Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

This past weekend was crammed packed with fun things with three wild boys! Needless to say, I'm kinda glad for a low-key weekend coming up!

Sunday we took Jack & my nephews to Walden Farms, a local pumpkin farm that we love. My SIL met us there to pick up the boys, so it was fun spending time with her too!

future farmer!

so fast!

roping a bull!

corn mazin' it like a pro!

the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Silly Dada this is a strange way to get my pumpkin!

got one!

So tall this fall!!
hay maze!

Good thing Dada knows how to low crawl

One out of three smiling! Success!

We ran through hay mazes, walked through a "haunted house", talked to the goats, washed pumpkins, walked through a corn maze and picked out a pumpkin! So fun.

See ya next year Walden Farms!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hauntingly Great Fun!

Last year we started a new tradition of attending "The Hauntings" at the Hermitage.  We had a blast last year and knew it would be even better this year.

My brother called Saturday morning and needed a last minute sitter for my Nephews. Of course I told him that they could just come with us. I knew it would be fun for them too.

cousins waiting to go!

We got there later than I wanted, but thankfully we had (FREE) tickets already so we avoided the LOOOONG line. It saved us at least an hour wait. Note to self: purchase tickets in advance.

We immediately went to get in the hayride line b/c it gets busy, fast.  The boys were so excited to ride "the haunted" hayride. Jack had no clue what was going on but enjoyed the ride none-the-less! The ride is quite long and is actually a highlight of the night.

waiting for the haunted hayride!
hay ride!

We painted pumpkins, listened to a ghost story (a true one at that), watched a movie on the lawn and made our very own potions! The potions were neat...basically herbs etc from President Jackson's garden that they used for different medicinal uses, all mixed together however you'd like in a little vial. The boys loved it.

coloring his pumpkin

my 7 yo nephew took this....not the best angle!

watching a movie!

We finally got home after 10 and all 5 of us were officially all haunted out!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

them bones!

Linking up, late of course, for a cute Halloween PJ party over at the Good Life blog!

I absolutely heart skeleton PJ's. I think they're too stinking cute. If things go my way, Jack will wear a pair every year, forever! I'm sure his future wife won't mind!

Seriously, how cute is this??


Love them bones!!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Miscellaneous

1. My mom, Aunt and I had a yard sale on Saturday and I'm still exhausted. Yard sales are no joke, people. This was my first official yard sale and may be my last!!! I was shocked at how much crap I had and was actually embarrassed. Three people (me, B and J) should not have that much stuff they just want and can get rid of. Anywho...the weather was AWFUL but we were troopers. We sold our stuff for 3 hours until the rain set in and we called it a day. We met a lot of nice people and I ran into a lady I used to work with!

After we warmed our bodies up w/ soup, we loaded up the trucks to take the remaining items to Goodwill. (We contacted a women's shelter first but they were fully stocked.) GW really needs to offer a pick up service. Just sayin'.

 (I took zero pictures b/c: 1. it waaaaay too early 2. my phone was almost dead 3. I was ashamed at the amount of crap I had!)

2.  It seems like everyone and MY brother went to Disney for fall break. I'm not a huge Disney fan but seeing their pics (and hearing the stories) makes me wanna go back! I'm thinking we should wait til Jack is at least 4 to go.
brother, nephew, SIL and nephew in ATL hat

What age do you think is the best to start?

3. Dixie Belle, our first girl, had to have a tumor removed last week. While she was out, the Doc took an Xray of Dix's hips too. Poor girl has severe Osteoarthritis. She is on a new medicine that will help with the pain , but can no longer give Jack "piggy back" rides. Jack is doing so well about just loving her and NOT jumping ON her!!

We'll get the patho reports this week too. Not looking great, but the Doc thinks it's a cancer that is curable by removing it. Fingers crossed.

4. Ben's birthday is TOMORROW, as in less than 24 hours. I have yet to get him a card, make him something, or buy him anything. Oops. Maybe a text will do this year!!!!

Wife of the year? I am not.

Have a good week, y'all!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Study buddy

Jack had a "videofluroscopic swallow study" done Friday to help add another piece to his feeding issue puzzle.

waiting patiently with starving 18 month old....

Dada was able to swing by....thankfully!!

It was actually a really neat study. He goes into a special radiology room, where there's a huge x-ray machine set up and a special highchair type chair right next to it. The techs put him in the chair while we put on our x-ray proof vest thing. The Speech Pathologist then mixes up a special concoction of foods with barium. He eats/drinks the special food while the Radiologist takes "pictures" of his swallowing, while we all watch it on the monitor. It was really interesting seeing him swallow on a screen (and all of the teeth that he still has to get in).
the chair

After...lovely barium face!

I'm thankful we went ahead with this study b/c we did find out some initial results. According to the Speech Pathologist, J's tonsils are pretty enlarged. This is causing the food/drink to back up and thus spit back up. She recommended us going to an ENT and actual feeding therapy (w/a feeding therapist not his developmental therapist).  Thankfully, he is NOT aspirating on his food...yet.

We still have to wait for his GI and Pediatrician to review the study and give us their opinions. He also has an upper endoscopy scheduled for this week.

Here's to on more piece to the puzzle..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jack Attack: 18 months

Less than 6 months until I have a two year old. {insert sad momma face here} Time really does fly when you're having fun and you cannot not have fun with Jackson!

You weigh almost 22llbs and are roughly 32 1/4 inches tall (which is weird since you were 33 at the GI last month...may need to remeasure again). Size 3 diapers; 12-18 month clothes (even though some 9 month shirts still fit).

You have 12 teeth and seem to be cutting a new one daily. We're working on you brushing your teeth, but so far you gag. You do seem interested in the process though.

18 month old Pumpkin!
You nap roughly 1.5 hours and sleep 12 hours at night.

Your speech has exploded since you've started therapy. You can now say 5 words (momma, dada, hi, Dixie, & Squirrel--which is Memphis' nickname--) consistently and parrot speech depending on your mood!

You love to be outside and to pick up sticks/rocks/leaves. You love to ride in your wagon and go for walks too.

You love talking on the phone and EVERYTHING is a phone to you!

You're a great helper and can follow commands really well.

You love to sweep. Hopefully you'll continue as you get older...ha!

You're a climber and haven't met an obstacle you can't overcome yet. Much to your mom's dismay.

You can identify all of your body parts and get a kick out of showing me your tongue!!!

You pitch the biggest fits when you don't get your way. Not nice, son!

You are the sweetest and we thank God everyday for you.
Love you,
Momma & Dada

Monday, October 7, 2013


Our first home now officially belongs to someone else. I've been praying for an offer for months (even though it's only technically been on market for 1), so I should be relieved....but I'm not. I'm sad, actually. Definitely bittersweet.

The whole listing/selling process was brutal for my stress level and emotions. We had a gazillian showings and mostly positive feedback but no offers. I was stressed out. We couldn't move forward with the house purchase here until we sold that one. Finally, one Monday morning, at my desk, I prayed "Lord....I cannot do this any longer, so I'm turning the whole house thing to you...".

our first home...
Literally (like for real literally) 5 minutes after said prayer, I got a call from my Agent. We had not one but TWO offers. I immediately thanked God. I mean, asked. Answered.

I worked the numbers and said to my co-worker "I was hoping for an all cash/quick closing offer, but I'm thrilled with these two". 

Fast forward to my drive from Agent....ALL CASH OFFER. Yep, a third offer and all cash. This whole prayer thing is powerful, y'all.

We countered, they accepted, and that was that. We {almost} lost the contract due to a clerical type thing (not getting an extension signed) but thankfully God continued to answer my prayers.  We had another hiccup Friday, but my Agent took care of it....thankfully. I for one, did not feel like taking on the City of Bartlett, but I would if need be! ;)

As of today, our first home is officially sold. The house where we put so much blood, sweat, tears, laughter, work, respect and a whole lot of love is now just a sweet memory. I cried when I received the e-mail from our closing attorney (we closed POA so we didn't have to drive all the way down) that it was done.

Good bye 7744. Thanks for the memories.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So what...

Life After I Dew

It's been one of those weeks....

So what if...

1. I've been in a grumpy mood for a few days.  This past week was far from being all rainbows and sunshine and my attitude is reflecting it.

2.  We've been like 10+ minutes late to J' new gym class for the past two Saturdays. This functioning at 9 AM on a Saturday crap is for the birds.

3. I haven't worked out/taken a class/walked in ages. I did however, pack/clean/move an entire house within the past two weeks. That counts, right??

4. I can't get into the whole "Bento lunch"/elaborate lunch trend. I'm doing well packing a lunch for J every day, let alone making it all fancy. I do like the idea of the reusable container (and we use some too), but the rest is for the Martha Stewart moms, not me!!!

5.Ben taught Jack learned how to "spit" the other day. Jack is all about parroting right now, so of course when he saw his Dada spit on the ground, he had to too! I think it's the CUTEST thing ever. (note: he doesn't do it all the time....just when/if he sees his dad doing it, which I'm trying to curtail!)