Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day with Dada

Ben is off Weds and Thursday, which is not fun for him but works well for the family (mostly). He will have Halloween and Thanksgiving off this year b/c of his days off, so that's great!!

Monday afternoon he called me at work and said that he wanted to have a "day with Jack" on Wednesday.  I did not offer any arguments, of course! I'm not condoning skipping school, but I think one day wont hurt him...ha!!!

Wednesday morning, I left for work with out my +1. It felt weird. It felt weird seeing B and J wave bye bye to me as I walked away. All of the teachers asked "where's Jack?" (he's kinda a big deal here!) and I missed him all day. I immediately realized I'm spoiled having the ability to go to his room and squeeze him all while working and getting paid.

My boys were off for an adventure. Ben joked and said they were going on the "magic school bus", I said "ooh....what earrings is Mrs. Frizzle going to wear?!!"

They had a blast: shopping at the mall (he's braver than me), taking his mom (J's grandma) out for lunch and meeting her coworkers, dropping dry cleaning off, reading "Where's Spot" 25 times, and other fun things!

All the while, not taking one single picture. Ugh!! I guess it's proof you can have fun and make memories with out pictures.  But still....

Last night when I got home, my heart melted when J's face lit up as he saw me. He told me all about his day with Dada (he talks non stop!), and Ben was exhausted! Ha!

Ben already has another adventure planned for next week.

Monday, February 25, 2013


1. Jack Jack has had some sort of upper-respiratory bug (runny nose/eyes etc). Thankfully, it has not resulted in an ear infection (like it would have earlier)! This crazy weather (6o today and 30 tomorrow isn't helping...grrr). Boogie wipes and aspirators have been our friends around here.

sleepy boy!!

2. My nephew, Drew, will be 4 in a couple of days. It has been a wild an crazy four years too. He's all boy. Dirt, backhos, diggers, fire trucks, name it he's into it! He is probably the only child I know who LOVES watching documentaries on construction equipment and fire trucks. No silly cartoons for this kid. He also has the sweetest heart and is all around a great kid. He had his birthday party Sunday and I was thrilled we were able to go. He had a fire truck cake, he picked out, and fire ropes (licorice). His mom made a yummy brunch spread and we had a nice time!

While I was taking his pictures (not sure why it's blurry), he said "Emmy....why do you take so many pictures?" I said "well, bud I like your face and want to see it forever." He replied "oh, well you better stop or else your batteries will run down." I had no rebuttle!

3. I'm slowly coming to terms that my guy will be turning 1 in a couple of months, whether I want him to or not. I'm slowly but surely getting his party squared away. I'm excited but sad at the same time. I want my boy to stay small and cuddly.

4. 43 days til B and I saw adios to TN and hola to Mexico!!! I'm not counting or anything....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy {first} Valentine's Day!

We are not huge "holiday" people, especially Valentine's. We usually just grab a bite to eat at a yummy restaurant and call it a day. In years past, it usually involved dressing up (more than just jeans!), reservations and wine. Not this was Jack's very first Valentine's and it had to be celebrated!

When he woke up, we took his "Valentine" photo. He does not sit still, ever, so it was tricky! He opened his mailbox and liked his heart shirt I made him.

ummm...where's the chocolates?

shirt I made him with an iron on from Hob Lob

his valentine's mailbox!

He wanted to pass out Valentine's to his friends and teachers at school!

Add caption
for his friends and teachers!

He and his daddy wanted to take me out to supper. I chose Chick-fil-A (how romantic huh?!), b/c it was kid-friendly and they had candles/rose petals and a harpist tonight! It was actually quite nice.
nothing says romance like candle/roses and chicken!

He then decided to pass out before we got to the restuarant, which gave his dad and I time to just talk and eat peacefully! He woke up just in time to buy us dessert! ha! (It was complimentary tonight.)

(we loosened his straps when we sat down!)

He made his Dada a cute card!
I heart you...(was on the front)

He received several sweet Valentine's!

All in all, he had a wonderful first Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jack attack: 10 months

10 whole months. Where did the time go? You are so much fun at this stage.

Here's the stats:


15.4 (at your GI appointment a couple of weeks ago)
You can wear 6-9, 9 or 6-12 months tops and pants. Even some 3-6 month pants though are huge in the waist b/c you have no bottom to hold 'em up! Poor guy.

Size 2 diapers

You are starting to enjoy more and more table foods. You like green beans,potatoes (both sweet and regular mashed), cheese and bread.

6 oz -30 kcal/oz formula bottles roughly 3/4 hours, 4-6 oz of baby food (yogurt, or level 2's mostly), snacks (puffs, yogurt melts etc)

-You can now pull up and and cruise from object to object.
-You like to walk while holding someone's hands....wont be long now!
-You now feed the dogs....they love it when you drop puffs for them!
-You enjoyed your first snow
-you can climb up stairs now
-talks nonstop!

- peek-a-boo (all.the.time.)
-your sisters  (you laugh out loud when you see them!!)
-doing the "Indian" chant (when someone, mostly yourself, taps your mouth when you go ahhhhh)
-bath time pull your mom's all the time.

-Not being able to go wherever you want to go/when you want to go
-Being told "no" or being corrected. (your mom has to a lot now, since you're still pulling hair)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Feed me!

Today was Jack's "feeding therapy evaluation".  His pediatrician referred him for this since he was/is having issues gagging on certain textures. The appointment was scheduled before we found out about his tongue tie, but we all agreed it was best to keep the appointment. I had no idea there was such a thing as a feeding therapist. His therapist is a Speech Therapist that specializes in feeding. Neat!

We had to keep a feeding diary for three days and record every bite/sip. Thankfully, we already do this for most of the day for school anyways! We had to bring in several different foods, textures and his utensils/cups etc. Oh and we had to bring Jack in HUNGRY. Fun!

Thankfully, our appointment was at 8 AM (leaving the house at 6:50 was rough!), so it wasn't too long for him to wait. The therapist came and got us promptly and immediately began asking the pertinent questions. I informed her about his issues and that they seem to be improving after his surgery.

After the initial q/a, we jumped right into feeding time. She observed him drinking from a bottle, eating his breakfast (apples/oats), puffs, yogurt melts and she then gave him cut-up pears.

He did great on all of the baby food. He started the chewing motion on the puffs, which was exactly what she wanted to see. He ate the pears (couldn't quite pick them up since they were wet), but decided to hoard them on the side of his mouth. The first few bites he mainly mashed/swallowed. She then gave him bigger peices, forcing him to actually chew. He did that beautifully, but still hoarded some! She just told us to watch him and to make sure he's free of foods before we put him down to play etc. She also said that she did not want us to feed him level 3 foods (unless we mash the chunks up), b/c it is confusing to him (and all babies really) since it's both solid and pureed. It's hard for them to know if they're supposed to swallow/chew and can cause gagging.

Dada works in the area, so he was able to come for a bit!
She noticed that he was moving his tongue, but not moving it forward. We mentioned that we were working on him sticking his tongue out, but he hasn't yet. She reassured us that it's most likely b/c he hasn't been able to in the past, and just doesn't know he can! She recommended "play therapy", where we just continue playing with him (sticking tongue out etc), giving him teething toys and a NUK brush to chew on. These things should help.

She didn't feel that he needed therapy since the surgery seemed to do the trick! Hallelujah! I'm so glad, for many reasons! She gave us handouts on do's/don'ts on eating and ways to add more calories to his diet. She also said to continue doing what GI and Nutrition has planned and to call her if we had any questions.

Another item off our list!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


We finally got the snow the weather men have been talking about for weeks. I swear, every time they predict snow it would only rain. Finally, they shut up about it and low and behold, it snowed (two days in a row too!)! I know anyone in the North would think we're crazy for getting so excited about a dusting, but it's fun!

Anyways, Jack was a still under-the-weather with the stomach bug, but I took him out to at least experience his first snow! My mom had, thankfully, given him a snow suit so he was all set! The dogs, of course, LOVE snow. They go craaaaazy and could stay out all day. Jack didn't know what to think and did not like having his hands covered.
not too thrilled with being forced to sit for a silly picture!!

first snow!

Snow 2.0 (it snowed again on Sat)

snow kisses makes my heart happy!

I'm already looking forward to next year b/c I know he's going to love the snow as much as we do (and his pups)!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

under the weather and over it

It's been an oh so fun week here....or not.

Jack got the stomach bug last weekend and it was rough. He had his follow up GI appointment Tuesday, so we went and the doctor just said to do what we were doing and it will get better. He lost weight, but he wasn't eating/drinking on his plan, so it was to be expected.

Wednesday, after being symptom free over 24hrs,  he went back to school and was perfectly fine.  He was getting half concentrated formula bottles and it appeared to agree with him fine.

Thursday....not so much. Sick. Again. I called his doctor's office and they worked us in (hindsight: should have just stayed home and continued doing what we did before, but oh well).  Diagnosis: stomach bug re occurrence, most likely the formula (this time only 1 fullly concentrated bottle) made his tummy upset. of the year, goes to me.

Thursday late afternoon, Ben started complaining that he had the chills, his stomach hurt and his body ached. Checked his temperature and it was 100.8. Grrrrrrreat.

So....yesterday was spent taking care of my two sick babies. Chicken noodle soup and pedialite were hot items in this house!!

My gracious MIL came over today and sat with the sickly ones so I could go into work (we were short two teachers due to vacation etc). Thankfully it was also a "snow day" at work, so it wasn't a full house. It made life easier.  She took such good care of my boys and Jack didn't want her to leave!
Both of the boys appear to be getting better, and of course now my throat hurts. I'm NOT allowing myself to get sick.

I'm officially over the Fishbowl and illness.

Off to Lysol some more...