Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter has been one of my favorites thus far! Last Easter will, obviously, be my favorite since we were blessed with a 5 day old baby!
what a difference a year makes!

Thursday at school we had an egg hunt! J's class even got to hunt them too, which was fun. J's teacher sent me this picture and it made my day. Jack's first hunt and he found the gold egg! (and I had no part in this either...seriously!)

way to go bud!!

Friday, B's parents came over to bring Jack his Easter basket and spend some time spoiling him as usual.
Grandpa brought him a bunny from Gatlinburg!

reading his book (he was talking about it!)

Today, we made it to mass on time (actually early) which is a huge accomplishment in and of it self! After church, we headed to my parents and ate an early dinner. After supper, my nephew hid 103 (he told us several times!) eggs for us all to find. Jack and I only found 13, so we year it's on!!!

isn't he too cute in this outfit!
Easter basket

finally opening it!
my family!!!
love this handsome boy! and he loves self shots!

at least we found one!!!

 All in all this was a wonderful Easter. My Lord is Risen, my family is amazing and I'm one blessed person.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Play date!

Last weekend it was gorgeous outside....75 and sunny. I knew I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day, so I decided a play date was in order. My sorority sister/friend, Laura, has a 6.5 month old little girl. Her daughter's name is...get this: Emily Kathryn! My name is...get this... Emily Katherine! So yeah, this girl is alright with me!!!!

Anyways, Laura and Miss Em met me and Jack at a local park. It was almost his lunch/nap time, but I knew he'd enjoy the park. The park we went to is huge and has several playgrounds. We just went to the first (least crowded) one that was geared for 2-4 year olds. It had a few "toddler" swings, so we grabbed those up!

Jack hates the swing (at first) at School, so I was surprised he was "okay" with the one at the park. The swinging motion literally put him to sleep! I had to take him out before he was offically night night though.

After swinging for a few, we went for a stroll around the park. It was so nice to catch up with Laura and soak up some sun.
First Date!!

Jack cannot wait to have another play date with his new friend again! Maybe next time he'll stay awake the entire time!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Irish Eyes are Smiling!

(I'm way behind, forgive me!)

St. Patrick's day is probably one of my favorite holidays. We don't do anything in particular, but it's just fun getting dressed up in green and eating good Irish food/drinks.This year it was also J's first ever St. Pat's day, so I was even more excited.

Friday at school there were leprechaun traps and gold and even a certain little guys' foot prints all over (he was a good model) the hallway. The kids had so much fun trying to find the Mr. Leprechaun.

he IS my lucky charm!
dressed up in his finest Irish shirt for our "celebration" at school

The Saturday before St. Pats, we dropped Jack with his Grandma for the night, and went out with our friends for an early celebration. We went to McNamara's Irish Pub and had a great time.  I purchased a box of fun "mustache" straws for us to use! Thankfully, our friends are good sports and obliged in my silliness.

Sunday, once Jack finally decided to come home, we decided to continue the silliness by wearing our fancy St Pat's mustaches. 

he couldn't have green milk, so we agreed to drink out of his green cup!

B just got home from work, so he didn't have green on yet!

Born lucky...but we are the lucky ones!

All in all we had such a fantastic day(s).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hippity hoppity....

I cannot believe Easter is almost here. Crazy how fast 2013 is flying.

I also cannot believe it's Jack's SECOND Easter. I literally teared up at Target when I couldn't purchase a "first Easter" bib. He was only a few days old last Easter, but Ben said it did count as his first one, so booo....

Anyways, this year I was looking forward to taking him to see the Bunny. I found a professional photographer that was doing one to raise money for a local landmark, so I was excited. My mom got him a new "spring" shirt to wear and he was handsome as ever. Well, it was the Sunday after the time change and little guy was all screwed up. He napped for all of 45 minutes (in Church no less), so needless to say he wasn't himself.

Ben met us up at the place and we were so excited. I guess mainly me, but whatever. When Jack saw the Bunny it was all he wrote. He went into full melt down mode. Poor guy. In fairness to him, the Bunny was kinda scary looking!!

Thankfully, we were the only ones there at the time, so the photog was patient. They kicked the Bunny out and we finally got him to sit with the eggs.

So....with out further is Jack's first official Easter Bunny experience photo...

yes, I have permission to share!

I love it! I cannot wait to frame it and display it every year!

Who knows...maybe next year he'll like Mr. Bunny. We shall see!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm apparently living under a rock. I just found out that Google Reader is shutting down in July and everyone is switching to "bloglovin".

It's easy to import the blogs you read to BL! Check it out!

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Marrow Madness!

My mom's hospital held a "March Marrow Madness" event last Friday and I was fortunate to go! They were accepting donors from ages 18-44 that were in good health to be possible blood marrow donors. Usually my lovely congenital heart defect keeps me from doing things such as this, but I was actually able to volunteer.

(blurry phone pics)
In order to become a possible donor (only 1 out of 600 are a match), you had to get your cheeks swabbed. No needles! Piece of cake. Your information is sent to a lab and they keep your records on file until you are 62. If you are a match, they will contact you and do more testing before the actual donation.

One of the O's (aka CFO) at my mom's work actually has a form of blood cancer, so they had a huge turn out. My mom couldn't donate (ahem, age limit!) so I thought it would be nice to do it for her. Plus, I would be honored to help someone fighting the fight. The hospital had a lunch buffet set up and if you were swabbed you got to eat free. The others paid a donation to eat. Plus, they had fun music (a physicians band who were actually good!) and a silent auction to help raise $ for the cause. They raised quite a lot too!

If you're interested in being a match...go here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jack attack: 11 months!

I'm officially in denial that you'll be a year old next month. Maybe we can start reversing time!!

Here's your 11 month stats:

17llbs 3 oz
-you're finally on the chart, albeit in the 1%! You gained 2 pounds since January 31st and we're excited!
-size 2 diapers, some 6-9, 9-12 and a few 12 months fit!

Not sure! We'll get you measured soon.

We are now transistioning you to more table foods. You love turkey, cheese, Mexican rice, fruits, and green beans. You still get several 6 oz (30 calorie/oz) formula cups (we're weaning you from bottles...slowly) and pedialite with snacks. The doctor told us to get you where the milk isn't your primary source of calories, so we're working on it.

-You can stand independently for a brief period of time!
-You can finally stick your tongue out! You now think it's the coolest thing.
 -You love walking while holding onto things or our hands. You'd rather walk than sit sometimes!
-You have 6 teeth!

Other stuff:
-You spent the night with your Millie and Pa for the first time and did very well!! They said you had a blast and did not cry once. Mom and Dad did okay too, but it was so weird not seeing your face in the morning.
-You have "daddy adventure days" once a week and have enjoyed them!
-You still love hair and we're working on you not pulling your friends (or mom's). Ouch.
-You love riding on the fun riding toy our friend gave us.
-You pout now when we tell you "no"...bottom lip comes out and it's the funniest thing. We try to ignore you but it's hard!

-You loooove talking. You talk nonstop. Must get that from your dad....ha!
-You also mimic us on the phone. You hold whatever object you can find to your ear and talk. Smart boy.
-You can say "Dada", "Dag" (dog), and your teachers say that you can say "momma" when you're upset. I haven't heard it though. Ugh.
-You love singing with Momma. You even help me do the "open and shut" for the "wheels on the bus" song!

We love you sweet boy!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Note love!

 Every proper Southern gentleman needs proper stationary, right? I think I'm love with Jack's newest stationary! Modern, yet completely boy!

Shutterfly is where I get the majority of all my stationary, so it was only natural I ordered it there!

I cannot wait to send his first note on these....but secretly may save one for keeps!

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Now...if only he could write these notes by himself!