Wednesday, May 30, 2012

weekend fun

I think it should be a law that we get one 3 day weekend every month! I think it would make us happier people!

we went to our friends house for a cookout. Well, they just moved and apparently don't have a grill yet. Why they invited us for a cookout I'm still not sure!! Anyways, after our friend B attempted to use his camping grill to grill hamburgers for 10 people, his wife took over and broiled them. Needless to say, it was interesting. The company more than made up for the interesting food though!

We brought Jack with us and he did really well socializing. A little too well I'm afraid. He did NOT want to go to sleep that night. Uh.
(I took zero pictures because well I forgot!)

 That morning my Mom and I went to the flea market. It was hotter than blue blazes, so Jack stayed home with Ben. They apparently had a good time because I only got one phone call! My mom found a few pieces and I got a neat cola crate for J's room. I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, but it was too neat and cheap to pass up.

That afternoon we cleaned the house. It was awful. I hung pictures finally and got it looking more like a house. It's only taken me 3 months.

-we went to the local farmer's market. We've been eating way more veggies, so I thought it would be good to get some fresh from the farm. We purchased some yummy fruits and veggies and also some grass fed steaks. I'm all for hormone free etc, but those steaks were odd tasting. I guess I just need to adapt my taste buds.

We met friends for lunch at Famous Daves BBQ and then went to the recycling center. I'm telling ya we live fascinating lives.

Ben declared it "clean up Emily's nasty car" day. Bless his heart, he spent all afternoon cleaning my car. I apparently spilled some of Jack's milk on our trip because the car was smelling fun-ky. He washed my carpets and it now doesn't make me gag to get in!

Our friends Justin and Sheena invited us to go swimming with them that afternoon. I was all for it since the temperature was in the 90's. We brought Jack's Kidco tent and he watched us splash around for a bit. I can't wait til he can be in the water with us.

We had a fun filled weekend. If only it were even longer!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


 This face and sweet smile has officially melted my heart! It makes all of those sleepless nights worth it...ha!

he literally smiled on command...that's my boy

Monday, May 21, 2012

Class of 2030

Today was the first day of Jack's academic career. It was really bittersweet too. I know I have the best of both worlds (working where he goes), but it was really hard leaving him (and not running in every time he whimpered). He has great teachers and several new friends. He got a great report and didn't have to come to the principal's office...ha!

Class President!

I just hope the rest of the week & heck 18 years gets easier, on both of us!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Just returned from a wonderful week long vacay to beautiful Myrtle Beach. I'm exhausted. The 9 hour drive home turned into a 14+ hour long one. Jack did really well but honestly 9 hours was a tad much for all of us.

The weather was unfortunately spotty and the last two days were cold and rainy. It was also Bike Week in MB and uber crowded. If I never see another motorcycle, it will be too soon! ha! However, we all had a great, fun filled week. Our resort had a great pool area with a lazy river. My mom and I took turns lazying it up because we felt J man was lazy enough already...ha! It was so nice having my family there to spoil help with Jack (and me quite frankly). We were able to get a little beach day in as well. We ventured out and about but mainly just enjoyed relaxing. No schedules (other than J's eating), no plans, no phone/internet service and a great family makes for a wonderful trip.

First trip to the beach!

excuse my oooold swimsuit...i refused to go swimsuit shopping ugh
beach bum (loved the kidco tent!)

cousinly love!
the craziest motorcycle!

cousin Drew!!

my first Mother's Day!
 We had a blast, but are so thankful to be home. We missed B and the girls and I'm sure they missed us too!

Friday, May 11, 2012

beach bound

Several (more like a year probably) months ago, my mom decided she wanted us to take a family vacation to the beach. When I found out I was pregnant, we decided to plan it during my maternity leave so I didn't have to use up another week of vacation. She booked the condos (they have a time share) and we've been looking forward to it ever since. Unfortunately Ben will not be able to join us (someone's gotta make the money...ha!), but it will still be nice to get away with my parents and brother/sil.

We leave tomorrow. It's a 9 hour drive. NINE hours with a 5 week old....I'm officially crazy.

I just hope they have a fruity adult beverage ready upon my arrival. Pretty sure we may all need one!! ha! all the Mother's....Happy Mother's Day!...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

momma must haves

I've seen several mom blogs where they post their must haves. I find it to be extremely helpful, so I thought I'd do something similar. I'm not nearly as creative (and frankly don't have the time) to make the cute collages those bloggers make of their items though. Oh well.

1. Infantino Activity Gym: 

We've pretty much used this from day one! Jack loves to kick his legs and flail his arms and grab onto things, so this is perfect for him.We also use the "pillow" that comes with it for tummy time and he actually seems to enjoy it. (TIP: start tummy time early...I've read that the earlier you begin tummy time, the more likely they're to tolerate/enjoy it So far it has worked for us). I  love the colors (doesn't scream baby!) and that you can move the animals around and/or add to it.

Funny story: Ben was playing with Jack on the mat one night. I kept hearing him tell J "get that Sea Horse...get the Sea Horse." I said "umm.....what Sea Horse??". Yeah....he was referring to the GIRAFFE. Bless his heart! B may need an animal refresher course..ha!

2, iBaby Feed:

My brain is fried. I can't remember my own name half of the time, so I knew I needed help with remembering J's feedings etc. I searched the app store and found this one. So far I'm a fan. It's user friendly, and has several options (bottle, breast, pumping). Plus it will send you a 10 minute warning for when the next feeding is supposed to begin.  Very handy!

3. Moby Wrap

I knew I wanted a good wrap to wear Jack in. There's a plethora of options, but I heard great things about the Moby. Ben got one for me for Christmas and I knew I couldn't wait to use it. It's a tad daunting at first because there's a ton of fabric. The directions are pretty easy to follow and figure out.

It has been a life saver. On the days when J is fussy, I'll put it on and carry him around. It allows him to be close yet my hands to be free. I also like wearing it when we go out to eat or shopping etc. It's nice not to have to lug the car seat in, and keeps him from getting fussy!

It can get hot though, so I'm not sure what we'll do in the Summer. Any suggestions???

4. Key Fit Caddy

Seriously the best invention since the stroller. It's light weight, beyond easy to open/close, compact and easy to maneuver. It's great for shopping or every day use. Not so great for walks on the trail though!!

My parents were skeptical about why I needed this stroller in addition to the regular one. After the first time they witnessed me using it, they were sold. It has been that helpful!

I know other carseat/stroller companies offer a frame stroller, this just happens to be the one I know about.

5. Summer SwaddleMe

My sweet blogger friend Amie actually sent us this and we really enjoy it. Jack will get out of a wrapped swaddle quicker than anything. On the nights he needs swaddling, we put him in this instead. He can still move his legs, but his arms are snug. He has gotten out of it once though...apparently he's really determined!

There are a few of our must haves! What are some of yours???

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack attack: 1 month!!


I simply cannot believe you are already 4 weeks old!! These past four weeks have been amazing and your dad and I are beyond the moon in love with you!

Here's the recap of your last month:

-snuggle time with mom or dad
-play time on your activity love giving the giraffe a right hook!
-riding in the car
- eating. I'm already dreading how much food you'll consume when you're a teenager!
-being in the moby wrap!

-being love having your arms out and will fight until they are!
- depending on the mood, you sometimes dislike having your diaper changed.

-bath time
-sleeping in the Moses basket. You'd rather be sleeping in Mommy's arms, but you're finally getting okay with being by yourself
-your sisters kissing you!!
-tummy time

A few Firsts:
-car ride (home from hospital)
-outings (we went to for a walk when you were 3 days and go out frequently!)
- dinner with friends (we ate with some of your Dad's friends from work and they all commented on how good and cute you were!!)
-time away from mom and dad (your grandma watched you while we grabbed a bite)
-Daddy time while mom attended a meeting (y'all had a fun day!)
-Easter (you received two baskets from the Bunny) attended one at Mom's work and we can't wait for you to actually be able to ride one day!

please more pictures!

Weight: 8llbs 3 oz (15%...small but perfect)
Length: 21 1/4 ( have long arms and legs)
Head Circumference: 36 3/4 cm (22%....peanut head)

-Jack Scrat
-Jack Jack
-Baby Jack (your cousins call you this and probably will for a while, sorry!!)
-Chuck (your Uncle B calls you this)

You are one loved little boy! We are blessed more than we know.

Happy One Month!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

confession time

It's mid-week confession time over at E's.
Here are mine for the week...

1. Last week, I ate the entire box of chewy chips ahoy cookies in less than 3 days. Can you say oink? Seriously though, I've had a major sweet tooth since J was born. Ugh.

2. My dad and I have gone on weekly walks for the past 3 weeks. Today was supposed to be our day to walk but it was 90 degrees and I just didn't feel like sweating.

3. I suck at pumping. I'm not exactly sure when, how long or how often I should do it, and most of the time forget all about it. I only have a few bags frozen. I go back to work in 3 weeks, so yeah I need to get on the ball.

4. Our house is a wreck. I try to pick it up, but the junk/dust/dishes etc only seem to keep multiplying. Molly maid to the rescue please!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

fun days

I try to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it's just a quick trip to the store . I'd seriously go crazy if I couldn't, so I try to make it a priority. Plus, Jack loves riding in the car so that's a bonus!

We've had a lot of fun days these past few weeks and I don't want to forget (I'm using this my scrapbook!).

Two Sundays ago, Jack went to his first ever birthday party. It just so happened to be his future wife's birthday party too! It was held at a local park and very low key. My kind of party! It was really cool for an April afternoon, so Jack spent the entire party snug as a bug in the Moby Wrap and for some reason we got zero pictures of us!
yummy strawberry cupcakes!

birthday girl

This Sunday, we met some new friends and went to the Franklin Festival. There were tons and tons of vendors and people. Tons, I say. It was fun, but way to hot and crowded. They should consider hosting these things in November!

Today, Jack and I had a picnic play date with another new friend. Her son is 17 months old and loves to stare at J! I'm sure he thinks J is a doll or something...ha! There were tons of geese/ducks at the park and Jack Jack enjoyed watching them and was quite perplexed when they started "talking"!
he really wanted to swing..ha!

M and her little guy

I'm really going to miss these fun days when I have to go back to work.