Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jack Attack: 22 weeks!

22 wks 2 days

How big is Baby? 

Gender: BOY oh boy!!

Maternity clothes?: pants for now

Weight Gain: 8llbs

Symptoms:  Heart burn. Tums now upsets my stomach. Fun times over here!

Sleep: Pretty good. I love my boppy, even though I end up tangled in it every morning! I'm pretty sure that takes some special kind of talent!

Cravings: ice cold water  (can't get enough it seems) and Sonic's breakfast burrito

Movement: He kicked me really hard the other night and moves quite a bit mostly in the evening. According to the experts, he sleeps 12+ hours a day. Lucky guy.

Best moment:  Ben made up the cutest song and sang it to our son:

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick....
Jack please don't make your momma sick!"

Heart. Melted.


I hate to admit this, but I'm overwhelmed with life right now. 

1. Work:
 I love my new job. However, my daily to do list seems to get longer by the minute. There's so much to do, worry about etc and I just dont want to screw anything up! The kids have been wild (no outside time + holiday = crazy) and I've been 2 staff members short all week. To top it off, my awesome assistant has been out on vacation this week as well. She'll be officially banned from taking any more time off from now on! ha!

2. Home:
I'm so thankful that we were given a chance to move back home, especially after I found out that we were going to have a baby. However, I honestly didn't think it would be this difficult and complex. Ben is thankfully in the final stages of the hiring process with Nashville. That is awesome news. However, if for some reason he doesn't get into the January class (after all it's almost Dec), then he has to wait to JULY to start. Um, I'm due in April. I do not want to be a single mom for 3 months.  On the flip side, if he does start in January I will be with out insurance coverage (besides Cobra) for 30 days. I can make it work with temp insurance, but what if something happens with Jack or me in the meantime??

I'm currently living with my parents because Ben really doesn't want me to live in the "new" house by myself. I've really enjoyed being back, but I realllllly need my own space. My parents are great and I appreciate their hospitality (and cooking!!) but I need to be an "adult" again!

Also, we havent even begun to tackle our to do list for our house back in Memphis. We need a new water heater, paint the trim, spruce up landscaping, get a custom threshold made for the tile we installed back in Feb, get a new garage door and I'm sure a few other things. Cha-ching. Thankfully we don't have to be in a huge rush to put it on the market, but I don't want to pay for an empty house forever.

3. Oh baby:
Apparently, once you find out you're having a baby you need to go ahead and order his bedding and all the other stuff. Why didn't anyone fill me in on this news?? I just now found a few crib bedding sets I like and the one lady's turn around time is 12 weeks. Yikes. I'm due in roughly 18. So if it comes and I hate it I have no time to correct the issue. What if Jack is like his mother and wants to be born early? Trying not to even go there.

Picking out his bedding has been beyond overwhelming for me. I always imagined I would enjoy the process of picking it out, but frankly it's stressful. Way to many options. I want my son's room to be perfect. I want his bedding to be just right for him. I want to make sure that B, our families etc all like everything too. Pressure. My mom told me not to worry about what anyone (other than B) thought. I'm trying...really trying to listen to her advice. I'm pretty sure Jack wont care what his room looks like but I want him to have the best.

I know this is a huge pity party for one, but I needed to get it out. I'm trying to remember that old saying "if God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it", but somedays it's harder than others!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a tiny christmas

I found Tiny Prints a couple years ago when I looked for unique invites. I instantly became a fan. They have great quality and unique cards, invites etc. I usually get all my birthday and other holiday cards from them and haven't been disappointed yet.

This year, the folks at Tiny Prints are giving bloggers FREE Christmas cards! Sweet! Free is definitely in everyone's budget, right?

I've been looking and so far these are my top two picks:
Chic, sophisticated and unique!!! Totally different from my previous cards!
Simple and sophisticated!

Go here to sign up!

Have yourself a Tiny Christmas!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous

1. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for!

Wednesday evening my parents hosted my brother and his family and me for pancake dinner. It was delicious! The best thing that happened that night was my 2 year old nephew Drew said "Happy Bir-day Emmmmy"! Melted my heart.

Thursday I went to B's Uncles for a late lunch. I think I ate enough to feed a small army! After lunch, I headed to Memphis to spend the long weekend with my Loves.

2. Saturday we had a nice visit and lunch with our sweet friends Leslie and Caroline (and their husbands of course)! I'm glad we got to catch up! Leslie is due with her sweet little girl in a few weeks, so I'm uber excited for her!

3. This weekend we went to look at baby stuff. I'm officially a glutton for punishment because it was crazy. We literally went into Babies-R-Us for 8 minutes before I was "over it" and left. B was a bit upset becaue he did't get to play check out Toys-R-Us. Big kid.

4. Ben is another step closer to getting on the Nashville's police department. He has two interviews (one with his recruiter and one with a panel of important people) in the next two weeks!! I realllly hope he gets in the January class. Fingers and toes crossed!

5. SNOW. It's supposed to rain/snow tonight and tomorrow! I'm a tad excited! I know it's not going to stick, but hopefully it will at least be pretty to look at.

Hope you have a lovely week!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hi, my name is...

he'll go by Jack
...and I'm loved already!

When we married, we started talking about our future chid(ren)'s names. I've had my girl name picked out since I was 13 and thankfully Ben was great with it. We went back and forth with boy names before we chose Jackson Charles!

I'm huge on family names. I think it's important to give our children a sense of family and hopefully pride.  I also love the idea of our family history continuing.

Both of my Great-Grandfathers on my Dad's side were named Andrew Jackson. . I've always loved the name Jackson so we agreed that would be a great first name. Our son will also share a name bond with his cousin Drew (Andrew Jackson), which I love!

Of course I didn't want to hog his entire name with my family, after all he is 1/2 B's! We went through every male relative's name and instantly clicked with Charles! Charles is both his late Grandfather and Uncle's name and is perfect for our son.

I simply cannot wait to meet our sweet Jack!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

27 years and 21 weeks...

27 years ago, the world became a better place I was born! I'm closer to 30 than 20 and that is weird!

This birthday is extra special to me because I get to spend the entire day with my new little Man! I'm sure he'll be singing happy birthday to me in utero (he's advanced you know)!

20 weeks 4 days

Here's the stats at 21 weeks:

How big is Baby? He weighed 12 oz and was measuring right on track!

Gender: BOY oh boy!!

Maternity clothes?: just pants (I'm probably going to have a hard time going back to regular pants after)

Weight Gain: 8llbs

Symptoms: good ole heart burn. It's been really bad  lately and my Dr says it will only get worse. He best have a head full of hair after all this!! :-)

Sleep: Great actually. (knocks on wood)

Cravings: I woke up the other day dying to have something with pumpkin and peanut butter.  I'm not a big pumpkin fan either. Thankfully, I didn't have the time/patience to actually make anything and the craving has passed.

I'm now craving bacon breakfast burritos from Sonic. Yum.

Best moment: Seeing our perfect baby boy! It was so neat seeing him drink, rest his hands on his head and move. I'm also feeling him move more and more. It brings the biggest smile to my face. I'm just in awe at how awesome our God is.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's go Predators!

For my birthday (it's tomorrow), I wanted to do something different. I either wanted to go to the Opry or a Predators hockey game. Of course, B preferred the Predators since he hasn't been before, so I went ahead and got our tickets.

We went to the game on Saturday night and it was a blast! As soon as we arrived we witnessed the first FIGHT! I'm not condoning violence, but it's so fun to watch. I was tempted to scream "fight fight fight", but resisted. B and I had NO clue about anything we were watching. We just knew that our team was yellow and that we wanted to get the black puck in the opposite goal...ha! Hockey plays go by so daggum fast. It's amazing how those guys keep up.  I was hoping to see Carrie Underwood since her husband Mike Fisher (no relation unfortunately) plays for us. No such luck.

During the first period break, I ventured out to the hallway. I literally ran into my friend and college roomie, Vanessa! She has season tickets and decided to bring two of her students (she teahces middle school) for a fun reward. It was such a great surprise to run into her!

I accidentally wore the other teams colors. oops!


We lost in OT, but it was still a fun exciting game! After the game, we decided to hang out downtown (since we hardly go anymore). It was so STRANGE going to (smoke free!) honkey tonks/bars and not drinking, but we still had a nice time. I know it was probably just me, but I felt awkward being in said bars with my baby bump and bottle water, so we called it night shortly after. I dont ever think we've been home by 11 on a night out before.

We're grown ups now alright!!

He? She? Open to see...

I knew I wanted to have a low key "Gender Reveal" dinner. I e-vited (best invention ever) our family and started planning. After much debate on the menu, we agreed simple was best. I got a frozen (gasp!) lasagna, my mom made yummy 5 cheese ziti and B's mom made a salad. We also had a ton of yummy desserts. I may or may not have skimped on dinner to gorge on haystacks and cake! :)

After our plates were barely empty, the family demanded we "reveal" the news! With out further ado, we decided to oblige.

I found the idea of using a box with the appropriate color balloons inside on Pinterest. When you open, the balloons fly up and reveals the sex. I had a box decorated two weeks in advance (go me!). However, after we bought the balloons, we found out it was way too small. My sweet huband could sense a small meltdown was about to occur, so he went to Home Depot and got the largest box he could find. The only problem, it was ugly and not decorated. I decided to "let it go"! Seriously, it's just a box and I could use to forge my decoration. (Emily: 1, Hormones: 0!!)

my camera challenged mom took these!
We debated whether or not we wanted to find out at the u/s or wait to see with everyone else. I'm so glad we had that special moment together at the u/s. For a few hours, it was our little secret!

boy oh boy!
After revealing, I believe our mom's started to cry! It was so sweet to hear everyone's excitement. Our Tech gave us a dvd of the ultrasound, so we put that on to bore show everyone. I loved seeing him again. We were soon spoiled with sweet gifts. My Aunt was so kind and brought both boy and girl gifts. I know gender neutral gifts are great, but actually having something "blue" made it all so real!!

the sweetest gown! I cannot wait to bring our son home in this!

first pack of's real  now!

his loot!

We had so much fun at the reveal and still cannot believe how truly blessed we are!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a.....

Friday was "d" day (as B calls it)! It was the day we got to see our sweet baby Minnow! I was counting down the days til our ultrasound and of course that morning went by at a snail's pace.

B rushed like a bat out of you know where to get to my 12:15 appoitment. He was a tad late (thanks to an interruption at the dogs' boarder), but the nice ultrasound tech made sure to wait for the "important" stuff! I was beyond releived that Minnow was a) in there! b) active c) had all the correct parts and d) HEALTHY! The heart was perfect and had zero signs of my disease! Praise God.

Minnow apparently was practicing for birth, because it was head down the entire time. The tech tried to get it to move so she could get head measurements, but no such luck. She made me get up and walk for a minute and that seemed to do the trick. At this time, B showed up finally. Poor guy had been rushing the entire morning. The Tech reviewed all the anatomy and said "y'all ready?"

Then, she said the words we were desperate to hear....

It's a BOY!!!!!

B's face was priceless! He immediately had the biggest smile on his face and gave me a big ole kiss!! He was beyond excited! I was shocked, but not surprised! I instantly fell in love.  Seeing B's reaction just made it all the better.

We are beyond thankful that God has blessed us with a healthy baby BOY!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm loving...

Bed edition!

1. New Bed:

via google
B and I have a hand-me-down bed. We were beyond thrilled to get that because it was a Queen and not the tiny Full we had when we first got married.  However, the bed had seen better days. We agreed that for Christmas this year, we'd get a new, King sized, comfortable bed. Well, it arrived today! B called and rubbed it in to inform me and we're both thrilled! Unfortunately, I wont get to enjoy the perks of said bed for a while, but it's a small sacrifice I'm willing to make temporarily!

2. Crib:

I've been eyeing a few cribs for Minnow for the past couple of weeks. A friend from highschool has awesome taste (she's a wedding dress/ practically everything else designer), so I kinda stalked her FB for the pictures of her son's nursery. I loved her crib and she informed me she got it at of all places. Um...awesome!! I found it and e-mailed Ben and he said  "looks fine", which in guy terms is "great". I showed my mom and even though it's not her taste, I don't think she hated it! :-)

3. Bedding:

Since our old duvet cover will be too small, we are back to square one in the bedding department. It will literally take us a month of Sundays to agree on one, so I'm not looking forward to this! I really want something different, so we shall see.

B will think this is too flowery
cute, but the white wouldn't work for us and the dogs
Any suggestions on where to find not-that-expensive bedding??

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Babymoon Cruise: Days 6 &7

Ensenada, Mexico

We had to be ready for our excursion as soon as we got the all clear to get off the ship! My parents booked a "winery tour" for us way before I found out I was expecting. I figured it would be interesting, so I decided not to cancel.

Seals or sea lions (dont know which one) were everywhere!
 The first winery was La Casa de Dona Lupe. It's a small, organic winery that served only reds and dessert wines.
punch card for the wine tasting


really thirsty! ha!

they served the best Mexican pizza. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing!

dessert wines

We stayed at the first winery for a bit, but had to move on to the second, much larger winery. We actually got to tour the facility and it was quite interesting seeing the process. This winery let us sample both white and reds. I had a sip of a sweet white and decided I had to have a bottle for next year! They also made Extra Virgin Olive Oil here and it was yummy too! I got a huge bottle for my assistant for less than 3 bucks! Total score.

our tour guide

look at all those vines

the owner of the winery likes to entertain VIPS with bull fighting

the left overs...stems and skins...they feed this to the cows.
lots 'o wine in very expensive barrels

some of the samples

B enjoying the red

They bless each batch of wine before they market it!  

After sampling and purchasing our wines, we headed back to the ship. The wineries are in the Country, so it was about a 40  minutes bus ride. When we arrived back on the bus, we were given FREE bottles of a Malbec blend, which Ben loves! Score!!

We got on board, ate some lunch and then headed to the hot tub to relax. It wasn't too much longer before we had to get ready for the evening. Unfortuantely, we also had to pack and get ready to go home. Boo.

Before dinner, we stopped at one of the lounges for a drink. I was tempted to ride on the mechanical bull! ha!

B's Malbec.

chicken and mushroom in a puff pastry...yum!

my chicken alfredo in a Parmesan bowl!
The maitre d and the chefs during the Baked Alaska parade
Harry (asst waiter) with the baked Alaska

After dinner, we said good bye to our sweet table mates from Scotland. We exchanged information and I hope to keep in touch!

baked Alaska

We ultimately, called it a night soon after supper because we had to get up early to get off the ship.

The next morning, we ate breakfast in the main dining room (with 2 elderly couples who were a interesting!) and then waited to be called to leave. Our trip home was uneventful thankfully!

I had an amazing time on this cruise (even w/o alcohol!) and am already planning our next one!