Friday, May 31, 2013

5 on Friday

I used to do this a while ago, so I was happy to see that a few other bloggers have started it back!

1. I'm 98% sure that I want to start eating clean. I'm amazed at how much processed foods we eat on a daily basis. It's so easy to just open a bag or package. It simply cannot be good for us to eat all this junk.

I've searched Pinterest and found great site that breaks it down for beginners and has a lot of recipes. I talked to B about it and he's on board, so we will see!

Now....what to do with this huge jar full of m&m's??

2.  My college roomie and friend, Jonie has officially opened up a "monogram/applique" business! She makes the cutest stuff, so I'm elated for her!

If you'd like her to make you something cute....check out her FB page!

She made this shirt for Jack! Adorable!

3. We are {almost} ready to finally get our house in the Memphis suburbs on the market! If anyone knows anyone in the market, e-mail me! I'm praying hard that it sells, fast. I'm ready to be done. I love that house but hate the drive and worrying about it.

4. My sweet Sheena is turning 30 tomorrow!!!! We had a surprise dinner at The Southern and took her out last weekend. We had such a blast!

5. Wednesday I got a phone call from a manager at Wal-Mart. She informed me that they were donating a wooden swing set and wanted to know if we (my preschool) would be interested. Um....yea!

 One of her nieces goes to my center, so she thought of us first!!!

Thank you Wal-Mart!!! I may never talk bad about you again....ha!

Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

a day in the life

Our days are so much different now than when J was first born or even a few months old. Honestly, I can barely remember what those early days looked like! Sad. I've been wanting to document our day(s) in pictures year now, and I finally got it! Mostly!

Here's what a day in the life looks like here at the Fishbowl.....

Ben leaves for work: 6ish (he works until 3 or later if he gets a late call)

J and I wake up: 7-7:30
Ignore the bite marks....I was washing the cover pads.

I am not an early riser. I thought that I would miracously change into one after J was born, but that clearly did not happen. I like my sleep. Thankfully, Jack has been/is a great sleeper too! I'm trying to wake up, though, before he wakes up! I find that it does help me feel less "rushed".  Some days it's easier to do this than others.

Jack wakes up either talking, laughing (mainly at the dogs) or singing. I love it! I immediately greet him and change his diaper.

Morning Cup: after waking up

Right now, his Pediasure 1.5 is the primary source of his calories and nutrients. It is important that he drinks his cup first, before he fills up on anything else. Depending on the day, we either take the cup to our bed or let him drink it at the table. While he drinks his cup, I will continue to get ready for the day. I usually sing or talk to him about what's in store for the day.

Breakfast: 8ish

After I let him play for a few minutes or so (usually chasing the dogs), it is time for breakfast. Right now, his go-to breakfast is "Yo Toddler Yogurt". I've tried eggs, cereal bars, cereal and he's not into any of it. We will continue to work on it.

Lately, we've been letting him feed himself. I let him play with the spoon and he has figured out how to use it to feed himself. Such a proud moment!

Get dressed: either before/after breakfast

Pack for school:

He has to take two cups (already made with his pediasure) to school every day. Some days, he needs diapers and bibs so we'll pack those too.

School/work: 9-6

He absolutely loves school. He goes right into his room and plays. I sign him him and fill out his daily sheet. I let his teachers run to the bathroom/get a drink etc, and then wave bye-bye.

My days are never the same. Some days it does get a tad monotoneous, but it's never boring.

I deal with paper work, bills, deposits, schedules, tours/enrollment, parents, children, staff, building issues, menus, purchasing, budgets, etc.
random tree limb fell onto our sidewalk. Fun times!

Wal-Mart DONATED this awesome play set to us!!!

The beauty of my job is I do get to go see Jack, whenever. However, he is now starting to get into a "separation" phase. He does not like for me to come in and leave again. He thinks he should just be able to leave with me. His teachers are awesome about hiding me when I go in to drop something off or anything.
play time last week!

During the day, he plays does some art, sings, reads books, eats, sleeps and weather permitting goes outside. He loves recess!

Home: 6ish (some days B will p/u Jack earlier from school!)

Outside play (with dogs) or free play until dinner is ready. Some days we run a quick errand or go out to eat.

Dinner: 6:30ish
(ignore the recycling)
We give him an "appetizer" until we can get his plate ready! Spoiled!!

Bath (every other night) 7ish:
not sure what B is doing!

Jack loves his bath time. He literally could play in the tub for hours. However, once he's done, he's done. He'll just get up and crawl out of the tub!! Ben is in charge of bath time. It's their time. I get his ear plugs in and then let them have their dad/son time. I usually help with PJ time afterwards.

PM cup: we try to give it to him close to dinner, but if he's not ready we wait until closer to 7:30

Bedtime: 8

We never did "sleep training", and he's always been an awesome sleeper. We try to keep the routine the same, no matter what. We let him play up until a few minutes til 8 and then we grab him, kiss him good night and put him in the bed. I say "good night bud" and leave the room. He sometimes gets right up and jumps in the bed for a minute, and then as soon as I get to the video monitor, he's asleep.

Some nights, he just needs extra snuggle/hair rubbing (He loves to rub my hair) time. This is fine by me! He'll only be little once. We'll snuggle while I sing "you are my sunshine" and then I will repeat our normal routine!

Our time: 8-bedtime

We watch TV, blog, catch up on our day, study (B is back in school), read and get ready for the next day.

Bedtime: 10-11....way too late, I know.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

at the ole ball game...

Several weeks ago (I'm not sure why I forgot to post about it earlier) we took Jack to his first baseball game! The Nashville Sounds is our local AAA baseball team and their games are always a lot of fun.

It was a 7 o'clock game, so we couldn't stay too long. We arrived and immediately scoped out the food/drink selections! Priorities!

Jack had a great time and really liked the music! He mostly watched the game, but HATED Ozzie the mascot. Poor thing.

the only Ozzie he liked!

the usher let us change our seats and we had the whole area to ourselves!

We cannot wait to go to more games this summer. We may even be brave enough to take him to a Braves game too!

It's never to early to introduce him to the love of the game....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being a confident mom....

If that's not an oxymoron, I don't know what is!! ha!

There's so many choices a mom (and dad) has to choose for a child and it can really mess with one's head and confidence level.

Breast/formula, daycare/stay-at-home (or heck,even which type of day care), traditional shots/delayed shots, paci/no paci, cry it out/not, forward facing/rear facing, organic/non organic......etc etc.

swinging with his future wife
All these decisions have consequences, so of course it's hard as a mom to know which is ultimately the best. I've learned, pretty quickly, that there's no right or wrong in this whole parenting gig.

I'm not sure if it's social media (always the scape goat), or what, but mom wars can get ugly. I know I'm guilty of judging, and have to remind myself that it's none of my business. I often remind myself that "judge not, lest you be judged"!!

I've also decided that I will not "explain" any of our decisions to anyone. It's not a competition and I'm not going to feel bad for anything we're doing for our child(ren).

There are a few things that I'm 100% confident on:
I'm confident he's the cutest future goalie, ever!

1. B and I love Jack more than life itself.
2. We're making decisions for his benefit.
3. We are not perfect and mistakes are okay.
4. When all said and done, we will raise a happy, well-adjusted, law abiding, Jesus loving child.

my baby can read!

I don't think there is any trick to being a confident mom. I try not to take myself to seriously or add any extra pressure by trying to be like others. I pray. A lot. I confide in my mom and others who have been there/done it (and who won't make me feel bad about my decisions). I go with my mom gut. I just do what's best for us and our child. Did I mention that I pray....a lot?!

At the end of the day, that's all you can do....right?!

Monday, May 20, 2013


After months of debating, I finally decided to take Jack to a "Gymboree" class. He's into every.thing, so I figured this would be a good fit. I want him to have a place where it's perfectly safe and okay to climb, throw or roll!

We went Saturday for his preview class and he did so well! This weeks class was focused on ball play, which of course is one of his faves. He climbed, jumped (it's his new trick), walked across the bridge and had a blast.  He sat on a giant ball (like it came up to my chest, giant) while the teacher rolled it, and I was shocked at how well his balance is!  He wasn't a huge fan of the parachute though. Oh well.

after class was over....he took two balls and decided to see them bounce on the trampoline

He met several new friends, but was too busy checking out the place to really socialize. That place is definitely sensory overload. The other moms (and one dad) were really nice too, so that's a plus!

I cannot wait for our Saturday mornings now and to see how much he progresses through these next few months. The owner said it takes about 4 classes before they "get" it. We shall see.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Diet schmiet

(This is long, but it's for our memory!)

Jack has seen the GI since he was 7ish months. The poor child has been on more "diets" than Carter has liver pills (it's an old expression but basically means a lot).

He went to the RD on his birthday and was put on a new diet plan. The RD kept him on his same formula calculations (30 kcal/oz) and increased it an ounce per cup. The formula calculation he was on was equivalent to the regular Pediasure, but had more nutrients. We also were informed to keep introducing foods to him and weaning him off of pureed food. She was in total agreement with us that if he refuses a meal (after we offered several times) to let him skip that meal, versus offering him baby food.

Two weeks ago, we had a follow up with his GI. He grew a full inch in height and is now in the 50%! He only gain a couple ounces, but he did gain. The Doctor was pleased that he did actually go up on his chart. She, of course, wanted to see more though.

trying to keep him entertained....he's into everything!
We met with another RD. This RD (the one on call), completely shattered our original diet. She (and the GI) put him on Pediasure 1.5 (it has 1.5 kcal oz versus 1). Not only does it have more calories/oz it also has more age appropriate vitamins etc (now that he's 13 months). He needs to drink 7 oz, four times per day. Plus foods etc. We're now buttering his crackers and he can now eat peanut butter (starting off small amounts first to be safe).  They gave us some samples and he immediately drank it right up.

We went to order it and almost fell over....$55-70 a case. He'll go through a case in about a week.

We are now working on getting it covered through our insurance since it is considered "medical food". Dealing with an insurance company and their "outsource" company has been a lot of fun. Not.

He will continue on this plan until we go back in 2.5 months. If he hasn't gone up on his chart, the doctor  will schedule him for an upper GI scope. I've had one and they're not fun. I'm hoping he goes up!!

However, I'm almost to the point where I say enough. I will do everything in my power to help him grow and get the FTT label off his charts, but it's crazy. At some point, can we not just agree that this kid isn't going to be a middle linebacker?? He's meeting all his milestones, and to me, that's most important.

UPDATE: insurance will NOT cover the pediasure. Ugh. The GI clinic will give us samples when needed and my mom's friend (an RD) got us a case from the Abbott rep. Every bit helps.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

what a week

and it's only just beginning....

1. My dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He's having issues with his gallbladder and they found out he has pneumonia and his WBC was high. Needless to say, he hasn't been feeling well. He can't have the surgery on his gallbladder until everything else is cleared. He was thankfully discharged later today, with a script for the pneumonia.

2. Work is crazy this time of year.  I've debated (with myself) whether or not I want to just quit and do something else totally different. Some days I just don't want the stress of responsibility! This adult thing is for the birds.

3. Jack is sick. He hasn't been quite his normal happy self for a couple of weeks. He is getting a tooth, so I kinda chopped it up to that.

A lot of kiddos have been getting a random/fast fever and today was his day. It wasn't a high fever, but I knew something was up because he refused his PM cup yesterday and he has never in his life refused his "bedtime" nurse/bottle/cup. Plus he's been extra cranky and sleepy. Not him at all.

Took him to the doctor and his throat is really red and he has the dreaded virus. Poor guy.

So yeah, I'm ready for this week to be over.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's day

This day has always been special to me, because it's one day that is all about my Momma! She does so much for so many and rarely asks for anything. It's nice to do something just for her. I remember making her breakfast in bed and trying my hardest to cook something she would actually eat! Toast always seemed to be a good choice. I remember making loads of cute cards for her and/or buying her the fanciest Hallmark card (and I always signed my full she didn't know it!) , and I always picked out the best gift.

Little did I know that those things really didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Now that I am fortuante to be a mother, I realize just how silly perfect gifts and fancy Hallmark cards are! Granted, they're nice and appreciated.

The greatest gift in the entire world is simply being with those who made you a Momma (and your momma too)!

Today was my second Mother's day and it was a day I will always remember. There weren't any major parades in my honor or fancy dinners consumed. It was just a day spent with {almost} all of my favorite people!

We talked, we played, we ate and we tried our hardest to keep up with a very active 13 month old who may or may not have accidentally broken a lamp.

I simply had a fantastic Mother's day. Being with my mom and son (and dad, husband, brother, SIL, nephews)....what could be better?!
jumping in the trampoline....

he loves his Millie


riding his trike with his Millie

my boy!

ignore the fact that i look 9 months pregnant!

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dream cruise!

A blogger I've read for a few years now is having a wonderful giveaway from Norwegian Cruise Lines! My parents have cruise on NCL and I've known several people who enjoy them.

It's for....get this....a cruise for 4! Um...yeah! I'd love to cruise around Italy, Greece and Spain!!!

I {heart} cruising, so I'm all about this!

cruise Oct 10
on another line

If you want to enter, go to her blog!!
Cruise Oct 11 (15ish wks preg)

Good luck!

(I'm receiving an extra entry for this post!)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here Comes the Sun...

Saturday our friends Taylor and Susan were married in a beautiful wedding (in spite of the rain)! Ben met Taylor while they were in the academy together, and they formed an instant bond. It was only natural that Susan and I met and clicked. We don't get to hang out often due to work conflicts, but they're great people and friends.

Taylor asked B and a few other guys from their class, to be ushers. Unlike the ushers in our wedding, it was quite a big deal. He had to rent a tux, rehearse and show up extra early! I must have been too easy on our ushers b/c they wore their own suit, showed up like 10 mins til and didn't have to rehearse!

Anyways, their wedding was set to be outdoors at the gorgeous Cheekwood garden. It rained like crazy that weekend, so they had to quickly move it into the tent that was set up for their reception. I loved her choice in entrance music. She chose "Here comes the sun" and it was perfect!

It was beautiful. She was beautiful. My husband looked especially handsome in his tux! The food was great. The company was fun. The music was awesome (live band). The drinks were plentiful. The dancing was fun. Did I mention the drinks were plentiful?!

pre-wedding in the Cheekwood Mansion

enjoying cocktail hour
the ushers
Mr. and Mrs. J!

dancing the night away...again, too many signature drinks!!

his cute "cake"

All in all, it was a great night!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fiesta de Fishbowl!

 Last week, I decided I wanted to have a "Cinco De Mayo Fiesta" at the house! We couldn't go back to Mexico so I thought it would be fun to bring it to TN!

loved the guac!

We invited just a few close friends and I delegated each friend an item to bring (guacamole, beer etc). I made Jamie Deen's "5 layer taco dip" and it was a perfect appetizer! I started to make these "crock pot chicken ranch enchiladas" but ultimately decided to just do them as tacos. We also had grilled steak for tacos! Yummy!!!
scored the fiesta banner from Target's dollar spot!!

We had a great time. There wasn't anything fancy (I mean, we used paper plates y'all), but the food and the friends were perfect!

the best tequila we got in's only sold there too!
I hope we can make it an annual tradition!

Friday, May 3, 2013

challenge catchup!

A fellow blogger , Jenni, is hosting a "post every day in May" challenge. It's now the 3rd of May and I'm just getting started! Ya know that saying...Three A day late...a dollar short....ha! Oh well!

Day 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less!

I'm Emily. Born & raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Daughter. Sister to an older brother. Lived in the same house for my entire life (with the exception of college) and my parents still reside there today! Graduate of a small Christian private school (random fact: I was the football manager with a girl who is now a famous singer!!!) and MTSU! A proud Delta Zeta alumna!
me circa 1984

Met & dated, long distance when he was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA, a man who I was just going to be friends with.

first MC ball!
Married after 5ish years of dating. Moved to Memphis. Adopted dog to add to our pack. Tried to have baby.

Got dream job back in Nashville. Moved to Nashville, while husband stayed in Memphis. Finally PREGNANT.  Endured 8 months long distance marriage, while pregnant.

Became a mother 13 months ago and my life is all the better because of my son.

Lover of: God, family, traveling, photography, animals, food and having fun with my friends!

Day 2: something you're good at:


I can't sing. I can't sew. I can't draw. This ought to be fun!

I'm honestly really good with children. Always have been. I would always be the teacher's helper and at Summer camp would always help with the younger kids (even when I was young myself).

Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable:

1. Public speaking. I'd rather take a beating than speak in front of a group. Yikes.
2.  Videos or pictures of abused animals. I literally turn the channel or hide them on FB. I cannot watch.
3. Firing people. I've, unfortunately, had to do this 3 times and it sucks. It was for the best, but it made me so uncomfortable.  Not sure how Donald Trump does it!

I'm all caught up....for now!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

all about me!

Saw this a bit ago on Leigh Anne's blog and thought I'd do it too! Follower...yep, that's me!

It's been a crazy and not-very-good week, so I really have nothing else nice to blog about! 

1. The Basics
-Who are you: Emily
-Where do you blog: Life in the Fishbowl
-How did you pick your blog’s name: Our last name is FISHer! We (mainly me!) started calling our house the Fishbowl and this is about our life. So Life in the Fishbowl it is!

2. Location, location, location
-Where did you grow up: Nashville 'burbs
-Where do you live now: Nashville 'burbs (hopefully selling our house in Memphis 'burbs soon!)
-Where would you live anywhere in the world: Even though it's uber expensive, San Diego! Or St. Thomas!

3. Let’s talk beauty - what is your favorite or signature:
-Lipstick: None. Much to my mother's dismay! I may occasionally wear gloss.
-Perfume: Lacoste: forget the name

4. Yummies - what is your favorite:
-Cocktail: Malibu, Midori and Pineapple (there's 1000 names apparently for that) or a banana Caribbean my favorite bartender made in MX!
-Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies

5. I always have these three things in my refrigerator:
Un: Yobaby Yogurt
Deux: Cheese
Trois: Turkey

6. Get artsy - what is your favorite:
"League of Their Own" is one
Book:  "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Great Gatsby"! Love those classics. 
TV Show: Duck Dynasty, The Cosby Show or Law and Order!

7. Kid stuffs - three questions about your youth:
-What did you want to Be when you grew up? a teacher (I even had my own class, complete with chalkboard, grade book and supplies!)
-Who was your favorite teacher and why? Mrs. Moorehead: kindergarten. She was fun and very kind! Great way to start your educational career.
-What was your worst sickness/surgery/hospital visit as a kid? I had Mono at 15. It was horrible. I lost 10+ pounds, sick for weeks....awful.

8. The Pretty Things - what is your:
Favorite color: Black (really) or pink
Favorite flower: hydrangea
Favorite artist (painter, photographer, etc.): Phil Ponder (local Nashville guy)

9. Shop ‘Til You Drop
-What’s one thing you buy the most often: clothes
-Do you prefer to shop online or in-store? in-store b/c some clothes just don't look right on!
-Imagine you open your own store - what would you sell? "Clothes for women in their 20's and 30's.  There is a deficit b/tw the Forever 21 and the Chico's crowd.  You can still be trendy without your butt hanging out or dressing like your mom." -Leigh Anne
(Well said Leigh Anne!)

10. Be a Hater: what are three things you would like to go away?
Ein: cancer
Zwei: infertility (so many wonderful people suffering and it so sad!)

11. The Final Three
I hand you a genie - what are your three wishes? 
1. To have all of my family live long healthy lives
2.  To be able to travel the world...having the money and time.
3.  To be able to eat what I want and not gain weight! 

List 3 things you can see out of your window right now.
1.  a gorgeous blue day
2. trees
3.the church next door

Who are three people, living or dead, you would invite over for dinner?
1.  Grandparents (all 4....I'd give anything to see them again)
2. Jesus
3. my Uncle Tim because there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him like crazy. (I hate Cancer b/c it took him from me.)