Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack attack: 1 month!!


I simply cannot believe you are already 4 weeks old!! These past four weeks have been amazing and your dad and I are beyond the moon in love with you!

Here's the recap of your last month:

-snuggle time with mom or dad
-play time on your activity love giving the giraffe a right hook!
-riding in the car
- eating. I'm already dreading how much food you'll consume when you're a teenager!
-being in the moby wrap!

-being love having your arms out and will fight until they are!
- depending on the mood, you sometimes dislike having your diaper changed.

-bath time
-sleeping in the Moses basket. You'd rather be sleeping in Mommy's arms, but you're finally getting okay with being by yourself
-your sisters kissing you!!
-tummy time

A few Firsts:
-car ride (home from hospital)
-outings (we went to for a walk when you were 3 days and go out frequently!)
- dinner with friends (we ate with some of your Dad's friends from work and they all commented on how good and cute you were!!)
-time away from mom and dad (your grandma watched you while we grabbed a bite)
-Daddy time while mom attended a meeting (y'all had a fun day!)
-Easter (you received two baskets from the Bunny) attended one at Mom's work and we can't wait for you to actually be able to ride one day!

please more pictures!

Weight: 8llbs 3 oz (15%...small but perfect)
Length: 21 1/4 ( have long arms and legs)
Head Circumference: 36 3/4 cm (22%....peanut head)

-Jack Scrat
-Jack Jack
-Baby Jack (your cousins call you this and probably will for a while, sorry!!)
-Chuck (your Uncle B calls you this)

You are one loved little boy! We are blessed more than we know.

Happy One Month!!


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