Wednesday, January 29, 2014


How far along:  20 Weeks....halfway there!! He weighed 12 oz and was measuring right on track.
Gender: BOY oh BOY!
19.4 (I don't feel like taking a pic today!) Jack is already photo bombing!

Weight gain: Yeah, I gained a few pounds this past 5 weeks. I'm up 7 total. Can we just stay there? From now on, I'm going to close my eyes when they weigh me. Sad.

Maternity clothes: Just pants for now. (My regular still fit, but get uncomfortable after a bit.)

Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: won't be in for too much longer, I'm afraid.
Sleep: Pretty good....knock on wood.
Best moment this week: Announcing our fantastic news...we are thrilled to add another boy to our bowl!

Worst moment this week:  None.

Miss anything:  Not having heartburn. Ugh.

Movement:  Yep...he is still faint but I can definitely feel him. 

Cravings: Frosty's, Milk Shakes, Sonic Blasts....anything chocolate. Which may explain the 7 pound gain already.

Queasy or sick: Full force heart burn. Zantac is my friend.
Looking forward to:  planning his nursery

MISC:  During the anatomy scan, the tech noted that I have a "low lying" placenta. Basically when he attached to my uterine wall, it attached to the bottom part, closest to my cervix. My Doctor said that she will have to do another U/S (darn!) when I'm 32 weeks to see if it "corrected" itself when my uterus expands. If it has moved up, we will then discuss a c-section. Please shift. I want an easy breasy delivery like I had with Jack. Ugh. least it's not "placenta previa" though.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Team Blue or Team Pink....

We found out what our sweet Minnow is on Thursday. It was so surreal to see a healthy, growing right-on-schedule baby. For some reason, I haven't allowed myself to get too excited about this kiddo until now. (Don't get me wrong, I'm excited but didn't want to get heart broken if something God-forbid happened.)
Back of our minnow parents just so happened to book a cruise (a long time ago) and it just so happened to fall on the week of our big news. I wanted to shout from the roof tops and tell everyone ASAP, but alas we had to wait for them to return.  Jerks.

Sunday we had our close friends and family over to finally announce the news. I wanted Jack to do the honors, so I had my sweet friend Jonie make him a shirt. (She was the only one that knew...well, besides my hair stylist b/c I accidentally slipped the news!)

Without further ado..........................Minnow #2 is.............................

 A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are beyond thrilled and so thankful.

I actually KNEW it was a boy. Wednesday night I had a vivid dream that it was a boy!  When the u/s tech was scanning the legs etc, I looked at Ben and said "I think I just saw boy parts"!  Not too long after that, she scanned and said "looks like this baby is a BOY"! I'm always right. ha!

I'm officially out numbered, but will have three boys to take great care of me. Plus, I won't ever have to carry in groceries or take trash out in my life again so that's a plus. Not going to lie, I'm a tad sad that it's not a girl b/c I've always pictured myself with one of both. God must know that I'd go crazy spending $$$ on girlie clothes! ha!

I'm so thankful for the TWO BOYS God has blessed me with!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Feels like yesterday I was excited to make it to 8 here we are almost to the halfway mark! Woohoo.

How far along: 18 Weeks
Gender:  we find out Thursday...yay!

Weight gain: Not sure b/c I'm not weighing myself or really focusing on a number. I know I only gained a pound b/w my 10-14 wk appointment though.

Maternity clothes: Of course I would get pregnant when almost ALL of my maternity clothes are in a POD somewhere here in TN. My regular jeans & tops still fit, but the jeans are NOT comfortable, at all. So....I'm now the proud wearer of comfy maternity jeans.

Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Could be better. I cannot get comfortable and B's new work schedule is throwing me off. I probably just need to adjust my sleep number, but am too lazy to find the remote (we had to hide it from Jack). 
Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move more and more!

Worst moment this week: Nothing really! 

Miss anything:  having clear skin (I cannot wait until I can take the good meds to clear this acne up...ugh!), and I'm not going to lie...but I really miss having a glass of wine, especially when Jack is having a moment!

Movement: Starting to move more which is so neat! A few times, if I move a certain way he/she will "poke" me really hard. Love it!

Cravings: Sweets! 

Queasy or sick: A tad bit of heartburn and I'm definitely congested.  
Looking forward to:  THURSDAY's big anatomy scan. I'm so excited but anxious too. I'm just praying for a HEALTHY baby! My parents are on a cruise, so we have to wait until Sunday to announce. It is going to be so hard! We'll have a small "reveal" like we did w/ Jack, so I'm excited about that too!

Other sweet moment I don't want to forget:

When we found out I was pregnant, we immediately started talking about the baby with/to Jack. He's really big into pointing to body parts, including his belly. Anyways...we started talking about how there is a  baby in Momma's belly. Now...I'll say "Jack, where's Momma's baby?" and he'll pull up my top (probably should stop letting him do that!) and rub my belly, then hug it! So sweet!!!

He's also really loving to his teddy bear. He'll try to comfort the bear by bringing it a "buddy" and the other day he put the bear down for a nap and covered it up with a blanket. He just may be a good big brother after all!! (That is until he tells the bear "no no no" and then throws it down! Baby steps!!)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

House Hunters

We are officially house hunting and I'm already over it.

1. We met with our mortgage guy and now have to submit 1800 documents that are in 1800 different places. Fun! I had a slight melt down when we thought B's DD214 (discharge paper from the Marines) was in storage. Thank the Lord it was not!

2. We've searched for in our target area. We found several we like and as soon as our Realtor can make an appointment...they're sold. Ugh.

3. We fell in love with one particular house. We decided to drive by the house to get a feel for the neighborhood at random times during the day/night. Well, turns out the neighbor across the street is running a wrecker service out of his house. So...yeah, that's a NO.

4. I'm trying to stay patient and know that we'll find the house for us, but it's hard. I will continue to pray and hope He gives us a clear sign.  I just do not want to be "homeless" come June and I don't think that's too much to ask!

So yeah, house hunting has been stressful thus far, but we WILL find a great house in a great location....even if it gives me more gray hair in the process.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jack Attack: 20/21 months!

Just a wee bit late on the 20 month post, so we're combining the two. Sorry bud.

You are officially a toddler and this makes your Momma sad.

At 20/21 months you....

fist snow of the year!

Weigh: 23.5 pounds. You've lost weight thanks to the flu but the GI doc is thrilled with your growth!

Are 2 ft 7 inches tall!

Wear 18-24 month clothes. The 12-18 fit best on your waist but are high waters.  You are in size 3 diapers.

You FINALLY are eating well. You now try most everything we give you, which makes us happy. You tried a bite of your Dada's cheeseburger and are hooked.  Your brother/sister is making your momma want Pop tarts now, and like 'em too (I give you the crust part!). Not the most nutritious, oops.
eating black eyed peas like a champ!

You LOOOOOOOVE bananas "nanas" and can spot them a mile away. You also love strawberries, peaches and pears. You really like apple sauce (and  can say the words!) too.

You eat turkey and chicken (not if it's marinated in anything) and recently started beef. You love green beans, asparagus, carrots and peas. (see you really do eat nutritious foods!)

You still drink PediaSure 1.5 and water, only. If we let you, you'd drink your weight in water every day. If only it had calories.

Your vocabulary is really taking off. You've finally started to mimic us!

You say, consistently: Momma, Dada, Dixie, Bubba (that's what you call your Uncle), thank you, water, nana (banana), Drew, bath & truck/bus.....and NO. You love to say NO. That's one word your parents wish you didn't know how to say! ha!

You can say Jack and know where all of your major body parts are. It cracks me up when you show me your tongue and teeth!

Everything is "momma's", "dada's" and you're very particular about giving items only to the proper people. Example: if you see my phone, you will ONLY give it to me. Smart boy!

You love watching the school bus in the mornings as well as seeing the mail man. You have your own word for him, but I'm not sure what it is!

You love wearing shoes and will bring them to me to put on most mornings. You like to wear our shoes too. Silly!

You LOVE to cook, drive your cars/trucks and to fix things! You also like to watch what your parents are doing and do it too...i.e. put on makeup or fix a closet door etc.

You unfortantely had your first case of the H1N1 flu. You were sick as a dog for a week, but were still as sweet as ever.

You celebrated your second Christmas and were spoiled as ever. You received your first trike, a tool bench and a "cooking" set.

You love feeding your sisters and making them sit to go outside!

You are the sweetest and I love you more than words can say.

Monday, January 6, 2014

aint no party like an Alabama partay!

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend Dave decided to throw a surprise Christmas party for our other friend Anthony...after Christmas. Why? Who knows! Our friends Justin and Sheena rode with us to Huntsville, Alabama (where Anthony lives). We couldn't spend the night b/c Ben had to work the next day, but we still had an adventure!! (Driving ALL around Huntsville thanks to a crappy GPS makes for a fun!)

Dave decided it was going to be a "red tie" or formal event. Any excuse to get dressed up works for me! Sheena and I found a super nice hotel and changed in their lobby restroom. Classy, but it worked.

We showed up and definitely surprised Anthony! Thankfully, he knew Dave (and thought Dave's gf was coming too), so the house was picked up and he was dressed! Oh the life of a bachelor!

love getting dressed up with him!

boys looking good!
Sheena and Justin!
 So....we were leaving and I said "We need to take a selfie...." Someone commented "it isn't a selfie if it's a group of people" here's our "groupie"! It's the 2014 version of selfie!

 Then....I said.....wait, we gotta be really hip and do a duck face groupie! fun!
we need to work on our duck faces!

Leave it to the stone cold sober girl to suggest such silliness! Who said 30+ year olds are hip (well, I'm not quite 30, yet!).

Such a fun time was had...even if we had to go all the way to Alabama!

Friday, January 3, 2014

5 on Friday: Random edition

My days are all screwed up from being on Christmas/winter break, so it feels like a Tuesday here. Oops.

1. I recently accepted a position at a Montessori school and so far I'm loving it. It has the same schedule as J's school (the Montessori school is full in the toddler class) and is literally 5 minutes away. It's been great getting back into working with children. I'm NOT cut out for behind a desk for 8 hours-answering phones-working on computer work. I need interaction with children and families. Working with 1-3 graders (Hello attitudes!) though has been a challenge to get used to again!!!

2.  Jack's speech is slowly coming along. He has finally started to "mimic" us and repeat words. Spending the past 3 weeks with him almost 24/7 (thanks to flu and break), I've actually noticed his progress a lot more. Today he said "apple sauce" and "pop tart" (yeah, don't judge!). He's up to 7-8 words he can say on a consistent basis. He signs "please", "more" and "yes"! Woohoo!! I'm going to talk to his developmental therapist and TEIS case manager and see about getting actual speech therapy. His feeding therapist (Gosh, this kid has too many therapist!) recommended it too, in hopes to help with his frustration and eating. He knows what he wants, just has a hard time telling us.

3. We've begun house hunting and I'm starting to get NERVOUS. It's a huge decision and I'm more worried this time around than our first time. Being a grown up stinks sometimes. My dad has a rental property coming available too, so we may go that route if we don't find anything we love. Decisions, decisions.

4. B started his new shift and so far, so good. I was so spoiled with him working day shift, but we will get used to and embrace this change. (Positive thoughts are my goal for '14!!)

5.  I'm pretty sure I had a 5th item but this whole baby brain is in full force. I literally forget everything and would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Thank goodness Jack is so helpful finding things I lose...i.e. my keys/phone.

Happy New Year y'all!