Thursday, August 29, 2013

Titan up!

Saturday Ben and I had a much needed (and it's actually part of our "goals" for Jack's therapy!) date night and went to the Titans pre-season game against the Falcons! My dad got tickets from his Schwab investment guy but didn't want them. Um....score for us! They were great seats too!

We were not going to pay $20 to park close(r) to the stadium, which means we parked 100 miles away. Lets just say, we got our cardio for the day.

 We had a group of guys (and two girlfriends) next to us that were a trip. One of them kept giving me peanuts, with out me asking! ha! Gotta love drunk fun guys. Who was I to argue? After all, the peanuts tasted great with the local brewed beers we took out a loan for enjoyed!!!

We had to leave during the 3rd quarter because B had to work the next morning. Even though we didn't get to stay the whole game, we both had a blast! The Titans won too, so that made it even better!

Let's go Titans!

Monday, August 26, 2013


In his short 16 months, Jack has had many labels.


The one I never wanted him to have was the "failure to thrive" label. It really makes a Mom feel like a failure too.
So handsome!

I used to beg and hope that his Doctors would drop that label b/c I didn't want him labeled as such. MY child couldn't possibly be "failing to thrive". Must have been a mistake. However, I've slowly come to terms with it and have even began embracing the term.
gym class

After all, it's b/c of his label (and his 25% delay in speech & adaptive skills) that got him approved for therapy through TEIS (TN Early Intervention Services). It's b/c of his label that he will (hopefully) finally get the help to overcome his feeding issues.

found his long lost brother!!!
After a ton of paper work, an evaluation (which he totally rocked a 3 year old skill!) and IFSP (individualized family service plan), he's been officially approved for services. He starts working with the "developmental therapist" on Friday and I'm excited. She'll come to his school (during lunch) and for now the least restrictive route is to work with him while he's in class. She may eventually take him out if it's better for him. (We're also trying to get actual feeding therapy too, but for now hoping this helps). I know he'll grow (in all areas) by leaps and bounds. I simply am thrilled that I get to be an active witness!

vacuuming at Millie and Pa's!
He goes back to his GI/RD on Wednesday and I'm hoping that she will be impressed with his progress. We are also going to see about his swallowing issues (he spits most anything not pureed out after chewing) and hopefully rule out anything physically/medically wrong.

We will never let this (or any!) label to define our son, and are working to get it dropped...but for now we're embracing it!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

a fair time!

Yesterday we went to the Wilson County Fair and absolutely had a blast. I haven't been since I was a teen, so it was great reliving memories. I also saw so many people I knew that I haven't seen in a while, which was nice. cannot go to a fair with out eating fair foods. It's a requirement that we were happy to obey. We found the 4H stand and ordered a yummy pork tenderloin sandwich. We also found these potato ribbon fries that were ah-mazing. We don't need to discus calories, ok!? We also shared a bite or 10 of our friends funnel cake. Yum, yum. Ben then HAD to have "fried Oreos", and I wasn't going to argue! They were awesome.

After we stuffed ourselves, we walked through the "ride" section and politely turned down the "frog jumper" et al. Oh the wisdom of being a grown up. The 16 year old me, would have been all over those rides. Not so much anymore.

We had fun just walking around, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the monkey jockey race. I've seen it all, friends!

He was perplexed about the monkies riding on the "Dixies"

Our favorite spot was riding on the old tractors and walking around the neat little handmade goods section. They had a blacksmith, "horse made" ice cream and other fun things.

On our way out, we had to pass through the "rabbit and poultry" section. I've never in my life seen so many different type of poultry.

We cannot wait to make this an annual tradition!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A case of the Mondays!

Is it the weekend yet?! I've been so busy/thrown off schedule, that I actually woke up Sunday thinking it was Tuesday. If only, right!

1. Being the great friend I am, I agreed to pick up my friend Kelly from the airport at 10:30 PM. With that being said, I didn't get home til well after 11 and was exhausted.

2. Jack is getting another molar, so that means he's up on-off through out the night. Which means, I'm up too.

3. 6 AM came too early and I ignored my alarm. Thankfully, I woke up (somewhat on time) and got ready in record speed.

4. I drive to the office, get out with my upteen bags (purse/lunch box/breakfast bag/drink) and could not find my keys anywhere. I'm not sure how, but I LOCKED my car with my KEYS on the seat. My car isn't supposed to allow me to lock it with the door opened, so I'm not sure how this happened.

5. The key to my office (not the building, thankfully),  is on that chain too. I cannot get in to start my day.'s been one of those days. BUT.....on the upside.....

1. Jack woke up in a sweet mood!

2. I made it to work, on time!

3. We have roadside assistance with our car insurance, so they took care of calling a pop-a-lock. I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket, so that was helpful too!

4. The pop-a-lock was here with in an hour and got it opened with in 2 seconds! In a way, it's frightening to think how easy it was!
Thank you Auto rescue guy!

5. We got an OFFER on our house!!!!!! We're countering, and praying it all works out. But alas, we got an offer!

I'm so glad my Monday is improving! Hopefully this week will be less crazy!

Happy Monday, y'all!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A place like Mississippi

My sweet friend, Sheena,  is the owner of the cutest little handmade jewelry company.... Bird on a Wire & Co.! She makes the neatest pieces, all by hand and in her home (and while raising two kids). She's superwoman.

A couple of months ago, she asked me if I would help her with a festival she wanted to go to in MS. Sure, I said. It will be fun, I said.

Fast forward to last week....the week of the carnival!

We left Nashville on Thursday afternoon and drove 2.5 hours to Savannah, TN. She's from there and had to drop her kids off etc etc. After a whirlwind in Savannah, we were off to MS.

Two hours later, we were finally in Water Valley, MS to take part of the annual Watermelon Carnival! We immediately went to the park to set up our tent. At 9:30, we were finally able to eat dinner at the one (and only) Mexican restaurant in town. We ate like hired help! Oh wait....!!!

We were up at the crack of dawn on Friday and sold until 10 that evening. They had a neat firework show and a "street dance" that we did not partake in! It was hotter than hades. Who schedules an outside carnival in MS in AUGUST?? Seriously? We were exhausted. We crashed at a friends house and slept in a Spiderman bed. Fun times.
Me, Sheena, Jobie (her friend from HS)

Saturday was the final day of the Carnival (it's not a festival...don't make that mistake!!!) and I was never so happy to see some clouds. It was so humid, but the sun wasn't out so it was tolerable.

just a few of her pieces
I knew I was in a small Southern town when I was informed to walk into the house across the street to use their bathroom (after all, it's not locked of course!). I debated, but figured what the heck. I walked in, used the facilities and as I was headed out, the owner (a sweet Grandma) put me to work!!! I had to get some fans down from the closet and we literally sat there for 5 minutes talking. Nothing better than Southern hospitality!

We called it a day around 4 and loaded up. We were originally going to drive to Savannah, but decided to stay in Oxford for one night. We were kidless, husbandless after all!

We ate in Oxford at Obys (yum!) and then walked around their neat square. We hit up a local diveish bar (in our shorts/tshirts...classy!) and partied to the wee hour of 10:30. We are old and were flat out exhausted.
Oxford at night

We finally got to TN Sunday afternoon and I was never so happy in my life to be in my humble state!
TN sounds great to me!

All in all, it was a blast. My friend sold a bunch, got her name out there and that is whats important. We had a fun girls only trip, but I missed my boys so much!