Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

I cannot believe November is almost over and Thanksgiving is next week! Eeek!

1. Jack was hit by the "bacterial infection" bug last week and poor guy was grum-py. We went to the Dr on Tuesday b/c he had a fever, his eye lids were red/goopy (not pink eye), yellow runny nose, and he had a cough. His ears were perfectly clear. He was prescribed an antibiotic that NOBODY carried, but thankfully Kroger ordered it. Ben picked it up and informed me that it was "$700". SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. Thank God for insurance and that we've met our deductible (and now pay $0 for drugs), b/c I really didn't feel like selling a kidney to pay for an antibiotic. Geesh.

feeling better on Sunday....making a joyful noise!

Jack is the worst medicine taker, ever. He literally runs as soon as he sees us coming with the syringe. Of course, a few days AFTER he's on his meds, his ear decides to start draining (which in tube terms means he has an ear infection). Fun. Ear drops and oral antibiotics are pure torture for a little guy.

2. A friend of mine posted on FB about collecting "blessing boxes" for Heart of Worship ministries. I signed us up for one and we received a 2 year old Haitian boy named Kerwens! I wanted us to go together as a family and shop for Kerwens, even if Jack had no clue what we were doing. I had such a fun time selecting the perfect outfit (even though there are NO shorts anywhere to be found here in TN) complete with a UT (university of TN) shirt and other fun things. I made sure to tell J that these were for our "Haitian friend".

I know he doesn't get it, yet. However, I want to instill the love of GIVING rather than receiving, with a grateful heart.

3. Saturday the boutique that my friend Sheena's jewelry line is in had a Christmas open house. For some odd reason, Ben AGREED to go with me! Of course it was only b/c his friends (Justin and Dave) would be there too. Lets just say, these three fit in like socks on a rooster! ha!
SILLY! He's making a crazy face b/c the first 19 pics I took he wasn't looking...ha!

just some of her beautiful pieces!

me, Sheena and our friend Jen

Her jewelry is gorgeous and she can create practically anything your heart desires!!! Check her out.

4. Friday is a certain someone's, ahem, MY, birthday! I used to celebrate for the entire month, but honestly I FORGOT all about it! Monday I decided we should make reservations and of course the place I wanted to go only had a 9:30 open. I'm too old to eat that late! Dave suggested the Music City Tippler, so we're going to try it out!! Can't wait!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of November and the greatest of Thanksgivings!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A hodge podge of fall!

The fall is always crazy busy and this year was no exception. I'm looking forward to a calmer rest of the year, but I doubt that will happen.


  1. Attended a few fall festivals. 

Painting our pumpkin at the Hermitage Festival

Exploring the Musical Instrument Petting Zoo! Fun!
2. Had date nights (after all it's "mandatory" per our IFSP goals!)

sweet friends from Memphis!

3. Went to two "trunk or treats"!

Jack had two costumes this year. It was NOT my decision, actually! Ben found the Police uniform at Gymboree and thought we should get it for J. I obliged. I figured he could wear it to the "trunk or treats", so he did.

B's school is a part of a Church and they hosted a "festival" on Halloween night. Since it was raining, we opted to take him to the festival (and ToT the next night). He did so well and ONLY took his allotted 2 pieces of candy per station.
that's one way to knock the pins down!

he shoots...he scores!
 A couple weekends prior, we took him to a "Halloween in the park". I dressed in black and was a "robber". Ben was going to be my Attorney, but didn't feel like wearing a suit!!!

Cop and Robber

digging into his loot

NOT a fan of the petting zoo

4. Played

Saturday mornings are my favorite.

If time permits (meaning we're not lazy bones), we like to take Jack to Chickfila to eat a bite and play before we go to Gymboree. Ever since his hospitalization, I've been apprehensive of letting him go into "germ filled" places such as playgrounds, but I'm slowly learning to let go a bit.


he LOVES this rocking horse....must ride, every week.

We've had a fun, busy fall and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013....

Ever since Jack was born, I've had a ton of ideas for Halloween using his name as a "theme"! Seriously, I could have every year until he gets to college planned. This year I wanted him to be a "Jack in a Box". I searched Pinterest and found a couple of ideas. I shared it with Ben and he was game.

Of course I decided to wait until the week of Halloween to actually begin making his box. My loving husband looked at my plans and immediately said "I'll just make it".  Awesome! He got his trusty ole knife out and began cutting a box we had down to size. I had originally planned on spray painting it the color I wanted, but that type of cardboard and spray paint don't mix.

I thought about it and decided to use wrapping paper. Duh. Why didn't I think of that earlier? My first attempt at wrapping the box was horrendous. Thankfully, my loving husband said "I'll fix it"! (are you sensing a pattern?) He wrapped it perfectly. I cut out stars from poster board and "wrote" his name on one side. He then cut holes in the box and tied ribbon to actually keep it on. (all this was while we were walking out of the door to ToT!!)

Anyways.....I think our "Jack in the Box" was the cutest one, ever!!!!!

Ignore his police was the only one he has with "reflectors"!
wondering why his bud Em was dressed so fuzzy!


Love these two!

Getting some loot!

We had to Trick or Treat on Friday (11/1) b/c the Nashville area had rain and horrible winds/storms on Halloween. I actually liked not having to get up to go to work the day after. It should really be on a Friday from now on. Just sayin!

Jack LOVED trick or treating. He liked meeting everyone and of course, receiving candy. He was so good and said "Thank you" to everyone! That's my boy. I'm so excited for next year b/c he'll love it even more.

Everyone immediately got his costume too...which made me happy! ;)

Hope y'all had a fun Halloween!