Saturday, April 30, 2011

raise the roof

After month or two of dealing with: less-than-professional roofing people,our  insurance company, an over-worked catastrophe adjuster and of course, mother nature....we finally have our new roof (and by a company we really like!)!

before: hail and wind damage...missing shingles (at least 20)


old roof on the ground...lookin' like a fool with your roof on the


felt paper (something like that)

the new and improved roof!

reinstalling the protector shield thing over our a/c

my new friends! They actually wanted to pose for a picture!

lot 'o trash

We went with the new HD roof in Weather wood, with ridge vents. Supposedly, the ridge vents will help keep the house cooler (vents out hot air from attic) and will lower our utility bills! We shall see, but anything to help keep the house cool in the hot Memphis summer appealed to us!

guy helping my neighbor!

 Our behind-us neighbor popped over the fence to tell us thanks...b/c his wife now wants a roof like ours! Fortunately though, one of the guys who worked on ours, was able to help him do something to his roof and another neighbor as well (replace a missing shingle etc). The neighbors asked us if it's was okay to ask the crew, which of course, we didn't mind. It'll help keep the neighborhood looking good which is always a bonus!

I never thought I'd say this, but I love my roof! :-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm lovin'

1. That this crazy weather is (hopefully) OVER! I'm sick and tired of the severe storms, wind, rain, hail, and oh yeah the tornadoes. Thankfully, nobody I know was hurt or had any damages to report (both here and in Nashville).

waiting in the closet til the tornado times.

2. Date nights.

We usually try to go out just the two of us and do something one of the day's B has off. Normally, we go to Ruth's Chris (ha!) and enjoy the finest, but today we headed to our ole faithful Swankys! Of course, it was delicious as always! No date is complete with out dessert, so we headed to Yogurt Mountain after! I got peanut butter and white chocolate mousse...yuuum! B made his concoction with chocolate yogurt, chocolate cookies and oh yeah, chocolate fudge. Weirdo! ;)

I'm loving the yogurt fad and hope it sticks for a long time!

3. Topless and Barefoot.....

nail polish (by Essie) that is!! I wanted something nude with a hint of pink, and so far, loving this color!

4. This guy!
a big Fish! (...dreaming of another cruise...soon please...!)

He literally cracks me up! Just now, he was looking at his school stuff and read about the "Women Studies" major. He said out loud, to himself,  "maybe I could take that and actually understand Emily!"

No Bud, I'm beyond all understanding...but good try!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

dogs in the 'hood!

I walk the girls around the neighborhood practically every day. It has truly been a great way to meet our wonderful neighbors! Several neighbors wave, stop, talk or pet the girls. We have quite a lot of kids in our neighborhood and 9 walks out of 10, one (or more) will ask to pet the dogs. Of course, the dogs love the attention (especially MG)!

In the past, I've been asked if they were "police dogs",  and even Great Danes...ya know the typical questions kids have!

However, this past Monday I literally was shocked at the statement one little girl made!

She asked to pet MG (Dixie was running with B) and I obliged. As she was petting, she said "Oh....she's a soft WOLF!!" 

I about died! I tried not to laugh too hard and explained to her that she may look like a wolf, but she's really just a dog! At least MG wasn't offended! :-)

Then today, a girl we've met before, asked to see "your German Shepherds again" (points to her for getting the breed right!). Her entire family was out, so they all got to pet the girls! The Dad immediately asked me "is one of their names, Memphis?" I said "yes sir..."  He said "oh, I thought she [his daughter] was just pulling my leg!"

Apparently this little girl talks about our girls all.the.time.! The dad said "well, she just loves your dogs and really wants a GSD too." I almost gave her one of mine but thought I'd keep 'em for now!

I love our 'hood and the girls think it's pretty awesome too!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Ben found out he was accepted to the University of Memphis the other day!! He only has about a year or so left in his degree,  and the UofM was the best fit for him!

I'm beyond proud of him.....but...we are now officially RIVALS! (I'm a proud graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, TN!!)

MTSU and UofM have played each other in sports for years and lets just say, we're not exactly "friendly"! ha! It's not actually that bad, but a rivalry nonetheless!  I told him that I'd support him, but I hope my Blue Raiders beat his silly ole Tigers! :-)

I just hope he doesn't ask me to write any of his papers! ha!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a Weekend!

Friday I left early and headed to Nashville! Of course, the weather was horrible when I arrived in the Nashville area but it still didn't damper my weekend!

I was able to pick up my Nephew from his preschool. It was so sweet because when he saw that I was there to get him, his face lit up and he immediately gave me a big hug! After doing his very important job as a mat helper, and introducing me to his friends (he has 17 boys in his class and 3 girls...poor teachers!!), we decided to go run some errands! I was starving, so we headed to 5 Guys! (Yes, I ate meat on a Friday during lent...but it was soo good!)
Will aka Gorton's Fisherman! :)

He was such a great date! He gave me his complete dissertation on the movie "Peter Cottontail" and told me all about "the bad lady who wanted it to be winter all the time"! After lunch, we headed next door to the bakery and picked up treats for everyone! His pick!

Several of the neighborhood women at my parents' house, came over for coffee and a light breakfast! We talked and caught up on old times! I've known these women since I was born, so it's nice to see them when I come home!

After brunch, we met my Aunt Erin and went to the Southern Women's Show. It was a fun time, but it was crowded! They had several food samples and let me tell ya... women+ free food= cat fight! Seriously, a cracker with some pimento cheese aint worth getting ugly over!!

After perusing the show, we headed to run a few errands before we had to go home and get ready for my friend's wedding!

At 6 pm, we watched my good friend (we've known each other since 1st grade) Lauren say "I DO" at the beautiful Scarrit Bennet Chapel! Of course, I realized I left my memory card out of my camera at the wedding,  so I had to use my trusty ole phone!

After the wedding, we went to the Cannery Ballroom and had a great time at the reception! I saw a ton of people from high school who I haven't seen in years! It was so nice to catch up!
Mr and Mrs!!
cute cake...and she had GiGi's cupcakes too!

Sunday, I had to say goodbye to the folks (and B's parents) and head home! It was such a wonderful visit and I feel recharged now!

I came home to find these waiting for me along with a sweet note!! Now...that's a great way to top off a great weekend!

pink pretty!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

feelin' crafty!

I wanted something (not necessarily a wreath though) Springy for our front door, but nothing at the stores have struck my fancy. So I perused the wonderful internets and found an idea for a cute, DIY moss letter that one can hang on the door! I thought it would be perfect, so I went to HobLob and got my supplies!

You need:
-wooden letter

-bag of moss

-glue gun
-scissors (to trim moss)

It's not rocket science here, you just glue the moss onto the letter, fill it in to your liking and trim the excess! The inspiration left the "tag" on the letter to attach the ribbon too, but I did mine differently. I guess if you had a harder to hang letter like M or W, the tag would help!

Here's the final product! I love it! It's springy, smells good when  you open the door and it was very inexpensive (gotta love the 50% off at HobLob)!

Monday, April 11, 2011

tis the season

It's Spring and wedding season has hit full force! I'm not complaining though, especially if there's good cake...ha!

This past weekend, I attended the reception of a co-worker! They were married in Maryland back in March, but held a reception for all the family/friends here. They're Mormon and apparently having more than one reception is the norm! The Bride's mother said "these Mormon kids sure are spoiled!!"...I'd have to agree!

The temple (the reception wasn't held here though)

beautiful and yummy cake!

loved her dress!

work group (blurry pic, sorry)
It was a lovely reception and I had a great time! I joked and said that all ya needed was a little alcohol and it would've been a Catholic one (they dance etc too)!!

One wedding down, 4 more to go!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

our wedding from a-z

Can it seriously be our 3rd anniversary already? I found this cute way of breaking down the wedding over at Heather's blog (She and her husband share our same anniversary!!) and thought I'd do it too!

I honestly had the time of my life at our wedding!

Attending: we had probably 150ish at our wedding (I honestly don't know!)
cousins Claire and Meg were my greeters!

custom programs
BridesmaidsI had three: my SIL-Marney, B's sister- Elizabeth and my good friend Kali!
I wanted them to wear black, and something they all liked and looked great in. We found their dress at David's Bridal and I thought they looked stunning! I didn't care what type of  shoes they wore or their hair, and "gifted" them their jewelry!

Catering: we had our reception at the Embassy Suites, so they did the catering! We had different stations: carving, pasta and a few others ( we got a plate, but couldn't really eat!) I do remember the food I ate being good and several of our friends said it was yummy!)

 Dress: simple, simple, simple! I didn't want a drop of lace, beading or anything, much to my Mother's dismay..ha! I LOVED my dress! Confession: I actually saw a dress in the wedding magazine (before we were engaged) and said "that's it". We actually found one similar at store at home and had a family friend custom make my sash!
Story behind my veil:
I was adamant that I was not wearing one, period. My mom really wanted me to, so I agreed to wear a simple, traditional one that I didn't really like. On the day of my bridal portraits, I accidentally tore a hole in it (honestly on accident) and ruined it. A few days later, we picked up my mom's dress at the White Room and there it was...THE veil for me! I tried it on and it was perfect!

I guess my mom was right all along! ha!
Engagement: July 5, 2007

Flowers: I forget the name of the lady who did them, but she was great! I loved my flowers and of course, they were beautiful!!

my beautiful Mom and MIL and their bouquets

Groomsmen: B's good friend- Justin, my brother-Brian, and his cousin-Jeremy!

Honeymoon: Unfortunately we moved the next day, so we didn't get one.

Invitations: simple (you sensing a theme here), bold and GORGEOUS!  I LOVE our invitations!  We used the Write Impression in Murfreesboro, TN (on the Square) and highly recommend them!

quite the process: invite, reception card and rsvp card!

Justice of the Peace: really thought about it, but ultimately decided I wanted "my" big day!

Keepsakes: we had a book and then a large frame for people to sign! It's hung in our living room and I love to read the wishes as I walk past (especially my Uncle's who has since passed). Marney also made us a collage of our invites and napkins etc from our wedding! My second-cousin framed our invite and it's proudly hung in our living room! So nice to have!

Ladies Night: my SIL threw my shower at her house and it was a blast! After the shower, we all headed downtown to have some fun!  
fun times

great friends!

Music: we had a DJ and had a lot of good dance songs (only one slow, which was nice). I made a list of the "No Play" songs, but wasn't too big of a Bridezilla and let the "Cha Cha Slide" play after they got several requests!
At Last (I sung it to him the entire time!)

love him!

Our first dance was to At Last (my favorite) and my Dad and I danced to "I loved her first"! 

Newlyweds: 3 years down...80 to go...ha!

Old, new, borrowed, blue: 
old: my great-grandmother's handkerchief
new: dress
borrowed: I forget!
blue: my garter

Photography: a family friend did them and I like the guy, but wish I had someone more my style do them. 

Question popping: we were on a walk with Dixie Belle and he stopped and said "Babe". I turned around and he was down on one knee, with the ring!! He said some super sweet things and then said "Emily Katherine...will you please marry me?" He had already asked my parents' permission!!

Reception: at the Embassy Suites in Nashville. We looked everywhere, but decided it was the best fit! I loved that we had the whole area to ourselves  and as far as I know, they were on top of their game! 

We really wanted to make sure there was adequate seating. We had a lounge area by the bar and several pub type tables for people to drink/eat etc outside the main room. 


pub table decor

Dancing was a must and we sure did a ton of it!!

YMCA was appropriate since I worked there 6 years!

GET LOW! Love this!

Shoes: love these! We found them at the White Room in Lebanon, TN and both my mom and I got a pair! 

Trash the Dress: No way Jose! My mom preserved it for me!

Unique: We took a trolley to the reception! It was so fun!

Marn, Bubs and me on the trolley

Vows: We used the traditional ones! I changed the way we said our names though at the rehearsal (the Deacon was great about it) because I wanted to say both our first and middle! 

Wedding Woes: 
Rule #1: do NOT tell the Bride of any woes! Why worry her? We probably had a few but my amazing family handled them!
B was sick...this is something the Bride doesn't need to know!!

The one woe I knew about was with my garter! It cut my circulation off in no time flat, so I took it off! I thought I could just get it before our reception. Fast forward to the garter toss...NO GARTER...oops! Thankfully my Aunt Erin saved the day and made one out of tulle!

X-Rated: Thankfully, we had no wardrobe malfunctions!! 

Young Kids: I did not want a flower girl or ring bearer. However, I wanted my Nephew-Will (then about to be 2) to be involved. He "escorted" my Granny down the aisle and did a great job!
Will (with help from my brother) walking Granny down the aisle!

B's Aunt Teresa and Gavin dancing!!

Zzzz: we danced our last dance around midnight and then headed up to our suite. Thankfully our people (not sure who) had a plate for us to eat because Ben was starving and I needed to soak up my Reisling!

Our friends Justin and Taylor snuck in the room before hand and decorated our bed with rose petals! I thought it was so sweet of them!! 

There ya have it! Our wedding from A-Z!
It was sweet of you to read about our day!!