Sunday, April 29, 2012

zoo fun

B had Friday off, so he and a guy from his work decided that it would be fun to take our families to the zoo. We also had free passes, so that was a huge plus.

We knew Jack would get nothing out of the experience, but we didn't care!! It was just nice getting out to enjoy the nice weather and meeting new friends. Plus, I actually saw some "new" and totally neat animals that I haven't seen before.

Guess he didn't see the "do not feed the animals" sign! ha!!!

my peanut wearing his Elephant shirt of course!

 I cannot wait til Jack gets older and can actually enjoy the Zoo. I'm sure we'll be regular visitors.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

puppy love

The dogs went on a 2 week vacation while we adjusted to having a newborn at home. We are so thankful for the that time.

After getting spoiled rotten, they had to come back and face a new reality. B's mom took several of Jack's items home with her so the girls could get used to his smell. We took J outside to meet them while they were in the car. They immediately licked his head!

Memphis Girl is a little momma. Jack cannot make a peep with out her being overly concerned. She loves to give him kisses and doesn't like it when he's upset. She literally follows my every move when I'm carrying him. I guess she's making sure I'm doing it right! We joke that Jack is actually HER baby, not ours.

built in babysitters!!
Dixie Belle had a harder time adjusting to her new reality. She LOVES being at her grandparents house, so being at home and not getting non-stop treats (she gains at least 5llbs every time she goes there)  or being able to lay on the furniture really didn't impress her.  She does seem to like Jack though! She likes to lay by J's bouncy chair like she's on guard duty. She loves to smell & give him a few kisses.

They have both been great for me this week. I hate to admit it, but they stay in their crates longer than I'd like and I tend to forget that they have to eat too. Poor things come in last, but they don't seem to mind. I never thought I'd be one of "those" people who treat the dogs differently after baby, but it's really hard not too. Obviously my son comes first. Lets just hope they don't need therapy after this!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cutest baby on the block!

Yes, I'm partial. ha!

We had his newborn pictures taken a little over a week ago. The photographer (a girl I went to HS with) came to our house which really made the whole process a lot less stressful.  Jack was great during the entire almost 2 hour session. He was even awake for most of it.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day!

love that face

didn't know my feet would show..oops!

this is his pirate face!

I'm looking forward to seeing how much he'll change at the 3 month shoot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

motherhood confessions

1. I cannot believe I've been a mother for 2 weeks already. Where did the time go?? I'm sure 18 years from now I'll be wondering the same thing.

2. I miss a good night's sleep. I've always been a sleeper (I actually NEED sleep or I'm a mean person) so this up all night thing is wearing me out. However, I'm not as exhausted as I thought I would be. I'm pretty sure it's God giving me extra adrenaline right now. I'll take it.

3. I can seriously stare at, hold and smell Jack Jack I wish there was a job that paid me to do this!

(crappy phone pic of my cutie!)
4. I have a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding.

5. Love: being the only one (at the moment) who can feed Jack. Yes, it's selfish but I don't care. I love that we're finally getting into the grove and that I am actually able to nurse. I know many people who wanted to but couldn't so I'm not taking it for granted. I also love that I'm burning like 500 calories per day. Bonus!

6. Hate: It's hard work. Nobody really prepares you for the every 2 hour feedings or the pain that is associated. I've almost given up several times. Also, I hate that I feel tied down. I can only really go places with in the 1 1/2 window between feedings, which really puts a limit on things. It's worth it, and it'll get better once I pump...right?!!

7. I'm more in love with my husband now than ever before. Seriously. He's an amazing father and has been an amazing support these past few weeks (even prior to birth)! I couldn't imagine bringing a child into this world with anyone else.

8. It feels weird not going to the doctor every week!

9. I miss being pregnant. I don't miss the heartburn though.

10. I love being a mom. It's been crazy and hard and totally worth it!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Today was the first day I was a "stay-at-home mom" with out any help from the Grandmas and we SURVIVED!

Last week my mom and B's mom took turns staying with me and Jack during the day (and two nights). It was great having company and being able to rest etc while they loved on Jack. Of course, all good things must come to an end! ha! I was actually a tad anxious about how today would go, but it went way smoother than anticipated.

Jack let me sleep for almost 3 solid hours between early morning feedings, which really helped start the day off right! We spent the majority of the day eating, resting, playing, and changing diapers, and I wouldn't change it for anything. I may or may not have showered yet or even change out of my pj's but hey who cares!!
play time


I did have supper ready (except steaks B grilled) when Ben got home from work. I felt really domestic and it actually felt great!

I really hope tomorrow and the next 5 weeks go as smoothly!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visitor love!

We have had lots of visitors over the last week. I guess if you have a sweet baby boy, they will come!! ha!

Uncle Brian!!! Your Aunt Marney was there too, but you weren't able to pose for pictures yet.

Cousin Courtney and her fiance Wil!

Sheena! She's your future MIL, so be nice to her...ha!!

Aunt Molly!!

Mrs. G!!

Pa and Millie had to stop back by after spending several hours working in the yard

Great-Grandmomma and Grandma (your Aunt Teresa stopped by too)

He was born at the same hospital my mom works for, so we had several special visitors!

We received beautiful flowers too.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jack Attack: week 1

Jackson you are one week old (4/11)!

Here's the highlights from your first week on this planet!!

You were discharged from the hospital on Friday 4/6/12. Your mom really didn't want to leave because the nurses were so great, but they kicked us out anyways. You wore a sweet blue Feldman Bros gown. Your dad joked and said it was a baby dress. Silly Dad! You loved your carseat and did really well on the car ride home.
leaving the hospital

You went on your first walk and did really well! You have a touch of jaundice and needed some sunlight. Plus, mom and dad needed to get some fresh air too. We walked at a nice track that is literally right by the hospital, just in case!!

You celebrated your first Easter! You received two Easter baskets because you're not spoiled or anything!
we went on a Easter Sunday stroll! You wore a duck hat and gown!
after celebrating your first Easter...worn out! You love to have your hands by your face.

You finally met your cousins! They have been asking about you for a long time now. Drew really wanted you to jump on the trampoline with him, but we decided it would be best for you to wait a few years!
Sweet Will!


Your cousins love you so much already! I asked Drew if he loved his "baby Jack" and he said "yes...but not too much!!" :-)

You met Mrs. M, our neighbor who has terminal cancer. She was beyond the moon to finally meet you!! You were the best medicine!!
Mrs. M

You went to the Doctor for your first visit. You did really well and got a good report. You still have a touch of jaundice, but Dr. R didn't think it was too bad. She said you looked great! You even left her a prize when she opened your diaper. Not too nice mister!
at Dr. R's office

preparing you for whats to come

You've been loved on all week by both your grandmothers. They've graciously given up their week and spent time with us. We're going to miss them next week.

You made your first of many trips to Target and Wal-Mart.
Target time! You slept the whole time.

Your grandmother and grandfather (you finally got to meet him since he's over his illness) watched you and let your parents grab a bite to eat alone. Your mom cried leaving you and ate the fastest dinner on record. I missed you so much during that hour, but we all survived!

Grandma and Grandpa


Weight: 6 llbs 14.5 oz
Head Circ: 34 got a peanut head, but a perfect peanut!

You are nursing roughly every 2.5 hours. Sometimes you let mommy go a tad longer, and other times you're a starving marvin!

You are truly loved!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over: a birth story!

A week ago our whole entire world changed forever. That is one day I'll never forget, for as long as I live.

Here is all about Jack's birth story. It's long, but I want to have everything in writing for him to read one day!

Monday: went for my weekly OB visit. I was still the same as when I was in the observation center the week before. She asked if I wanted her to "stir things up again" (i.e. strip membranes again). I immediately said
"no thanks". Ha. That was not a pleasant experience. She went ahead and set up an induction for Wednesday.

Tuesday: I worked a half day and then spent the rest of the afternoon nesting. Apparently, it was crucial that I switched out my winter and summer clothes immediately. When Ben got home we took the dogs to his parents for their vacation week. They were excited! After dropping off the girls, we went to Opry Mills mall (it just re-opened) for me to walk around and check out the new digs. It was nice just being the two of us. One last time just the two of us. We went home to eat dinner and we both went to bed early. I think I slept 2 hours! It was like Christmas Eve but only better.


5:25 AM: we arrived at Summit Medical Center to start the induction process! We had to check in through the ER before we could walk up to the L&D floor.

 6ish: checked in at the L&D floor. The nurses immediately took me to my room #211 and soon the party was started! I was asked 8000 questions, temp/pressure checked and monitors hooked up. I couldn't start the Pitocin until Jack decided to wake up (i.e. his heart rate a tad higher). They checked me and I was a 4 and 95%.

6:30ish: the Nurse came in and started my pit drip. Ben went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Poor guy was hungry and didn't feel right to eat in front of me. (I honestly didn't care at that point!)

As soon as he got back,my new and AMAZING nurse Gail, came in to meet me. She informed me that there were two nursing students doing their clinical rounds and asked me if I minded them observing everything. I agreed. They were really sweet and I was their first ever delivery to observe.

The CRNA came in to introduce herself and get paperwork etc. She mentioned to me that there is 3 of us on the monitor and soon all the OB's will be in to break waters etc and things will get busy for her. She asked if I wanted to go ahead and get my Epidural started before my water broke and my contractions were harder but not the drugs until I needed them. I said "YES". I'm SO thankful for her recommending this.

8ish: CRNA came in and started my epidural. The first attempt at the epidural did not work. So...she had to try again in another spot. It really hurt, I'm not going to lie. Every time she poked me, I flinched and held my breath...two things you're not supposed to do! Oops. Ben was awesome and kept me focused and breathing. She finally got it in...thankfully.

8:40: My OB came in and broke my water. Dr J said I had a ton of fluid.  I joked "so glad I didn't do this at Target!!" Seriously, that would have been embarrassing.
one last picture of the two of us!

9:30ish: Started feeling lots of pressure and my back was still really hurting (I had back labor). My Dad came to visit and almost immediately my nurse looked at me and said "are you alright?" Apparently my face said it all.. [I was surprisingly calm the entire screaming or cursing!!]  I mentioned that I had a lot of pressure like I had to go to the bathroom. She decided to check me (and had to kick my dad out...sorry dad!). I was an 8....what???? Wasn't I supposed to dilate one cm per hour after my water broke or something?? I went from a 4 to an 8 in no time. I opted to get the epidural meds at the point. I literally thank God and the CRNA for recommending getting the epidural (sans drugs) in prior to this point.

I kept feeling pressure and roughly 20 minutes later she checked me again and I was 10...fully dilated and ready to go!  I couldn't believe how fast it was going. My SIL was going to be in the room, but it all happened so fast she couldn't make it in time.

I started pushing through my contractions. My OB was called in (she had to go to her office). Once she arrived, it was literally 10 minutes before he was born.  I could still feel pressure (no pain), which really helped me push. I pushed roughly 20-30 minutes.

10:24: JACK IS HERE!!
As soon as he was born, I immediately felt relief from the pressure! It was surreal seeing the doctor hold him and finally seeing his face! He was perfect and only cried a soft cry! She laid him on my chest and it was seriously love at first sight. I only had a slight tear, thankfully! Ben got to cut the chord and they took Jack to the table thing to check him etc. B was truly one proud dad!!
love at first sight!

Proud Dad finally meeting his son!!

first family picture!!

My parents and B's mom (his dad was sick and couldn't be around Jack) got to hold him before we kicked them out (nicely!) to spend the last 30 mins just the three of us. I wanted to spend that time bonding and hopefully nursing. They gave us a tad longer than 30 mins and it was great. Nursing went pretty well. He  swallowed a ton of fluid, so he didn't want to nurse that much at first. At least we got that first bond.
B and his Mom aka Grandma

Pa and Millie (my parents)

Ben was then able to carry him to the nursery for his first bath, measurements etc. Everyone left to go watch and it was so surreal being all alone. I immediately prayed and thank God for such a perfect baby boy.

7 pounds 7 ounces
Jack couldn't get a bath right away because his body temp was too low. He sat under the heat lamp for a bit before they finally called Ben back in to watch the bath. They brought him back in after an hour or so and he was even more perfect! We tried nursing again and even though he really didn't want to eat, he tried and at least got the flick down!  The RN's were really helpful with the whole nursing thing.

getting meaured

-It was truly the quickest & easiest labor and delivery. It was nothing like I imagined either!!  My OB commented that she's glad we had this delivery scheduled because it happened so fast that she probably wouldn't have made it (since he was determined to be born that day!)!! The nurses even commented on how well I did and said that it was like I was made for having babies! The students were so sweet and made my day when they thanked me and said that I made it look easy and that they would truly never forget this day!

My cup truly runneth over...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello World!

Jackson Charles has arrived!!

April 4th at 10:24 AM!

7llbs 7oz and 20 3/4 inches of absolute perfection.

We are in love!

(more posts to follow!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jack's Crib: a reveal!

(I'm still pregnant. Induction date is set for Wednesday and I'm all kinds of emotional!)

Anyways, his room is for the most part done. There's still some art work to be hung and a few odds and ends, but otherwise it's ready to go!
We I wanted a cute, boyish room that didn't scream BOY. I also knew I didn't want a theme per say and of course since this isn't our home officially, I didn't want to go crazy paint wise etc. Plus, there's a thing called time and energy that I really didn't have a lot of towards the end  since I was so sick.


When you walk in, there's a wall immediately in front of ya. I decided to hang the custom frame my friend made him there! I can't wait for his picture to go in!

the color of the photo isn't exactly's brighter in person!

After you walk in, if you take a right there's his crib! I went with a crib set I found online by Jo Jo Designs. I liked the argyle and the colors were nice. His actual crib is Parklane Baby Mod and I love how it looks.  I knew I wanted his monogram over his crib, but ultimately decided on just the big "J"!

B's Aunt Teresa made his pennant banner and I'm in love! Seriously, it's so cute! It will be perfect even years down the road!

(yes, once he is actually sleeping in the crib, we will remove the monkey, pennant and maybe bumper!)

 To the right of his crib, we have the changing station. I found the idea of using peg board on Project Nursery's blog. I loved it. My Granny/Pa had amazing old metal freezer baskets that fit perfectly on the board and are used for his diapers etc. I put a couple of frames that were given to me up just to fill it in, until I get the artwork I want.

We also used my other Grandmother's dresser for the actual "changing table". I knew I wanted multi functional piece. One of these days I may restain/paint it or change the hardware.

 Next to the changing table is the glider/swivel chair! It was my Grandfather's and we had it recovered. I loved how it turned out. My friend Jessica makes the burlap monogram pillows. I think it looks great on his chair. The pictures behind his chair are of the three men he is named great-grandfathers and B's grandfather (still missing his picture). I want J to be proud of his name sakes! (I'm debating on whether or not to make the pics 8x10 or larger....hmmm)

behind his chair is all of his blankets. our child will not be cold...ha!
 Across from his crib and next to his chair is his book case. My Aunt gave it to us (gotta love hand-me-downs) and I love the look of it. It's filled with books, frames, jack-in-the-box,  his piggy bank, a little police car, a sweet Willow Tree angel and a old globe that was my dad's! It's still a work in progress, but I think it's cute!

His closet is nothing to write home about, so I didn't even take a picture!

There it is! I'm in love with his room, even it's not "perfect"!