Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm still amazed how fast Christmas came and went. Too fast, I'm afraid.

To say we had a wonderful Christmas is an understatement. It was the best one yet and I think we are still recovering!

The week before Christmas, Jack got really sick and was finally diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. Poor guy.

The Saturday before Christmas, B's mom's family gets together for a big meal to celebrate. This year they made a rule of "no gifts" and it was really nice just focusing on family. We ate and talked and then had to call it a night because the weather here in Nashville decided to have tornadoes/thunderstorms etc. Not very Christmasy.

since the family has grown so big, we now have it at the church!

Christmas Eve we went to 3 o'clock mass at my Aunt's church (she's in the choir). It was packed but thankfully there was a few spots in the cry room!
sweet boy!

Every year we have Christmas Eve dinner at my parents. Starting last year we invited our neighbor (we've been neighbors for almost 30 yrs) and his daughter/her family as well as our Chicago friends for supper, and we of course extended the invite this year too. It's fun adding a different dynamic to our meal and I'd hate anyone I love to be alone on Christmas Eve.


delicious spread
We exchange gifts before we all call it a night. This year, we opted to draw names and set a budget. Why didn't we do this earlier, I have not a clue! It's so nice only buying a few gifts and knowing what that person actually wants! To be honest, none of us need anything so it's kinda silly and frivolous to waste money on nonsense! 

Before Ben and I could go to bed, we....errr....Ben...had to help Santa by putting together J's gift. We opted to get him the "4 in 1" Radio Flyer trike. Apparently the trike came in 40 pieces and took quite a bit of time. I left Dada Elf and went to bed. Sorry Ben! I think we're officially parents now, since we tackled the Santa gig!

Christmas morning.....Santa came!!!
the loot!
he loves it!

He finally got a broom his size! Thanks Millie.

Uncle B helping Drew shoot his shotgun.

he talked everyone into giving him a ride around the house!

My mom normally does a huge breakfast and wears herself out. This year, she said that she wanted a simple breakfast. Ben was volunteered into making everyone omlettes. They turned out so yummy too!

After breakfast, we load up and go to B's parents for Christmas. Jack was spoiled rotten, of course!

yay....he loves his sit and spin
We exchanged gifts and I was shocked at how well Ben did this year. We're not huge gift givers, so it was even more surprising. He actually got me a new Coach purse/wallet and a "Bird on a Wire" bracelet that I LOVE. Jack got me some Tory Burch earrings too. I'm a lucky girl!

We had a very blessed Christmas. I can't believe next year we'll have two kiddos to share in the joy!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

15 weeks!

I'm so thankful to be this far along and to have had a mostly "easy" pregnancy!

15 on Christmas Day!

How Far Along?  15 weeks as of yesterday

Size of the Baby? Naval Orange....4 inches and 2.5 oz

Maternity Clothes? None, yet. Pants are getting tighter...thank goodness for leggings! (I swore I would never wear 'em either, but yeah....I am!)

Stretch Marks? Nope, using the same cocoa butter I used the first round.
14.6 w/ a full Christmas Eve belly!

Gender? We should find out in a month. I'm thinking boy. Ben says girl. Who knows!

Name? we have a boy name solidified but the girl name (which I had picked out since I was 13) we're tweaking a tad.

Sleep? I'm still waking up once to potty (ugh) and a few mornings I'm up when Ben gets up (5ish) and cannot go back to sleep. This needs to change, asap. I definitely have more energy now, which is great since Jack is quite possibly the Energizer bunny in flesh!

Cravings?  I had terrible food aversions during the first trimester, so I'm just now starting to eat normal foods. I'm craving sweets and french onion dip with ruffles. Odd.

What I Miss?  my blemish free skin- pregnancy acne is awful. Anyone have any tips to cover it up?

I'm not going to lie, I really missed a glass of wine at Christmas Eve dinner. He/she is so worth it though!

Movement?  Won't be long, I imagine! 
At my 10 week appointment, my Dr had to do an u/s herself because we couldn't find the heart beat. It wasn't a clear picture (she didn't know how to work that machine), but we could definitely see Minnow moving around. So neat!

Belly Button?  Still in.

Best Moment? hearing the heart beat at my 14.5 week appointment....a strong 152! It was also fun telling the world about our great news. It was soooo hard not telling many people (only immediate family and close friends) for so long, but it was worth it for my sanity!

I also read J's baby book and it was interesting to read that both J and Minnow had the same HB rate on their first u/s...just a week apart.

Monday, December 23, 2013

An early Christmas Blessing!

It is beyond thrilling for me to finally share our fantastic news.....

We are beyond excited about this blessing and cannot wait until June 18, 2014!

Merry Christmas y'all!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we took Jack to see the "Police Santa" at one of the local precincts. Every year the Metro Police Christmas Charity puts a nice event with food, toys for the kids and of course Santa decked out in a Police uniform! Last year, J was sick & we couldn't go, so I was extra excited this year!

We waited patiently in line and as soon as J actually saw Santa, he immediately started whining. Thankfully the Santa is B's teammate so he was warned beforehand.
my boys waiting on Santa

uh....don't make me go to him Dada....

at least he's not crying!

We were planning on taking him to see Santa at Bass Pro, but after this....I'm thinking not! Maybe next year...

Friday, December 6, 2013


Today was a proud day in the Fishbowl! Jack has officially been "released" from his feeding therapy at Vanderbilt! {insert proud mom face here!}

We arrived for his therapy bright and early today, which FYI, I will not miss that part! His therapist is so sweet and helpful so that makes getting there early a tad easier. He showed off his skills by eating a "nana" aka banana and drinking out of his spoutless cup (he will not drink his milk out of it though)! She was so pleased with how well he's doing post surgery and thinks that was the issue with spitting foods out/gagging/not eating all along. Apparently breathing and eating go hand in hand. We're continuing to use the tools (chew tube etc) to help with his oral input (waking his mouth up) b/c they're helping with his pocketing issue.

Popeye loves his chew tube!

She weighed him and he's up to a whopping 23 pounds! That's huge!

She's so pleased with his progress that she no longer needs to see him on a regular basis. She'll be on "standby" and there if we need anything though! I love that she's a phone call away.

He'll continue his developmental therapy and we're looking into actual speech therapy too.

I heart progress!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monster Surgery

After J's swallow study showed that his tonsils and adenoids are enlarged, we went back to his ENT for a second opinion. Dr. B did an x-ray and confirmed the findings. He stated that the best course of action would be to remove the adenoids now and the tonsils when he's 3 (too risky to do now due to blood loss etc). Ben and I prayed about it but felt 100% confident in Dr. B's finding/suggestions.

Surgery day was scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I knew B and my mom both would be off so we could have all hand's on deck!

Wednesday morning came and we waited patiently for 9:30, when we could check in to the center. Of course, J couldn't eat or drink 4 hours before the surgery (and he wakes up at 7), so distracting a 19 month old for 2+ hours was fun! Not.

Check in went well and we were called back pretty quickly. The CRNA (nurse anesthetist) came in first to introduce herself to us and ask the pertinent questions. Then, two nurses and the Anesthesiologist came in too. We had to wait for Dr. B to check in with us before it was go time. Jack was great, but waiting wore him out. It was a God send that J fell asleep prior to them walking him back to the OR.

the sweet CRNA brought him a toy to help distract! It worked.

He was off with the CRNA and we began the dreaded 45 minute wait.

insert sad momma face here
Surgery was a success! Dr. B was SHOCKED that Jack was even breathing b/c of how large his tonsils and adenoids are. He referred to them as "monster adenoids". Poor guy!

I literally teared up seeing him in the recovery room...
He recovered for an hour and slept for all of it except a few minutes. He barely cried and didn't even bother his IV. He was an A+ patient!

He recovered at home remarkably well. After a few hour nap, he was up and playing like he never even had surgery! He was on steroids for 3 days after and man alive, did that make him CR-A-ZY and HUNGRY! I've never seen this child eat so much.

All in all, I'm so thankful we went ahead with the surgery. I can rest easy knowing my son is actually breathing while he sleeps...ya know, the little things. 

But...I'm not looking forward to the tonsillectomy....