Monday, October 31, 2011

MIsc Monday!

1. Happy Halloween!

I'm a bit sad that I wont be back "home" to see all the spooks! Our neighborhood does Halloween right!! I'm excited for next year because we'll have our own spook to dress up!! The dogs don't really dig the whole costume thing (plus it's hard finding one their sizeZ) :-)

2. I love these two Super Nephews!!

A few Sunday's ago, I had to watch them by myself.  I took them to the grocery to pick up a few things and they were PERFECT. They didn't beg for anything, fuss, act a fool...nothing! I was one proud Aunt (and yes, I did reward them with a surprise)! I now have even more respect for Moms. I was exhausted by the time I left the store, put the groceries in the car, picked up D's shoe that fell off, carried both boys and the cart to the corrall thing, loaded the boys back in their seats and then finally got in myself. I called B and said "I'm not sure if I'm ready for this whole mom gig." Thankfully, I have two boys to screw up with practice on!

3. Last week my in-laws invited me to dinner at the Gerst Haus. It's an old German restaurant here in Nashville and I had never been. The food was yummy, even if I could't enjoy most of it (can't eat a lot these days).

iphone pic
 B's dad ordered "pig knuckles" for an appetizer. After I realized he wasn't joking, I had to convince myself to not get sick! Thankfully, the order came and it wasn't that bad. I tried a bite and it was just a glorified ham. They should really rethink the name!

4. I cannot believe that tomorrow is November already! I really need to get on the ball with Christmas shopping, but I have no clue where to begin!

Have a great week!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

17 weeks...

and holy bump batman!!

today was cowboy day at work...

How Far Along: 17 Weeks
Size of baby:
Gender: we'll find out Nov 18 and it can't get here soon enough

Maternity Clothes: a few pair of maternity jeans, since my regular ones are getting tight! I'm wearing regular tops and dresses! 

Weight gain:as of last week's appt 5 llbs total

Movement: Nothing official yet, but I am starting to feel different twinges etc so hopefully soon!

Sleep: A few charley horses (my OB said it was due to increase in Estrogen), CRAZY dreams and of course potty time, but other than that my sleep is fine!

Symptoms: Heart burn. My OB wants me to take Zantac twice a day, but I haven't been very faithful about that. I also cannot eat much in one sitting. The food literally stops in my upper stomach and I feel awful until it settles. Ugh.

Oh and lovely pimples. 

Cravings: French onion soup from Panera. I literally have eaten 3 bowls this month alone. I never really ate it before. Weird!!

Best moment this week: Last week's appt and hearing Minnow's heart beat (very strong 144) and seeing my belly grow!
I literally saw it the other day and was shocked, it's not bloat, it's a baby!! 

I sent B this text:

Pregnancy Highlights: I'm just amazed at God's creation. I cannot believe this little thing can already hear, detect light, has sweat glands and has toenails. Crazy yet such a sweet reminder at how awesome God is!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

heart breaker!

I had my official 2nd trimester Echo/Cardiology visit today! I never imagined this day would be here so fast. Since I moved back to Nashville, I decided to see my "old" Cardiologist, Dr. B. He actually changed practices and is now at Vanderbilt Heart (or as my mom calls it Wonderbilt!). That place is massive and I was all by my lonesome, but thankfully I didn't have any issues finding/getting around!
Dr. B was actually the doctor who initially caught my heart problem! I was 13 and at a sports physical. He was the young (and cute!!!) cardiologist who had to examine me. I was so embarrased because a) I was 13 b) I had to be "topless" and c) he was just darn cute! Well, he examined me and said  "Sorry Emily, but I have to fail you." Fail?? Of course I was shocked. Long story short, but he performed an echo soon after (even though, he wasn't a peds cardio) and diagnosed me! Basically...he's a life saver!

I should get the results from the echo (I was secretly hoping the Echo tech would "slip" and give me an ultrasound, but no such luck) one day this week, but Dr. B reassured  me that everything should be okay!

Here's hoping Minnow isn't a heartbreaker just yet!!

Update: Dr. B called the other day (not his nurse or that is service!) and said that everything looked as good as to be expected. Of course my valve is still leaking, but so far it's tolerating pregnancy and the increase blood supply pretty well. Unless I have any issues, I'm not due back for a year! Woohoo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Babymoon Cruise: Day 4

San Francisco, CA

We had a lot to do in lovely SF but thankfully didn't have any set schedule. We got off the ship and hopped in a cab (the only for the entire day) for our first destination...Lombard Street. I've always heard about the crookedest street, and had to see it first hand. It sure is crooked and steep! You'd have to have great breaks if you lived on that street (or heck, anywhere in SF)

beautiful view

me and Minnow on Lombard. (love the hydrangeas)

After we walked down Lombard, we headed to Little Italy and Chinatown. Chinatown was a major disappointment. I don't know why I was expecting something more, but I definitely don't have the desire to go back there!
B and I loved this door!

beautiful Catholic church in Little Italy

We then walked to Fisherman's Wharf! I had to get a loaf of Boudin's famous Sourdough bread. It was the neatest store and smelled heavenly.

yummy sourdough

 When B was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA he introduced me to In-N-Out burgers. I fell in love. I ate there every time I could. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my waist line) they don't have any here, so I knew I had to get me some in CA. We were walking and literally came upon one! I was magically hungry and it was soooo good!

 After lunch, we head to Ghirardelli Square. It's where the original Ghirardelli shop was and has a bunch of neat places. Of course, we sampled some chocolate and I shopped a bit!!
 I found the neatest store, Lola's. It had such cute stuff and a lot for babies. The lady who worked there and I started talking and she  asked "Are your children at home?" I said "Nope...patted my belly...I brought him/her with me!!!" We both laughed!! I got Minnow the  "Goodnight San Francisco" to start his/her collection!
cute onesie at Lola's...$22, not so much!

 Ben was determined to enjoy a local beer in every port. He found one at a neat pub while we were at Ghirardelli Square.
B enjoyin his beer!

leaving with my loot

We then had to go to Trader Joe's and pick my mom up some "2 Buck Chuck". Apparently, my phone's GPS wanted me to walk more, because it got us lost. Thankfully, B's liked us and we finally found TJ.

the view and our ship

neat display in TJ

We were going to ride on the cable car to cross it off our list, but I honestly didn't feel like wasting $25 and the time. I've been on trolley's before so I'm going to just let that one slide.

At this point, we had literally walked at least 8 miles and were "over" San Francisco! We headed back to the ship, but made a pit stop at Pier 39.

Alcatraz in the background

pier 39

We arrived back on the ship and headed up to the hot tub to soak our worn out bodies. Thankfully, the hot tubs weren't exactly HOT so I could actually enjoy it too! We met a nice couple from AZ and talked for the longest. We then had to get back and get ready for the evening. It was Italian night and we couldn't miss it!!

B's bottle of Malbec (Princess lets you bring your own wine on board)

eggplant parm....YUUUM

veal marsala

Italian chicken....Ben ate every bite

My tablemate Lorraine knew I liked to take food pics, so she offered me her pretty dessert!! Loved her.

Love Boat dream!


Ryan dolled up for Italian night


George and Lorraine with his Vitamin F

The neatest thing about this port was leaving at night and going under the Golden Gate Bridge! It was rainy and downright cold, so we just opted to watch the sailaway from our balcony!

Golden Gate at night (iphone)

We called it a night shortly thereafter. What a long day!!

Next Up: at Sea

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

16 weeks!

I can't believe I'm already 16 weeks and a couple days! It has really flown by so far!

*Baby's size?  Minnow is about as big as an Avocado!

*Total weight gain: I'll find out the official report tomorrow at my appointment, but so far my scales say 5llbs total

ignore the shadows, my photographer needs more practice!

*Gender: 4 more weeks (Unless we get tempted to go to a private center and find out earlier)

*Maternity clothes?:  2 pair of pants and a bella band for now.

*Sleep: okay for the most part, but I've been waking up with the worst charley-horses in my calf. I've been trying to eat one or two bananas a day and that seems to help. Crazy.

*Movement:  none yet...but I can't wait!

*Food Cravings: Snickers, Pop tarts, apples and grapes.

*Labor signs: No thanks!

*Belly button- in or out?: in still

*What I miss: sleeping on my stomach and to be honest a nice glass of Reisling after a hectic day at work

*What I'm looking forward too: My appointment tomorrow and hearing the heart beat again!