olds) busy!

(no, we didn't plan on matching! Great minds think alike!)
We're reunited and it feels so good! :)