Wednesday, September 26, 2012

what i'm loving...

1. Our electricity is finally fixed. Long story but the house we are living in is old. The electricity is old (But not as old as house). The power would surge a lot and the lights would flicker etc. It got crazy scary Monday (i.e. all the lights/tv etc in the living room went out), so I'm beyond thankful the electrician man fixed it asap!

2. Fall weather. Need I say more!

3. I got out of my style box and purchased GREEN rockstar jeans from Old Navy. I've debated for weeks, but bit the bullet and got 'em. They were only $19, so I wont feel terrible if I don't like them.

I haven't worn 'em yet, but I'm excited.

4. My boys!

Monday, September 17, 2012


1. We came home from our whirlwind trip to Memphis yesterday to discover our new modem bit the dust. Apparently the power line surged and of course it wasn't hooked to a surge protector. Ugh.

No modem = not interents. Boo.

2. I dropped my phone into my cereal bowl (thankfully it was almost empty). I was still able to text/use my apps, but I couldn't call anyone. My dad told me to put it in rice all night (Dads are good like that).

Rice+ wet phone= WORKING. Thank you Jesus (I know He has more important issues but it's imperative that I have a phone!).

The sound is weird, but at least I can hear people and they can hear me!

3. Picture week at work = BUSY.

So....all of that means that I'm officially becoming unplugged for a while.  I'm sure I'll read/comment whenever I get a chance to get on the computer at work. But the way it's going those chances are few and far in between!

Hope y'all have a nice week blog friends!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Jack man is sick. Again.

Monday he had a rough day at school. He slept a lot and was craaaanky. I took him Monday for a recheck on his ears, just to make sure. The ears looked great. Thank God.

Tuesday he was great. Slept well and was his usual happy self.
I came home from work yesterday to find them napping! I love how they sleep the same way!!

Today: he woke up screaming bloody murder. I noticed he was burning up, but decided to wait until he quit screaming to take his temp. I just did the under-the-arm to see if it was a temp or just his scream that made him hot. It shot up to 99 in 2 secs, so I knew it was a temp. I decided I had to take it rectally and it was 101.7. UGH.

I called his Doctor as soon as they opened. I took him in and the doctor on call checked him out and said that his ears were fine (yay!) but his throat is red. Red throat = virus. UGH. They gave him some tylenol and told me it would take up to 72 hours to run it's course. She said it helps that I'm still nursing, but we'll see.

 He has moments where he's pitiful, but mostly he's a trooper! I love that even though he's sick he's still smiling and laughing.

Here's hoping it's a quick virus.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jack attack: 5 months!

Jack turned 5 months old last week! I seriously am amazed at how fast this time is going.

Here's the 5 month stats:

12.9 oz (at the sick appointment he went to a couple weeks ago)
Size 1 diapers and still mostly 0-3/3 month clothes. He has a few NB onesies that still fits.

I'm guessing over 26 inches

Not sure, but it's still a peanut!

Breast milk (nurse on demand roughly 3-4 hrs and 2 5oz bottles of BM at school) and rice cereal. We're not the best at remembering the cereal every night, so he is mainly just breast fed.  We're debating on when to start the veggies. The Dr. said we could at 5 months, but I'm thinking more like 5.5/6 since he's smaller.

-ear infection (had a temp of 101 rectally and just looked sick)
-medicine (you took it like a champ and towards the end acted like a little bird when you saw it!)
-recognize your name when mom/dad call you!

-playing in the exersaucer
-being outside
-being busy
-the dogs (you love to pet and grab them and thankfully they don't mind at all!)

-not getting his way (a tad spoiled already!)

Friday, September 7, 2012


I guess I'm ready for Thanksgiving, because today I'm just in a thankful mood.

I'm thankful for...

1.  Working where J goes to school. There are some days when I just need a Jack hug and I am thankful that I can just walk down the hall and get one! I'm also thankful for his teachers who take such great care of him (and all the friends).

I truly do not take that for granted.

2. Ben.
bedtime stories with Dad!

He irritates the fire out of me some days, but I'm thankful he's mine! He is off on Fridays for now, so on Thursday evenings, he'll take the monitor into the living room (until he goes to bed), so I can get at least an hour or so of solid sleep.

Last night he was up with Jack man several times and didn't once complain. I know it is what every father should do, but it just really makes my heart happy that he does it!

3. Safety.

Today my cousin informed me that 2 students at her former high school (where my Uncle still teaches) were arrested (and the school evacuated) because they shot a gun at school. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

I can't even imagine what these 14-18 year old kids and their parents are feeling right now. Scary.

4. Milestones reached.

My heart aches right now for a stressed out mom I just spoke to. She has a 7 year old child who is developmentally like a 9 month old. She's beyond stressed about finding after school care for her child and literally almost cried talking to me.

I am thankful for every milestone, even the smallest ones, that Jack has reached.

Even though it's not November my heart is thankful.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

food truck fun!

I love doing fun and different things on the weekends. Saturday we attended the "Street Food" competition here in Nashville. I'm on a food truck kick lately, so it was right up my alley! There were over 20 trucks and tons of people! You could vote for your favorite for $1 which went to the Second Harvest.

I realllly wanted to try the Grilled Cheeserie truck, but the line was over 2 hours long. Um, no thanks! We ended up going to another truck and got steak fajita tacos and southwestern burger. It was delicious!


We went to the milkshake truck on our way out. I got the "Bacon my Heart" shake (bacon, chocolate and pb) and it was yummy, but unfortuantely it dropped on our way to the car. I guess it was a sign that I didn't need the extra calories! ha!

We had fun & who knows maybe one day I'll finally get the Grilled Cheese!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tricks of the trade.

I'm pretty sure the ability to multi-task is hard wired into the female DNA, or at least it is when you become a mom.  I always multi-tasked before Jack, but goodness I'm a pro at it now. However, my ability to remember everything (heck, anything!) is long gone. I've seen several tips on how to make every day things easier on Pinterest that I thought were genius. I finally got to try one of the tips out and I'm  so glad I Pinned it!!

I saw this  medicine "recorder" idea and thought it was pretty smart.
via pinterest

Fortunately, I haven't had the need to use this new trick. Until now. Jack-man had his first ear infection this week. Poor guy. The Dr. gave him Amoxicilin. He takes it twice daily for 10 days. Well, I can hardly remember if I've done trivial things, let a lone something so important. I knew I needed an aid to keep up with his doses.
ignore my messed up line!

It is super easy, super convenient (no separate paper to lose etc) and has worked great. There's no second guessing whether he's had it or not (even if Ben has to give a dose).

I will definitely be using this trick in the future and cannot wait to find more!

Off to Pinterest!!!