Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The past couple of weeks have been rough. I was sick. J had a crazy one-and-done throwing up spell. I was “relieved of my duties” at work. We had multiple showings and zero offers on our house.  So yeah, rough is putting it mildly.

I was devastated and completely shocked to lose my job.  I was given zero reasons, zero.  I was also down right mad. I’m not going into detail, b/c at this point I trust practically nobody, but the whole situation was handled poorly.

I was knocked down, pretty daggum far, but I was determined not to let “them” keep me down. I started looking and applying for different positions and praying, a lot.

I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that God truly does have a plan for me. I’ve begged Him to reveal this plan, soon. 

He has shown me so much more. He’s shown me perspective.

I was watching TV (in all my new found free time) and saw a commercial (I believe) of a mom in Africa giving her emaciated and naked son some water.  Right then and there I stopped and prayed for that child and children who know hunger.
I also watched a Duggar episode where they met a teenager with cancer. At the end, it said “In Memory of…” because she had lost her battle.
I bawled like a baby.

Apparently it took those two seemingly meaningless shows to put my situation into perspective....

I do not have a job. I’ll be “homeless” (not really, but kinda) in less than 2 months. Money is going to be tight for a while. I may have to sacrifice a few Target trips or eating out several times.


I have an amazingly supportive husband who works his tail off every day for us.  

I have an awesome family, both blood and marriage. Both of our parents have offered their support and house for us to use until we can find one here.  They’ve both taken me out to eat several times to cheer me up, b/c in the South nothin’ says love/support like free food! Ha!!

I have a  son who truly makes my life immensely richer.   

I have everything that I need, and more than I could ever deserve.

We all are healthy, well fed, well dressed and well loved.

For now, I’m a stay-at-home mom (sounds weird saying it!) and embracing this chapter. I’m (shockingly) staying away from Target.  I’m soaking up every second with my crazy, sweet, smart,  wild child. I’m applying for positions and interviewing. I’m praying, a lot.  I’m enjoying life and smiling, a lot.

After all…my life is great and it’s definitely worth smiling about!

UPDATE (since I wrote this post almost two weeks ago): I was offered a position working with a real estate broker and accepted it! It's a completely new path, but I'm excited. Jack starts his new school on Monday. It's a much smaller school, which will (hopefully) help limit his exposures and keep him healthy.Ultimately, I do want to stay-at-home, so we're taking the steps necessary to do that in the future.

I have not been to Target in over 2 weeks and went to the mall and purchased not one thing!!! Woohoo!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sticks and Stones...

....make for one happy boy!!

Yesterday J and I went with my parents and nephew to my Granny's house. (My parents have fixed it up and use it as a "getaway" house)

It was beyond refreshing to get out of Nashville and be away from everything. There's no tv, hardly any internet/cell service. Just us and the cows. Perfect.

Stick. Ball. All boy.

assessing the fence!

sweet pony...almost wanted to take him home

Jack LOVED every second. He ran, found every.single.stick in the acre yard, picked up rocks, threw his ball, pet the donkey, picked up more sticks and ran some more!

We also went into town and walked around the square. We ate at a cute little coffee/sandwich shop that was quite good.

Filling station turned home accent store! neat!!
 Jack only took a kitty nap (shorter than a cat!), so as soon as we got in the car to head home (1.5hrs) he was out like a light.

We cannot wait to head back to the country soon! It definitely does the soul good.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jack attack: an update

Jack had his 15 month (Whaaat???) check up yesterday. I'm shocked that I have a full blown toddler now!

20 pounds and 31ish inches tall
He's finally ON the charts! His Doctor, nurses and I all cheered!! This is big news, folks!!!


The Doctor (whom we absolutely LOVE. She and her nurses are amazing!) wants to limit his exposure to unnecessary germs, in hopes to keep him well (and out of the hospital).  We're putting his Gymboree lessons on hold for at least a month and will not be taking him to the church nursery or any places where there's a lot of kids. He is obviously still going to day care, but doesn't need additional exposures.  I'm also making sure to use the cart cover on shopping carts, lysol his toys etc. We need a bubble. Seriously!

Over the past couple of months, we've (and his teachers at school) have noticed that he spits everything he eats out, even if he's chewed it. We will speak to his GI about this issue at his next appointment, but in the mean time his pediatrician wants to see if therapy would help him with if it is texture issue related (and not something medically wrong). We were referred to the Tennessee Early Intervention Service program about his failure to thrive/eating issues. We have a meeting/interview with them next week, and hopefully can get some feeding therapy through them. (He had one feeding therapy session months ago for his gagging, but didn't need more at that time since he had surgery to correct the tongue tie.)

He had 3 shots and was not a fan, at all. I believe these are the last for a while, so I'm glad!

He's been through a lot in his short 15 months, but is such a trooper!

Friday, July 5, 2013

5 on Friday

Even though my week is thoroughly thrown off schedule (thanks mid-week holiday), I'm glad it's Friday!

Here's my up here!

1. Wednesday we had an impromptu date night! B asked his mom to keep Jack over night and we went out on the town! We NEVER do this anymore, so it was fun. We decided to eat somewhere that we wouldn't go with Jack. so we chose Catina Laredo and it was delicious. It will definitely be on our date night rotation.

This date also confirmed that I married the right man (ha!). As soon as his food was brought to him, he waited and said "Don't you want to take a picture of my plate first?!" Aww! ;)

yummy strawberry marg!

After dinner and a drink, we were going to Bar Loui.....but it was packed, and I wasn't feeling a large crowd. So, we headed to our new Irish pub instead. The bartender (who was actually from Ireland) was so nice and we just talked about church, school, kids and  Irish history!

We called it quits and were home at the LATE hour of 11 pm! ;) It was so fun to go out on a random Wednesday night and sleep in the next morning!

2. We celebrated the 4th by doing absolutely NOTHING! It rained, so we picked up Jack and stayed home. I didn't even put him in his cute patriotic outfit. He took two long naps and was asleep at his usual time. Must be growing!!!

3. Jack is in such a fun (yet challenging) phase! He's a little sponge and only has to watch you do something one time, before he figures out how to do it too.

For instance:
A few weeks ago, I was dusting while he was playing. Apparently, he stopped playing and just watched me dust because I looked over and he had taken a kleenex and was wiping the table (just like  I was)! He does it all the time now. Just give him a dust rag, and it's wipe down city!

Yesterday, Ben was polishing his (work) boots. After studying how to do it for a bit, B gave J the brush and said "can you polish it for me?" Well....he did, wubanub and all!!!

4. Our house is officially on the market, today! I'm praying it sells fast! I probably should get a St. Joseph statue to bury.

5. I cannot wait to wear my TN tank!!! How cute is this?!!

Happy weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I confess...

E is having her "mid-week confession" link up! Confession is good for the soul, right?!

1. I'm already dreading coming into work on Friday. This random day off during the work week is nice, but totally messing me up.

2. I watched the episode of "The Doctors" (I record it) and it was on ways to have a flat belly. They showed the amount of fat a normal American consumes by eating hamburgers in one year. It was supposed to motivate one to not want the unhealthy burgers/hotdogs. I was grossed out BUT realllllllly wanted Five Guys. Guess who enjoyed her a little burger? This gal! Sorry Doctors!

(I will be limiting my burgers though!)

3. I'm over the fireworks. They are pretty and fun, but hearing random loud "booms" for hours every night is annoying. I'm officially old, I guess. I guess I should just be thankful that the dogs and Jack aren't really bothered by the noise.

4. I may have a "social media" obsession. Ben joked and said that I "blog about pinterest while facebooking on instagram". It's kinda true. It's fun, but waaaaay to much of a time suck. I really need a break from one/all social media. Soon.

So, there are my confessions. What about yours?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Red White and Boom!

Yesterday was the huge firework show at my Aunt's church. It's the second best show in Nashville and completely free. My family is definitely making it an annual tradition to attend.

They have an orchestra that plays patriotic music before the big show. My Aunt's husband is a member of the orchestra, so we always like supporting him. The music is always awesome.
my all-American boy!
They had food, an ice cream truck (and I may or may not have waited 20 mins to get some) and other goodies. They also have a big playground for the kiddos to play, so that helped.
Uncle Bubs always makes him laugh!

His Aunt M!

Millie and Pa

he's more interested in the glow light than the fireworks!

Jack did great with the fireworks. He just stared and didn't even flinch when they "boomed"! I was pretty proud!

Can't wait for next year...