Thursday, January 24, 2013

healthy example

During pregnancy, I tried to stay as active as possible and to eat "right". Right for me is not a whole bag of chips or donuts...dietician I am not!! I tried to walk every day and do light exercises. I knew I didn't want to gain more weight than I needed to because my lazy self wouldn't want to work it off after baby..ha! (and that whole what's best for baby thing!) My doctor reassured me each month that I was doing "beautifully" (even the month I gained 6 llbs....oops!), so I wasn't concerned.
big momma just a few days before he arrived

After I had Jack, I immediately started walking again (lightly of course). My dad and I walked together during the day and I even walked with a "mom group". It was great.  All my hard work (more likely genetics, truthfully) paid off and I lost all my baby weight before my 6 week check up.

Well, that is when the weight loss and exercise stopped. I started back to work and fell into a new routine and become robo-mom. Our days were/are so predictable it's unreal, especially when B had to work odd hours and I was nursing.  Also, most of the fun "mom" work out groups meet during the day and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a good idea for me to just leave randomly every day. Thankfully, I didn't really gain any weight (I actually lost a few more llbs over the past few months...surprisingly) but I can totally tell I'm not at the place I want to be (um...hello toning!). 

3 days after Jack was born

January 1st, Ben finally got a day shift (which is rare for a new guy), so I don't have to keep pawning Jack off on my mom/MIL to go to a class. Jack then decided he to wean, so I don't have to worry about all of that.

All of this means that now I finally have time for my ultimate goal of 2013 and beyond: 
being a HEALTHY example for my son! 

Ben is quite active...either working out or running several times a week. His job and life depends on it, so he's pretty religious about it. He's always encouraging me to go with him or to do something, but there WAS always an excuse: Jack needed to nurse, work ran late, nobody was able to watch J etc etc.

Now...there are NO excuses. I have to get myself back into the routine of working out (and making my health a priority). Of course it's hard to leave Jack, but I know it's mui importante (or something like that...Spanish wasn't my major!). I don't want Jack to grow up just seeing his dad working out and being healthy. I want to set a positive example too. I want him to grow up in an environment that thrives on health and wellness.
 ignore the ugly suit and ghost skin! 6 wks postpartum

I found a local studio that offers a variety of classes and my sweet friend Kelly has even decided to join me for some! For once, I'm excited! So far I've taken a Yoga and Zumba toning and I already feel better (mentally and physically). I'm excited to go and that is huge! I also will continue walking if/when the weather gets nicer outside. I may even try jogging...Lord help me! I'm still technically a member of B's gym (wives can go free), so I may go there and walk on treadmill etc. I'm even toying with the idea of working out a few times with my mom's trainer.  I'm just so excited to have fun options

I have a far way to go with the whole healthy thing, but I'm starting somewhere.Once I get on the ball with the working out, I will then add in the eating (aiming for Feb 1). No more cokes or cookies or anything else fun. Boo! I know I need to eat better, especially now that J-man will be eating more and more table foods. I'm pretty sure junk food aint going to be on his diet!!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013 and beyond. That is....if it doesn't kill me first!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

monday miscelleneous

Happy Monday y'all. After the weekend I had, I'm glad it's Monday. I need a do-over!

1. The sweet couple who are renting our house had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't due until APRIL 12th, so he's tiny and in the NICU. He seems to be doing "okay", but she is requesting prayers. I don't typically ask this sort of thing, but if you read this can you please pray for that sweet baby?? He has a long road ahead of him.  I cannot even imagine...

2. It's not even a week out from surgery and I can already tell a big difference. He does not have a constantly runny nose, isn't pulling at his ears, or coughing! (knocks on wood) Plus, his tongue is healing and he is actually trying to use it a tad more. He still gags, but not as much. I'm sure he'll be perfect by the time we see the therapist and I'll look like a crazy person. I do have his gagging on tape though for proof! ha!

3. We took his 9 month pictures this weekend and I'm in love with the sneak peaks! In love. I used a different photographer this time and I really feel bad, almost like I'm cheating on my other one!

from her fb...not full resolution!

We only used the basket in order to keep this guy still long enough for her to shoot the cute glasses!! I'm in love!!!

4. We are going on an adult only vacation in April for our 5 year and I simply cannot wait!!! Adult beverages, sun, fun....yes please!! Only a few more months....I think I can...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

tubes and tongues

Yesterday was the big surgery day for Jack Jack. B and I were confident in our decision to have tubes and his tongue tie corrected, but it was still nerve wrecking.

We arrived at the surgery center at 6:30 AM. I filled out upteen sheets of paper and we were given our hospital wrist bands. I had one and Jack had one on his ankle. Just like when he was!

After about 30 minutes, the Nurse called us back to the room where the beds were etc. The nurse introduced herself,explained what would happen and asked us some questions. She then checked his temperature and pulse ox levels...all normal! Then the Anesthesiologist and ENT doctor came to speak with us. After a quick diaper change, he was off. The CRNA held him (he even wore his pj's which was nice) and walked with him down to the OR.  He was smiling at all the nurses on the way down too...silly boy!

We waited for about 30 minutes....which was the longest 30 minutes of my entire life....and the Dr finally came in to tell us that all was fine! Jack had TONS of "glue like" fluid (doc's words exactly) and this was after 20 days of antibiotics. The Doctor was very glad we did the procedure now b/c it probably would have damaged his hearing and/or affected his speech if we waited longer.

The tongue surgery went well too. He numbed it up really well and there was minimum bleeding. They did not have to put in an IV, which the anesthesiologist thought might happen. I'm so thankful for that.

After talking with Dr. B, we immediately went back to get our boy! The sweet nurses (one of whom I know and they all know my mom, so that made Jack even more popular) was rocking Jack so sweetly. It made me smile. He was soooo groggy, cranky (I've never heard him cry that way) and hungry (he couldn't eat/drink since the night before)! I held him and gave him a bottle of pedialite (he couldn't have formula just yet) and he passed right out. He was such a trooper. We had lots of cuddle time all day too!

I'm so glad that we went ahead and did this surgery. He already acts like he feels 100x's better. His sweet personality is even sweeter and he is responding way better to us. I used to think he was just being a turkey when he wouldn't turn his head when I called him (he would sometimes!), but I honestly don't think he could hear that well. We haven't fed him more than his pureed foods (we will tomorrow) b/c I wanted to let his tongue heal a bit first. I'm hoping he'll learn that he can now actually use it the way God wanted him too!

We go back next week for our follow up and they'll recheck his hearing. I bet he'll actually pass this time!

Who knew that tubes and tongue surgery would make all the difference!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jack Attack: 9 months!

Nine months has got to be the most fun, yet tiring stage thus far! Jack's personality is so fun and sweet and he is busy as ever.

All about you bud at 9 months....

28 inches

15llbs 11 oz (finally doubled your birth weight at 39 weeks!)

-you wear 6-9/6-12 month clothes and size 2 diapers

-completely weaned about a week ago
-4/5 six ounce bottles of 30cal/oz bottles
-breakfast (yogurt, oatmeal, fruit), snacks (cheese and puffs), lunch/supper (veggie/meats/fruits) (all with formula added)
-you gag on anything not pureed. We'll be seeing a feeding therapist in a few weeks, but we now think it's due to your tongue being tied

-crawling on all fours (but you crawl way faster army style!)
-clapping hands (You love to play patty-cake!)
-pulling up on everything
-climbing (you climb into/on top of every thing!)
Silly boy! (You were climbing into the chair at school...your teachers were right there supervising of course!)

-stand for a split second by yourself!

-peak-a-boo (you have peak a boo marathons!!)
-bath time
-being able to crawl everywhere
-pulling/playing with hair (ouch!!)

-playing with your new toys (especially your blocks and microphone!)

-being still
-having your nose wiped

-You'll be getting tubes in your ears due to frequent ear infections (your daddy had to get these when he was a baby and mom had lots of infections too. Sorry bud!)
-You were diagnosed with having "tongue tie". We think this is the reason why you're small and gagging on foods. You'll have surgery to correct this too. We will still see Dr. Andersen's GI team and the feeding therapist. We've got to get you bulked up.


Thursday, January 10, 2013


(It's a looong post, but I have to get it out!)

Jack was born healthy, on his original due date, good sized and cute as ever.

He, of course, lost weight that first few days. He swallowed a ton of fluid and was not the least bit interested in eating. He and I worked on breastfeeding for the first few weeks, but it resulted in lots of tears and swears! I talked to a good friend of mine that nursed both of her children and she reassured me that the pain I was feeling was normal. She also told me to call the lactation consultant. I did but the LC was not in and blah blah blah. I was instructed to call back, but being a new mom it slipped my mind.We figured it out and the pain slowly subsided.

He was slow to gain the weight back, but he was gaining weight. The Doctor was reassuring that he was doing fine and just small. He was growing well according to his chart.

At 6 months, his dropped off the chart with a nosedive. This is when the Doctor was concerned and ran a battery of tests. She referred us to a GI and RD. The GI and RD put him on a special diet with a higher caloric/oz bottle of formula.

Jack apparently wanted to go somewhere! (and 9 month one piece outfits are too small, oops!)
I continued nursing when we could,but ultimately he decided to wean himself completely when he turned 9 months. I actually did not know how to feel about not nursing anymore. It's freeing yet sad. I was a hormonal wreck for the first week.

We've introduced a lot of new textures etc to him and it literally makes him gag. It took him about two weeks solid to not gag (and sometimes throw up) on puffs. I thought it had to do with his whole GI issue, so the Pediatrician referred us to a "Feeding therapist". We have an appointment in a few weeks.


Jack has also had frequent ear infections. He's had 4 in the last five months. He had one the week of Christmas and now has a double ear infection. His pediatrician referred me to an ENT. (Apparently Jack wants to see all the specialist he can in his first year!) I called yesterday and they had a rare opening for today. We went. The tech tried a hearing test on his ears and could only get one accurate read, b/c the other ear had quite a bit of fluid.

The ENT then came in and checked his ears. One ear had quite a bit of fluid, the other was further in the healing process. The doctor then checked out his throat and asked if Jack ever "stuck his tongue out?"  Ben and I thought about it and said "no". We really cannot recall him ever sticking his tongue outside of his mouth.

The doctor did a quick test and showed us that Jack is in fact, tongue tied. Basically the frenulum that connects the tongue to the mouth is to far forward, which causes his tongue not to move freely like it's supposed to.

The ENT is pretty sure this is what's causing his gagging issue. He was also shocked that I was able to nurse, but thinks Jack probably just compensated. Pretty sure Jack didn't get all the milk he could have if he had a proper latch. Makes me feel so guilty too.

that's one way to get in there silly boy!

WHAT???? He is 9 months old and just NOW getting diagnosed. It seems like such a simple thing to test for too. Who knows, it may not have anything to do with the eating issues etc, but what if this was all that was "wrong" and it could have been fixed months ago. I am sooo frustrated but trying to be thankful that it was at least caught.

He will be getting tubes and a frenulectomy (sounds so serious!) next Wednesday. I honestly can't wait because I know it is going to make a world of difference. We will still go to the feeding therapist and follow up with the GI, but I'm hoping this is the ticket!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A child of God!

Saturday, December 22nd, Jackson was baptized into the Christian faith and Catholic community! We are so proud!!

We chose our siblings to be his Godparents and know they'll do a great job encouraging him and setting good examples.

The baptism takes place during Mass, so that was a bit nerve wrecking! I'm not a front and center type of person! Jack LOVED being the center of attention. We may have a ham on our hands...ha!

The actual baptism consisted of three main parts (it's still a bit of a blur, so I'm not exactly sure that it's in the right order):

1. Initial blessing (Priest signed the cross on J's forehead, then we did and then his godparents did). We announced him to the church and said that it was our will for him to be baptized.

We also renewed our own baptismal pledge (believe in God, reject satan etc).
after mass (thank goodness for chew beads!)

2. Immersion: Jack was taken to the fountain, in his birthday suit, and the Priest immersed him three times into the holy water (Once for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Jack laughed when Father Kibby held him up! I was such a proud mom!

After being immersed, Father Kibby anointed Jack with holy oil and gave us a candle that was lit from the baptismal candle.
being immersed...not a great picture, but it's all I have

3.  We dressed Jack in his white baptismal gown. At the end of mass, we went back up to the alter and the Priest gave us parents a final parent blessing.

After Mass, we headed back to my parents for supper. Ben made his yummy bison chilli and we had a chilli bar! It was great on a cold night.

Jackson was blessed with sweet baptismal gifts too.

opening his very own Bible!

It was such a special day and I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with such a special boy.

Luke 3:22 summed up my feelings exactly....
"...You are my dearly loved Son: with you I am well pleased"!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jack's First Christmas!

I cannot believe it's already a new year. I know it's cliche, but this year flew by!

Christmas 2012 was probably my favorite Christmas to date. It was just like every other year, except this year we had to best present ever...Jackson!!

 Christmas Eve started off with a quick visit to finally let J meet his Great-Aunt Mimi! She is not able to get out of her house and hasn't been feeling well enough for visitors before now, so we had to take him! He loved her (and I'm sure she loved him)!!
After the visit, we rushed him to his Doctor's appointment. He had a zit like spot that appeared on his face on Saturday, but continued to get worse. I knew it was an infection, and the Dr needed to culture it etc. Thankfully, they were seeing sick patients that day, and got us in. They changed his antibiotic to cover the infection (as well as his ear infection) and cultured (poked) it. Poor guy.

After the doctor, we hurried home to get ready for  4 o'clock children's mass with my family.  After mass, we headed to my parents to have dinner and start the whole Christmas festivities! Our friends, from Chicago, came over too.  We enjoyed a non-traditional supper (comfort foods!) and ate (and talked!) way to much.
first Christmas as a family of three!!

Jack went to bed before we got to open gifts, but once again we were all spoiled too much!!

Christmas morning....Santa came!! Santa brought Jack a couple items, because Santa knew that J didn't need much. After the boys played with their Santa gifts for a bit, we had a yummy breakfast & opened stockings.
Santa's loot

he finally got to open his gifts...he loved the paper!

Soon after breakfast, we headed to B's family's. His sister was able to come home, so it was nice just being with them for a day.

Jack was spoiled even more by B's family!!

Unfortunately, my camera isn't working the best so I only captured a few on my phone.

We were exhausted after this year's Christmas! I am a tad bummed it is already over too. Time needs to slow down.