Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas recap

It still boggles my  mind that Christmas has come and gone and it's almost 2012. I cannot wait to see what all is in store for us in 2012...oh and to meet this little occupier!!

Anyways, Christmas 2011 was wonderful as usual! Ben was able to get off for 4 days, so that made it even better.

Christmas Eve:

Our family friend hosts an annual Christmas Eve brunch/open house every year. My mom wanted me to come too (whole family is invited) to show me off (or something). How could I turn down awesome food and a nice time?

After brunch, we were able to rest for a couple hours before 4 o'clock Mass. It is the children's mass and packed. My brother and his family joined us and it was a sweet service.

We then all went to my parents house for supper and gifts.

After we stuffed our selves with yummy chicken and fixin's (not your usual Christmas eve dinner I know), we decided to settle in for the night. Of course, we couldn't wait too long to open the gifts because the boys had to be in bed for Santa.

Christmas Day:

We woke up, had a yummy traditional southern breakfast and opened our stockings. Santa came for the boys, so they were occupied with their new rocket, guns and other toys.

After breakfast, B and I headed to his parents house (I forgot to get any pictures). We exchanged gifts with his parents and spent the rest of the afternoon resting and catching up with them.

Jack was officially spoiled this Christmas! He received the cutest sock monkey ornament with his name and a cute bear cap from my brother/sil. B gave him the original sock mokey (he apparently researched it and was determined to only get the original one!) and also gave us a Moby Wrap!! B's mom graciously gave us J's crib too! So blessed to be only 2 pounds! :)

For supper, we headed back to my parents to eat. My Aunt Erin, her husband and cousin all came over and we had a lovely time. My mom made the best apricot pork tenderloin. It was de-licious!!!

I think it took all day Monday to recover from our Christmas! We are blessed way more than we deserve.

Hope y'all had a nice one too!

Friday, December 23, 2011

From our family to yours..

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i confess....

E is having her "midweek confessions".

1. I have 98% of my gifts wrapped. They do not however  have bows, ribbons or even name tags  (just wrote the name tiny on the back) on them. I may or may not leave all that off this year. Less to remove, right?

2. I am trying to eat healthier. I made the decision to cut out a lot of processed sugars, white bread, cokes and other non-healthy things. I'm also trying to increase my fruit/veggies in take. Yesterday was pretty good and today started off great. bright self decided to treat my staff to Which Wich? for lunch. I had to get a turkey sub for myself, naturally. Oh and I couldn't not eat the chips and dip my assistant brought. Ugh. I have the self control of a 3 year old.  At least I haven't scarfed down the 9 million cookies and desserts parents have given us. Yet!

3. I still have several cards I have yet to mail. I did horribly this year with the whole Christmas card thing. I really don't have an excuse either.

4. I really want, no need, a get-away. I just want to go somewhere, by myself (I may allow B to join if he behaves...ha!) and just do NOTHING. I don't want to think, work, worry, or have contact with the outside world for a couple of days. I'll keep dreamin'!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

oh what fun it is to...

register! Or not. Ha!

Last week we decided we would start our baby registry. I asked around and scoped out a few of my friends registeries for items we "needed".  I know next to nothing about car seats, strollers etc so it was nice having opinions on the matter.

We arrived at BRU and it was show time. The nice lady at the desk gave us a booklet with a list of "must" register for items. I think I wrote papers in college with less words! Seriously.

B and I agreed that we'd just do the "important" items together, since lets be honest here...he really can care less about bottles and butt paste!! He was in charge of the gun (& reading the reviews) and surprisingly got way more into it this time than for our wedding registry.

We were doing well picking out high chairs, bouncy seats and I thought the rest would be a walk in the park. Then, we hit the car seat section. I was told by several friends about the Chicco car seat and we found it on the endcap. A friend suggested that I carry it around etc and get a feel for the different car seats (weight etc). The one I wanted to try still had the base attached. I thought I could just pop it off no problem. wouldn't come off. I tried and tried and then gave up. Ben then decided to try and try and try! We stood there for at least 10  minutes trying to figure out how to take the damn (excuse my french, but thats what it was) car seat off the base. I finally gave up and asked for help. The nice man came over, took 2 seconds and popped the thing right out.  Uh. Thankfully, it was really easy once you knew what to do.

We finished up our mission in the video monitor section. Several friends said it was a life saver, so I knew I wanted to check into one. We found one that should do a good job (and had good reviews), but I commented "I'm pretty sure our parents didn't even have a regular monitor for us and we turned out just fine." I guess that statement is now up for debate! ha!

We still have a few odds and ends (namely bottles etc) but I think Jack should be set!

It's amazing how much stuff a little one "requires".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jack Attack: 24 weeks

Peace, love, Christmas!!
(My cute custom made shirt is by my uber talented friend Aimee!! I love it!)

How big is he?: Some sites say he's 1.5 llbs and as big as an ear of Corn!

Gender: BOY oh boy!!

Maternity clothes?: Pants- yes. Shirts- most of my regular tops still work with a long tank under.

My sweet SIL gave me a ton of her (and her friends') maternity clothes! I'm now fully stocked on pants (jeans, khakies, dress pants) and tops! Christmas came early!! :-)

Weight Gain: I don't weigh myself, but I'm guessing 10llbs or so. I'll find out at the doctor next week.

Symptoms: All day heart burn. I'm now on 175mg of Zantac twice daily. It's helping a bit, for now. Also, the charley horses have return in full force. Boo.

Sleep: Pretty good, surprisingly! I'm usually worn out by the time I get to sleep, so I think that helps.

Cravings: nothing really this week.

Movement: He moves a ton (esp at night) and is kicking harder every day. I'm hoping Ben can feel him in a week or two.

Best moment this week: I've finally picked the bedding and crib I like and Ben agrees! We'll be ordering after Christmas! I realized that it's okay if my son doesn't have the custom bedding of my dreams, and I'm pretty sure he wont be in therapy because of it!

And non-pregnancy related: receiving the cutest Christmas shirt (see above) from my friend! I totally wish I had half of her talent!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rockin' w/ the Rockettes!

Last night my mom, SIL and I had a girls only night and we went to see the Radio City Rockettes here in Nashville! It was the 10th anniversary of the show in Nashville and my mom thought it would be fun. This was our 3rd time seeing the Rockettes (2x Nashville and 1x in NYC), but they never disappoint. My mom actually realllllly wants to be one of the Rockettes. It's never too late, right?!

Not to give away the show, but I love that they still do the Nativity scene at the end. It's so refreshing in this politically correct world that they still acknowledge the birth of Jesus and the real reason of the season!

We had a rockin' good time!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas confessions

One of my favorite blogs I read, E Myself and I, is hosting a "mid week confessions" post. I thought I'd play along!

1. I have never seen A Christmas Story movie in its entirety. Every year I promise myself that I'm going to watch it when it comes on TBS, but every year I get too busy and uninterested. Maybe 2011 will be the year. Maybe.

2. I just had to double check the spelling of the word entirety. I hate when I type/write a word and it looks wrong. It's usually the simplist of words too. Hopefully I'm not the only one who does this.

3.  I'm not a fan of  multi-colored and white Christmas lights mixed together. I'm strange, but I like it either all white or all multi-colored.

4. I'm overly critical of complete stranger's decorations. My mom and I jokingly refer to ourselves as the decoration police. I don't actually tell anyone that I think their decor is tacky, so I'm not completely awful!!

5. I love receiving Christmas cards! I'm like a kid in the candy store when I see 'em in the mailbox.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tuesday tidbits

  • Ben did really well on his first (of two) interviews today! I knew he'd do great, but it was so nice knowing for sure! He said his Investigator (aka Recruiter) told him he has a 99.999% chance of getting hired and he should hopefully be in the March class. The great thing about Nashville is they offer a pre-academy assignment for 2 months before the class, so if all goes well he can be up here in January!! Any and all prayers are welcome!!

  • I have discovered the yummy sandwich chain, Which Wich. B and I went a month or so ago and I've been hooked since. I actually joined their "club" and received a FREE sandwich! Total score. I usually don't like toasted sandwiches, but theirs are delish!

  • It has rained on and off, but mostly on, for almost 2 weeks. I'm over it. I honestly thought we were going to flood again yesterday because the rain never stopped.  Days like today makes me realllly want to be in the Caribbean or somewhere warm. Oh to dream...
st. maarten 2010

  • I haven't even made or order our Christmas cards yet. I'm usually on the ball way before now. I just hope my friends and family get them before next year! ha!
one of my faves

Sunday, December 4, 2011

a crash course

This weekend has been so crazy I think I need a week off of work to recover. Seriously. Friday after working a 10 hour day, I came "home" (my parents) and was greeted by my nephews (5 &2) who were way to wound up. Thankfully they let me scarf down a bite to eat and change into comfy clothes before they wanted me to chase them,  play with front-end loaders, balls etc.

We couldn't play long because my parents and I were taking them to Nashville's Christmas parade. We loaded up the car and headed for a "forever" (as Will calls it) car ride downtown. We finally arrived and then had to walk a good 2 miles to the parade route. I thought we'd never get there.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill were the Marshalls

We arrived just in time for the beginning (go us!) and it was packed. The parade lasted almost 2 loooong hours, but was really nice. We couldn't leave until Drew saw "Ho Ho"!

Saturday: my parents took the boys for a Polar Express type train ride. I had a few hours of quiet before they returned with a vengence! Apparently they suppressed energy and loud voices on the train ride and saved 'em for me! ha!

That afternoon, I had to take the Angel Tree stuff we colleceted at work to the mall for drop off. My loving mother thought it would be fun for the boys to come with me (she came too thankfully). Two kids + Mall at Christmas + pregnancy hormones = not a fun time. We survived, barely!
the boys terrorized PB Kids

Apparently, I was in a realllly good mood this past week because I volunteered to babysit my nephews Saturday night. My brother/SIL had a Christmas party to attend and I thought what the heck.  We only had a couple melt downs, but thankfully Shrek The Halls cures just about anything. Yeah, I'm that Aunt! I ended up spending the night and spending the majority of Sunday with them as well.

This weekend has been a real eye opener. I think this is about as real of a crash course into parenting as its going to get. I know it's just a tiny glimpse, but I'm a tad nervous! I guess we'll learn as we go, but I just hope patience and heck a bottle of wine, comes with this whole parenting gig.

(totally kidding about the last part...I think)