Monday, April 29, 2013

Social butterfly!

Jack's social calendar may or may not be more full than mine. Sad.

He's attended three parties these past two weekends. Naturally they were all three when Ben was working. Needless to say, if I don't go to another kid's birthday party until next year, it will be fine with me!

Party #1 :
Last week it was my first ever roommate's son's birthday!  She and I had so much in common when we moved into the dorm (never meeting before) together it was unreal: birthdays are a day apart, same specialty dress, matching bedding etc etc. It was even crazier that after I announced I was pregnant, she texted to tell me she was pregnant too. Even crazier that we now both have 1 year old boys!

Anyway....his party was precious. She went with an elephant theme and loosely tied it into a circus theme.  She has always been uber creative, so I knew his party would be adorable. I'm just thankful J's party was first...ha!

checking out M's cake....with his new bff!

J had a blast. He immediately went up to my friend's dad (whom he didn't know from Adam) and hugged him. Needless to say, they were best buds that day.

Party #2 was awful and I will not go into details. I literally cried on the way home. Between hormones and a 2 year old bully, it was not a good day for me.

Party #3 was for his future wife! Our sweet friends Justin and Sheena (who we went to MX with) have a now two year old little girl! When Jack was born, we instantly arranged their marriage!! I think Ben still owes Justin a donkey or something though! ha!
adorable girl and mini cupcakes!

Dress up! She's already dressing him...just like a woman!


He loves Uncle Dave!

helping the birthday girl and her brother fix things!

It was a small (family/close friends) gathering and it was perfect.

I told Jack he better tone his calendar down in the future! That or get another driver! :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

what not to say...

Practically everyone knows that there are certain things you should never ever say to a pregnant woman. Like: "you're about to pop", "any day now, right?" "wow, you're huge" etc.

Well.....there are also certain things that one should NOT say to a parent with a child who happens to be "failure to thrive".

Yes, I know you wont necessarily know by looking at a child that they have FTT, but.....these phrases are a no go:

1. He's so tiny.

2. Wow...he's small.

3. How old is he? 4 months? (when he's 10 months)

4. He needs some meat on his bones.

5. All other phrases that sound/imply like the ones above.

Seriously. It's hurtful and down right annoying.

Yes, he's small. Yes, he needs to gain a few more pounds. We got this.

Frankly....when did it be okay to comment on how little a child is? Would it be okay to say "wow..he's fat?" I think not.

We cannot go out in public with out at least one person commenting on how little he is. I know that people aren't commenting to be mean, but it is still hurtful. It's especially hurtful to be reminded I'm doing my best to be a nice Southern girl and smile and politely say "yes, we're working on it...". However there are days when I've just had enough. I'm to the point where I may snap back and say "oh, well I guess I should start feeding him, huh?"

So there's my little public service announcement! You never know when you're seemingly innocent words may truly be hurtful. When in doubt...find something else to comment (eyes, smile etc). on!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

and we're walking....

Jack started walking when he was 11 months!! I was fortunate to be in his classroom when he took his first ever step(s) too! Made this momma proud!

I knew that once he had his first taste of walking there would be no stopping him. Boy, was I right! He is improving and taking more and more steps (I quit counting since he takes so many!) every day. Lately, he practically refuses to be held and would rather walk than crawl! We officially put him in walking shoes too, which have helped a lot. We went with PediPed and love them.

We've had a few accidents already, but it hasn't slowed him down at all. We do have to remind him that he cannot run with the dogs, yet! Or hop. He apparently thinks he can do that too! Silly boy.

he's got this!!!

(I have a few videos but it won't let me post/save etc. Sometimes technology isn't my friend.)

Let me just tell's really strange yet exciting seeing a little guy walking in my house!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cinco de Anniversary: our Mexican getaway

Ben and I celebrated FIVE years of wedded bliss on 4/12!! We love to travel but haven't been away with out J yet since he was born. What better reason to do both than celebrating 5 years, right?! Our sweet friends S and J are also celebrating their 5 year anniversary, so we thought it would be fun to do a couples getaway. I am sooooooooooo glad we did!

We debated for months between a Mexican AI or a cruise. I'm a cruise addict, but I'm happy we chose the AI.  Justin researched it and found a great resort outside of Cancun. We stayed 5 nights at the gorgeous Valentin Imperial Maya. 

S and I took like 1,000 pictures (no lie),  so bare with me! Picture overload.....sorry in advance!

plane, suburban, beach....doesnt get better than that!
 We had a 6 AM flight to Miami and then an hour layover before we got to Mexico. I hardly slept at all the night before, so it was a looooong day. We arrived but our room wasn't quite ready yet. They took our bags and we went exploring! We had to get a quick drink first at the Martini bar (they do give you champagne upon arrival...nice!). We ultimately found the beach and the beach bar. Hey....gotta get the trip started right!

We checked into our rooms, changed and hit the pool. After a few hours, it was time for dinner. We ate at La Hacienda, the Mexican restaurant since we were finally in Mexico. So good! We checked out the Michael Jackson show for a bit too. We were all so worn out that we were in bed by 9!
swinging at the beach bar, pool side!!!
 It was strange not waking up and immediately taking care of diapers and cups!!! We went to breakfast at the buffet and I ate an omlette and nutella/banana crepe every day. Pablo made yummy omlettes!! Oh and bacon, lots of bacon!!! With a mimosa to wash it down. Yum.

Most of our trip was spent relaxing pool or beach side. S and J's house (as we called it) was a swim up room. It literally was steps from the quiet pool which was awesome (they had lounge chairs right on the pool)! Our house was literally several feet from the "main" pool so that was nice too!

We mainly stayed in the quiet area to relax and enjoy the sunshine in peace. We floated, talked and all in all just had fun.
beach, pool bar, paparazi!!
 The main pool had two swim up bars which were very convenient. We met a few nice couples this trip and one that happens to live in Memphis and knows a mutual friend! Small world.

4-12-13...5 years!

We ate: Italian at L Olivo, French at L Alace, Japanese at Ginger and Indonesian at iforget!! Such great food and even better company. We also ate chips and guac at a local place in PDC. Yum.

front of our house, front of theirs and the beautiful resort!
 The resort was beautiful and very well maintained. The attention to detail in everything they do did not go unnoticed by us! From grounds keeping, to drinks (never had an empty one), to our candle burning out at our table one night and 3 seconds (no joke) later it being replaced.

The staff were so friendly. It took me a few days to quit saying "hola" to everyone, because that is what we did! Every staff person who saw us would speak. Friendly!!
best bartender, drunk jenga, hamack time, marg time and my new Senor in PDC!
 We went into Play Del Carmen for a day shopping trip. It was hot and we had enough after 2 hours, but had to kill 2 more until our van picked us up. Wont do that again.

There were lots of fun activities too, and I'm sure we missed more than we did. Our main goal was to relax. B and I took a bike tour of the resort. I hadn't been on a bike since childhood so I was nervous, but I did well. No wrecks! My bottom was SO SORE after that though!

We saw the Mayan show, the Michael Jackson show and the fire show. All were great and very fun! We played kinda-drunk Jenga and I apparently made up new rules. The boys lost so I think they were just being sore losers. We danced. We laughed, a lot. We ate, a lot!! We joked, a lot. We may or may not have drank, a lot.

cute towel art, our anniversary surprise and our view!

We chose the standard room. We were upgraded to an ocean view, which was great. We had the best location of all the buildings too! Honestly, I wouldn't pay more for a fancier suite, b/c you're not in the room for that long anyway. I would do the swim up though if it's reasonable.

All in all we had one of the best trips of my entire life. Truly. I did not want to come home, but the resort was adult only and my parents wouldn't ship J to us!!

These past 5 years have had their ups and downs, but if this trip is any indicator of what's to come....we're muy bueno!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Let him eat cake!

I honestly had no clue what Jack would do with his smash cake. He is going through an ultra picky eating stage, so I knew it would go either way.

We stripped him down, just in case, and put him in the high chair. He had no clue what to think of his cake. He was so overwhelmed with the entire day, so I'm sure that didn't help either.

what is this?

He immediately started pinching the cake and trying to feed it to me and his Dada!! He did that for a few minutes and then he was done. He wanted nothing to do with it at all.

Do I have to, Momma??


It's my party and I'll pout if I want too!

his chair with his hat!

 We may try another smash cake for his 1 year pictures. If he hates it then, well, that's more cake for me!! ha!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jack is o"FISH"ally ONE: the party!

A couple of Saturdays ago (4/06) we threw Jack's first birthday party! I started planning it several months ago and was thrilled it came to life. I knew Jack wouldn't care what theme it was, so I chose, what else, a fish theme! He is our little minnow after all!

We went all out and invited a lot of people. We both agree that we aren't doing the big party every year, so I didn't feel bad going big! It was crazy though having 25+ babies, kids and adults!

I had this exact phrase in my mind, so when I found this invite I knew it was meant to be!

we changed the time to 2-4 to fit with J's nap


 Ben wanted to make sure there was food for big people to enjoy too. The party was at 2, so I didn't want a ton of food (since it wasn't lunch). I decided on sandwiches. Everyone enjoys those (and little people can eat the meat/cheese).

I cut the cheese into triangles and they were adorable "shark teeth"! (Thanks Pinterest!)

I knew I wanted fruit and found kebab sticks laying around. A light bulb went off and I decided to make fruit kebab "coral reefs"! The only problem...nobody ate them because they looked too much like decor. I instructed my buds to eat the reefs and two minutes later, there were none left! Apparently it was delicious!

There were goldfish, pretzels (I wanted the sticks to serve as fishing rods, but my dad couldn't find those and I forgot to pick them up when I was at the store for the 3rd time) and my mom made a delicious mango/black bean dip. It was gone in 2.5 seconds.
I used gold fish bowls as serving bowls!!

We debated on whether or not to have adult beverages. In the end, we just opted for "fresh water" and "salt water" aka sweet tea, sprite and a lemonade concoction my mom made.


The same etsy site that made his invite made us cute printables so I used a few to tie it all together!


stats! (I made via pic monkey)

My mom found a lady who makes adorable balloon art. We met with her on Thursday and decided on an adorable bubble/fish design. It was the cutest thing I've seen in a while.


I made him a "one" pennant banner for his highchair. I thought it turned out cute!
high chair with pennant I made

12 month banner I made....quite the difference from 1 to 12!


I made J's party hat with help from my sweet friend Sheena! It was so fun doing this for him.

I ordered his shirt from a friend of a friend. She is my go-to girl for everything applique.

not the best but his good pics are on my friends camera

A girl at work makes sweets on the side and offered to make J's smash cake and cupcakes. They were adorable and tasty!


Goody bags included a variety of fish books, gold fish crackers and go fish cards (for bigger kids).

We borrowed a bounce house to entertain the bigger kids. It was a life saver. My parents also have a trampoline that was a hit too. We had a small kiddie pool (dry of course) for the babies to play in too.

Where to find:

Invites & Printables: Pink Sky Printables
T-Shirt: Be Stitched by Tabitha
Cake: Nashville people....feel free to email me if you want her info!!
Straws: Party Fairy
Balloon Art: (I have her card but not on me!!!)

I'll do another post about the fun party soon!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jack attack: 12 months!!!!!!

Dear Jack,

You have been on the Earth for 365 days now! I'm not sure where those days went or why they had to go by so quickly. I miss those early days where I could just sit and stare at you for hours. I miss those special moments we had while we both figured out the nursing thing (minus the curse words, sorry bout that)!! I miss those nights we spent in the living room, just me and you (so we wouldn't wake Dada up). There are so many things I miss about you being new....

However.....I love this age. You are a trip. Your personality is awesome and I'm pretty sure you get it from me....ha! I love that you are so curious, even if it keeps us on our toes. I love that you genuinely love people, especially us. I love that sweet smile that can light up the room. I love your sweet hugs and that you still think it's cool to cuddle with your mom.

I just plain love you.

Here's your stats at 365 days old......

Height: 29.5 inches tall

Weight: 17.5 llbs

Size: 2 diaper (we are about to try 3's) and 9-12 month clothes

-shaking your head "no"
-outside play time
-playing in the dogs' water bowl (silly boy!)
-throwing everything on the ground (food, toys etc)


-You are WALKING! (took your first steps two weeks ago)
-you are only drinking out of a bottles for you!
-You got a new car seat and love it (you are still rear faced, but we finally installed a mirror and you like that)

-You have 6 teeth!