Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas y'all!

We'll be busy busy this weekend with gatherings, Jack's baptism, Christmas festivities etc, so I thought I would go ahead and share our Christmas wish with y'all.

Here's our card for this year....

(kinda blurry, b/c it's huge!)

We hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, we took Jack to Bass Pro to see Santa. We got there at 12 to get our tickets and I'm so glad we did because they were almost "sold" out. Our time was for 3:30, so we went to Opryland Hotel with some friends and looked at all the light and took some pictures!

I was hoping he would like Santa, but you never know. Ben sat him on Santa's lap and J immediatley reached for the beard. He's majorly into pulling hair now, so I'm not surprised.

No smiles, but at least he didn't cry!

Friday, Santa made a special stop by the Preschool to see our children. Jack once again, was intrigued by Santa's beard! He was okay for a minute or so and then started crying. So not like him, but we found out later he was majorly teething. At least thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

I cannot wait to see how J does next year with Santa!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jack attack: 8 months

I cannot believe Jack is already 8 months. It's been a fun 8 months, that's for sure!

At 8 months you:

Height: 27 inches

Weight: 14.2 (at the GI last week)

Nurse on demand, bottles at school, 3 meals per day that consist of: oatmeal/fruits/veggies (everything but peaches) and we've introduced turkey and chicken too.  We had a slight set back with the new diet the RD put you on, but we're going to work on it.

-army crawls everywhere (we totally need to baby proof now!)
-you can now crawl over/under things as well
-hands/knees a ton and you can almost figure out how to move on them too
-says Dada and something similar for the dogs. You can also mimic some words too, which is neat!
-stands and can walk while holding onto to things

Fun firsts:
-you saw Santa and loved pulling his beard! Naught naughty!
-you discovered the Christmas tree and really like the lights
-you went to the Christmas parade and loved all the lights and music
You much rather play under the exersaucer now!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

a game plan

Yesterday was Jack's GI appointment, bright and early at 8 AM. We went in with a month's worth of food/potty diary, a sample jar of food (ya know, in case they've never seen baby food!) and an open mind.

First stop was to get his measurements. The tech put on a neat singing/moving mobile above the weighing table, but J was more interested in the paper liner.

After his measurements, we waited (and waited) for the Doctor.  A pediatric resident (MD) came in first to ask 1,000 questions and examine Jack. She then went and discussed her findings with the GI.

After their discussion, both the GI and the Pediatric Dr came back in to talk with us and the GI examined Jack too.

He appears healthy. He's just TINY like not even on the charts that is only for breastfed babies.

She discussed a diet and a few tests they can run, but thought it's best to see him back in 6 weeks and see if the new diet works. We agreed because we naturally want to do the least invasive/painful things first. She said it could possibly be an over active thyroid or Celiac. I'm praying it's neither. 

After the doctors left, the RD (Registered Dietician) came in to speak to us about his diet.

After much discussion here's the game plan:

AM: Nurse when he wakes up (she recommends nursing on one side for longer so he'll get all of the hindmilk.)
 -oatmeal/fruit with a tsp of formula mixed in

AM Snack: Puffs 
He gags with them now, but hopefully it will be better soon!  They're not high in caloric value, but it's a great tool to teach him to feed himself in addition to the few extra calories.

(since he's gagging on them now, I may just nurse...not sure yet!)

Lunch: 6 oz breast milk bottle, with 1 tsp/oz of formula added (roughly 3 hours after his AM nurse)
-jar of fruit/veggie

PM Snack: repeat of morning

8 oz bottle of formula- 3 hours after lunch bottle (special mixture where it's 27 kcal/oz and then we'll bump it to 30 kcal/oz in 3 weeks)

jar of meat/fruit/veggie with tsp of formula added

Bed time:

If this doesn't bulk him up, I really don't know what else will. 

Even though I feel awful and guilty (am I the reason that he's small?), I'm relieved to finally have a game plan in motion. I'm praying that this works and that there's nothing seriously wrong. I have a funny feeling it's genetic since I was small, my brother's boys are small etc.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome December!!

November has come and gone. It's surreal to see 2012 almost over.

Anyways, I'm excited about December for more than one reason!

1. No Shave November has ended!!!

Ben grew his mustache this month in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer (so he says). A bunch of guys do it at his work, which is neat. But....I'm not a fan of the 'stache.  He finally got to shave it today. Kinda sad, but not really.

2. Parties:

We missed my sororities tacky Christmas sweater party this Saturday due to the stomach bug. However, we have B's work party , my work party and my sweet friend Leslie's daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to par-tay!

3. Fun times:
-I'm going to a sip-and-stroke class with a good friend and should bring home a fun ornament painting. I'm better at the sipping, if ya get my drift!
-We're taking Jack to see Christmas lights and I'm excited!!
-Nashville's Christmas parade...always a fun time!

 Oh yeah....and Christmas!

Happy December!!