Sunday, February 23, 2014

Home Sweet Home!!!!

Friday we signed our lives away and closed on our new house! We couldn't be any more excited!

We began the house hunt unofficially in October, but waited to start really looking etc until after the Holidays. We had a targeted area in Nashville where we wanted to be (really close to work/family), but the inventory was very limited. The price per square footage was crazy too and most of the homes were older w/ only ONE bathroom. I know this is not a huge deal to most, but to me it's a no go. The great homes of course sold super fast, which made it harder.

We fell in love with a completely remodeled home in the desired area. It was at the top of our budget, but it was  100% done and gorgeous. The backyard wasn't much but we thought we could make it work. We would have been the top of the neighborhood, which didn't appeal to us. Ben drove by several different times and the one thing in common was the neighbor across from us had two large tow trucks parked in his yard/drive (and sometimes in the driveway of the house we were looking at).  No offense to tow trucks, but that is not something I want living directly across from me, especially for the price we would have paid.

Back to square one, ugh.

We decided to look out of the county (Nashville) and Ben found several in a near by town that had brand new houses in our budget. I couldn't get off to go with him/agent to look at the houses, but I trusted Ben. We actually drove up late one night (before he went to look at the inside) and looked at the neighborhood etc and crossed a couple off the list.

He found two in the same neighborhood that he really liked (I liked the pics), so we made arrangements for me to view them asap.

We then....found our house!!!

We viewed it twice in one day and then slept on it before we made an offer. After countering, we were SOLD. We did our inspection, had to do a "builder's walk thru" to point out any corrections we wanted them to make (paint/dry wall etc) and then a "final walk thru" the day of closing. Closing went super fast and smoothly. It's great working with competent people...ha!

We had our POD delivered and began unloading Saturday morning. Fun times, especially 6 months pregnant. Not.
It's OURS!
 We had GORGEOUS weather to start moving in!!

We arent' officially living there yet, b/c Comcast has to put our house in it's database or something before we can get service. Ben has to have internet for school. Hopefully THIS week we can actually move our beds and live in our home!!

So glad we've found our home sweet home!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hammer Time: 22 weeks

My cousin dubbed Henry as "The Hammer" after Hank Aaron. We're a baseball family and I love Hank Aaron, so this nickname fits perfectly!

I hate to admit this (Sorry Hank when/if you ever read this!), but the poor kid is already getting the second child syndrome. Meaning....I forget that I'm even pregnant sometimes, let a lone how far along I am! (The heartburn is a daily/hourly reminder now though!)
builder walk thru...hence the blue tape!

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: I don't even want to know!
Maternity clothes:  Some

Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: won't be in for too much longer, I'm afraid.
Sleep: Pretty good....knock on wood
Best moment this week:  Jack said "Hank"! So sweet.

Worst moment this week:  Fighting a cold, no fun.

Miss anything:  Not having heartburn. Ugh.

Movement:  A lot!! He sometimes kick me really hard if he doesn't like how I move. UPDATED: apparently Hank loves Thin Mints b/c after I ate a few, he started a dance party. Ben was actually able to feel him kick too! Such a sweet moment!!

Cravings: steak biscuits from our local Irish pub and anything cherry (i.e. Cherry coke from Sonic...yes, my Dr said cokes are okay in moderation!)

Queasy or sick: Full force heart burn. Zantac is my friend. Sometimes Peppermints help too.
Looking forward to:  hearing his heartbeat again on the 24th!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Epic Date!

A month or so ago, our friends Justin & Sheena mentioned getting tickets to a comedy show and doing a "date" night. It just so happened that the new Omni Hotel in town had a special for Nashville govt employees, so we all decided to go all out and get a room for the night too. Of course, we had to do thus our epic date night was planned. We invited our other friends, Jen and Dave and Justin's coworker came too.

We checked in around 1 and I immediately tried to figure out a way to stay there forever! Our room was gorgeous, and since it was a corner/end room we had double city views!  We all were hungry, so we went down to the "lobby" area and went to Barlines to grab a bite. We definitely felt like tourists.

I want that headboard

After lunch, we walked around a bit. The hotel is massive and connected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. There was a neat "general" type store called Five and Tenn, and of course we had to check it out!
Hank wants this horse! ;)

We decided to go back to our rooms and take a nap. Unfortunately, Ben had to do some homework. At least he had a great view!

Dinner reservations at Bob's Steakhouse was at 7, so we all got fancied up and went back down to enjoy. Of course the boys all pre-flighted with a few drinks before making our way to dinner. (I'm a tad jealous!)

Dinner was delicious and we ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much! We barely had enough time afterwards to change our clothes before we had to walk to the show at the Hard Rock. Needless to say, we all needed that walk!

B's "cote de boeuf"...yum

My hot date!
comedy show...not sure why I look as big as a house!

The show was fun, but it was way to late. I haven't seen 1 AM in a long time and don't care to anymore! The comedian (I forget his name, but he is apparently known) was pretty funny but got too political for my liking.

up waaay past Henry's and my bedtime!

We crashed and slept in til 9:20 am but it felt like we had not slept all day. Next time: we're skipping the show and relaxing more.

Great friends!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Never say never...

This saying is definitely true when it comes to parenting. I'm sure my parents and friends are secretly laughing at with me at some of the things I swore I would NEVER do if I had kids.

Well....I'm considering adding a few more things to that list.

1. Essential Oils.

I'm 100% Pro-Doctor, Pro-Medicine and Pro-Vaccines. These things will most likely never change. However, having a child who unfortunately gets sick quite often, makes me want to do EVERYTHING I can to prevent illnesses to start with.  Hand washing, lysol etc help but aren't cutting it.

An awesome blogger "friend" (and if she was closer, I'd totally stalk her into becoming a real friend!) Chelsea, started using Essential Oils for her son and family. After reading her blog and doing my own research...I'm 99.99% sure we're going to do the same. B and I spoke about it and he said "well, something has to change....", so here's hoping the EO will be the change.

I'm thankful that J's doctor isn't one to just dole out the antibiotics for every sniffle, and is proactive. I haven't spoken with her about this route yet, but I'm sure she'll be on board.  With baby #2 on the way, we can't really afford to be sick around here any more.

2. Cloth Diapers:

I'm SHOCKED as all get out that I'm even remotely considering using these.  The old me would have laughed and said "yeah. right.", the new me " might be worth it".  Where did this new momma come from? I blame the Montessori school! We have a few parents who CD their babies and when I had to help in their class, I got to experience the process first hand. Initially I was grossed out. Not going to lie. After a while, it isn't that bad. I've talked to one momma, at length, about the CD process and it was quite eye opening. There's apparently 1000 different types, all kinds of "accessories" (snappies, thirsties etc etc) that go with the diaper itself  and it's not as labor consuming with washing/drying as one may think. Plus it can save lots of money. However....there are negatives too. (I wont discuss b/c I'd rather not offend!)

Ben is opposed but he has not done research etc, so it's really not a true opposition. I'm thinking it may be worth a shot, at least when our little guy is brand new. Once he is on "solids"...well, that will be another story!

I can't say for sure if we'll go this route or not, but I'm at least considering it!

3.  Maternity pictures

I did not do this with Jack b/c I didn't see the point in wasting the money. Well..........this may (or may not, depending on what God has in store) be our last child. I'm thinking it may be worth it to have a few shots of my pregnant self and us, before little man gets here. One day I'm sure I'll treasure looking at my big ole belly...right?!

I, however, will go on record in saying that I will NEVER pose for a maternity picture naked! You're welcome!!! ha!

(Being budget friendly...after all, we're buying a house...I may just have my friend who does crime scene photos...yep, really....take them!!! After all, he's got a fancy camera and knows how to use it!!! Never thought I'd say that!)

Any advice on EO or CD? What have your changed your opinions on now that you're a parent?