Monday, September 23, 2013

This post brought to you by the letter F!

Fall: is  our favorite time of year! My husband commented that "he loves everything about Fall" and I couldn't agree more. Thankfully the weather is getting a tad cooler, crisper and just plain ole perfect. Plus, there's a plethora of PUMPKIN flavored, everything. Can't beat that.
Perfect way to end a great fall night!

Family time:  I love that B has the weekends off now! I'm not sure how long it will last (b/c all great things must end, right?) so we're enjoying them while we can.

Saturday mornings is Gymboree time and Jack-man is now in the "Problem Solver" class, which he loves. This week after class, they had an "Owl party" at their retail store at the mall across the way.  We needed to get J some jeans that fit ( difficult is it to make ALL toddler jeans adjustable waist? 12 months are too short, but 18 are toooooooo big in the waist..ugh) so we decided to head to the mall.We never go to the mall, so it was a nice change of scenery!

making his owl

We went to the Gymboree store, and made his owl print. We actually were successful in finding jeans that mostly FIT. They're adjustable, and boot cut. He's like a mini-man. We also found his 2nd Halloween costume (the main one I'll make), so I'm excited.
this kid loves to color!

Friends: Sunday we attended our friends' gender reveal party which was fun! Jack and his bud D (who will be a big bro in Feb), used to go to school together so it was fun to reunite them. They picked up right where they  left off...getting into trouble!

Double trouble!

After the reveal, we headed to the park with our friends, Sheena, Justin and kids. It was a gorgeous day and I didn't want to waste a minute.


silly boys

Football: The Titans pulled off a WIN...barely, but I'll take it! We may or may not need to watch the games in a room, away from Jack from now on....b/c, well, he started yelling at the T.V. (football game) like we were. Oops! (and no, we really don't let him watch TV, or condone yelling...but the Titans sometimes need to be yelled at!!!)


Monday, September 16, 2013


It is sad when your 17 month old has a busier social calendar than you?? I told him he needs to tone it down already, or get a different chauffeur.

He was invited to two birthday parties and we had a mini family reunion/celebration of life party all on Saturday. I'm a firm believer that if you RSVP to a party, come hail or high water, you go! Also, I'm a big believer that if someone graces you with their presences at your party, you do the same. I was fortunate that the parties all were at different times (and two were relatively close to one another).

Party #1 was for his friend Walker. It was a Thomas the Train party and absolutely ADORABLE. I work with W's mom and knew it was going to be perfect. She does not miss a detail.

first sack race....he WON!!!
They colored trains, played "cargo race" (aka sack race), and did a "coal" toss! Jack loved it.

is this not the cutest thing,ever?

Train conductors!

the coolest cake my friend MADE herself!

coloring his train

goodie bags
coal toss like a pro!
We only could stay about an hour before we were off to the next party, but we had a blast.

Party #2 was for our friend Addie! We love Addie and her family....they are too sweet. They had bounce houses and it was way more "chill", which was perfect. Jack decided he'd much rather put a rock in/out/in/out of the down spout, instead of jumping. Boys!

Princess Addie!

Again, we could only stay for an hour before we had to head to the final gig of the day.

Party #3 was for B's cousin, A. It was an upbeat celebration of love, family, and life, b/c unfortunately she has stage 4 cancer. She is in great spirits, and is in treatment; we are all praying for healing. It was great meeting several of his cousins and misc family members, and of course introducing Jack.

my boys!

fishing at the pond!

fallen and can't get

walking to the pond

When we got home, I commented that we went to 3 parties and did NOT eat one piece of cake.  That just aint right folks!!!

We had such a fun, crammed packed, party filled weekend!! I'm pretty sure I've filled my party quota for a while though!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List!

It's unofficially fall, now if only the weather could get that particular memo! Seriously, 90 degree temps aren't conducive to sweater wearing, cider drinking, pumpkin pickin days!

I heart fall and always have! I'm already making my list of must-dos this fall and it is getting longer by the day. I'm sure Ben is thrilled! ;)

1. Visit an apple orchard and pick our own apples.
2. Bake an apple pie (or maybe just buy one..ha!) and make our own applesauce!
3. Pick out our pumpkin at our favorite patch!
my cute little pumpkin! 
4. Ride on a hayride!
5. Go to a drive-in movie. (Date night!)
6. Walk through a corn-maze with out getting lost! (But...honestly, getting lost is so much fun!)
7. Make Jack's costume (I can't wait for him to ToT this year!)
8. Visit as many festivals as I can. I love fall festivals.
9. Attend a Titans game    done!!
10. Attend The Haunting at the Hermitage....we had soooo much fun last year and know this year will be better.
11. Shop at Christmas Village with mom! It's our yearly tradition (since I was a kid) and I love it.
12. Take pictures of J/us in the leaves!
13. Finally eat at the Loveless Cafe. (I'm ashamed I have never been.)
14. Enjoy some pumpkin flavored goodies!
15. Have Jack make some cute fall/halloween/Thanksgiving handprint art!

the Haunting at the Hermitage wore him out!!

I'm sure there are 100 other things I will add! What's on your list?

Happy {almost} fall y'all!

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday

TGIF! This short week sure has been a long one!

1. I've had some crazy infection thing on my face that has made my left side swell like crazy. It hurts too. Thankfully, the doctor (on my 2nd visit) put me on another strong antibiotic and it seems to be helping. I go back in a couple of hours for my 3rd (and hopefully final) follow up.
not sure why the second one got switched around

2. B was offered a new position with in the department. He works M-F, day shift and has a take-home car. Um....score!! I knew his hard work would pay off but didn't think he'd get this gig so early!

3. Jack had an awesome GI visit last week.  He's had a major growth spurt and now is ON the charts! Woohoo! He's 33 inches tall and 21 pounds. Big boy!  Unfortunately, he is still on his special pediasure.....but it's okay b/c his growth is worth the $! :)

riding on his new plane his Millie got for him....spoiled.

4. I cannot wait for Fall and to start our fall bucket list. Pumpkin patches, football, hayrides, cornmazes....bring it on!

5. My friend, Kelly, and I took a "Ballet Sculpt" class last week. It was INTENSE. I was sore for two days...ha! I knew it was bad when the awesomely toned instructor said "yeah, these are awful", never a good sign.
However, I'm now bit by the Ballet bug again. The Academy that hosts the sculpt class also has "adult ballet" classes. I'm stoked! It's been 10 years since my last official pliĆ© , but I think I still got it. Maybe! I found my ballet shoes and old leotard....but, there's no way I'm going to  hurt my feelings try that bad boy on!

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!!