Wednesday, August 22, 2012

confession time

 Today is confession time at E's blog! Here are some of my random confessions....

1. We finally have the internets again. Ben called AT&T and went up the chain and apparently got them to send us a new modem. So far so good. Except we have to use the line in the kitchen (not den/office), but oh well. I'm still most likely going to switch companies though.

2. Jack is doing so well (knock on wood) sleeping in his crib. However, last night he fell asleep in my arms (nursing) and I was so exhausted, I just put him in his bassinet beside me. Lazy...yep! Hopefully one night didn't mess him up! We shall see.

3. I actually like (well more like tolerate) licking envelopes. Weird.

4. Jack's 4 months old and I'm just now getting his announcements in the mail. Oops.

5. Work has been so busy that today, I saw a teacher coming to me with an issue so I went into the bathroom to "have a minute by myself".  Sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. (and yes, I dealt with the issue immediately after my minute break!)

6. I have not worked out in forever. I've eaten like crap too. I've probably gained weight too. I told Ben starting next week, I'm doing my zumba and walking -period end of story. Thankfully, he's home in the evenings for now so it's not an issue.

7.  I cried at the last (two) episodes of The Closer on TNT. I was so sad to see the show end because I've grown to love the characters. I was embarrassed though that I was boohooing at a silly tv show. Thankfully my boys didn't care!

Friday, August 17, 2012

summer fun

I'm beyond ready for fall, but this summer has truly been fun!

A few weeks ago, we were finally able to go out on our friends' boat. They had been asking us all summer, but we could never make it. It was honestly my first time "boating" too,so I was excited. We had a blast just hanging out and I even got into the lake. Growing up my mom would have killed me if I got into the lake ("nasty" water), so I felt like a rebel! We spent a couple hours just floating in the lake (we anchored in a cove) and had a great time talking. The boat itself was nice but of course, Ben wants a boat now. Cha-ching! ha!

the water really wasn't that green!

after a day in the sun!

Saturday we went to a local "Tomato Art Fest" in East Nashville. It was a beautiful day and the fest was fun (and packed). I really wanted Jack's picture with the Tomato lady, but he was sleeping. Next year! Oh and next year I'm volunteering Ben (and maybe Jack) in the "Red Head" competition! I'm sure they'll take home the prize. ha!
nothing says fun like a tomato playing a violin on skates no less!

After the fest, we headed to lunch. Ben chose Burger Up, which was tasty! I was thrilled when the Popsicle shop that I've been dying to try for years was right next door. Score!

vanilla with chocolate chips

Sunday, we finally took our girls back to the dog park. They needed to just get out and run in the baddest of ways. Our friends brought their dogs and of course they all just played together (and ignored most of the other pups). Snobs.

All in all I think this summer has been one for the books! I can't wait to see what the fall has to offer.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jack Attack: 4 months

Jack man is now 4 months. Time seriously is flying.

Weight: 12llbs
He's in the 4th percentile. However, he's going back up on the curve and gaining weight so the Dr isn't too concerned. She saw how active he is and definitely wants me to increase the cereal (two tbsps then 3) and even start veggies next month. She did not think I needed to supplement at this time since he is growing. She made me feel so much better about his growth.

Height: 26 inches (50% or so)

HC: I forget but it's normal!
drool monster!

-rolling (two + rolls)
-cereal (you didn't know what to think!)
-time in an exersaucer (you love it)
-trip to the dog park with your sisters
-fever of 101 (poor bud, you just wanted to be held)
-slept on your tummy (you rolled over on your own and love sleeping on your belly)
 -reaching/grabbing objects

-tummy time, only if you put yourself on it!
-"watching" tv
-being tickled
- mommy singing especially the "happy and you know it" song
 -"petting" the reach out and grab your sisters a lot now

-being stuck in one spot for too long

-sleeping in your crib (only for a few hours at a time...we're working on it)

I'm loving seeing your little personality blossom already!!

We love you Jackson!

Friday, August 10, 2012


It's been one crazy week. I've been living off of 3 hours of sleep and a prayer for the past week, which is oh so interesting.

1. This past Saturday we attended a sweet wedding shower for my cousin Courtney! She's getting married in Sept and I'm so excited for her! We had to write/share some marital advice, and I may or may not have made mental notes of the advice from the ladies who've been married 20+ years!!

sweet couple (and adorable towel wedding cake!)

2. Monday, Jack had his 4 month shots and screamed bloody murder. He has never reacted this way before but the nurse said the shots burn. I've never teared up at any of his shot except this one. He also ran a 101 temp this time. Poor guy.

3. Jack has decided that sleep is overrated. He neglected to get his parents permission on this matter. He usually gets like this for a few days after shots, so hopefully it will improve soon. Fingers crossed.

4. Yesterday, I received this text. It seriously made my day!
He's bringing nerdy back!
(A parent brought in crazy glasses for the kids to play with in Dramatic Play...well, the teachers had more fun than the kids I believe!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

a few firsts

Apparently Jack man decided he was ready to knock a few items off of his bucket list...ha!

1. Rolling (well sort of!)

Every morning, I lay him on his activity mat (on his back in the middle of mat) so I can prepare his bottles/bag for the day. Yesterday, I came into the room to see this:
He had to have rolled over at least 2-3 times to get there. Our lives will never be the same.

2. Feet.

He discovered his feet a few weeks ago. However, it wasn't til this past week that he discovered that he can now put his toes in his mouth. He loves it. He'll try to put both his foot and hand in there though. Silly boy.

3. Cold.
first time on the "sick" side. thankfully there wasn't anyone else there!

Yep, my guy had his first cold. He started coughing last week and then last Thursday sounded really hoarse. He was waking himself up coughing and had a stuffy nose too. I debated all day whether to take him to the Dr. I didn't want to be that mom ya know.

I talked with my mom (who's a nurse) and decided that I better take him just in case. There was a Upper Resp Infection going around so I wanted to double check.

Our Dr doesn't normally work on Fridays, but she was there! She checked him out and indeed it's just a cold. I AM that mom! She reassured me that I was okay for bringing him and to give him saline drops and use a humidifier!

He's doing much better, other than that stuffy nose.

4. Cereal.
um...what is this stuff?
I guess it's not too bad!

While we were there, I asked her to check his weight percentile. He dropped, again. She suggested feeding him rice cereal once per day (it does not replace a feeding!) for the extra calories. He is ALWAYS moving, which burns up a lot of calories. He tried it and did really well with the spoon. It is giving him gas and waking him up so we're going to feed him earlier and ask the Dr at his 4 month (which is Monday) about other options.

I'm afraid my little man is determined to grow up. Makes this gal a tad sad.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One of the Good Guys

After 22 long weeks, Ben graduated and became one of Nashville's newest police officers! To say I'm proud is an understatement.

prior to the ceremony
close up of Jack's adorable shirt (Mary Kate Monograms!)

receiving his badge from the Chief and the Mayor!

Pinning his badge on!

Finally a Nashville police man!
Jack is proud of his dad!
After his graduation, his parents, sister and a few of our friends went out to eat to celebrate! When all the nerves and adrenaline settled down, we all three crashed! (Jack did amazingly well at the ceremony!)

He started his first day of "field training" yesterday and so far so good! He is having to remember to step back and let his training officer do her job and train him! Lord help her! ha!!