Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hammertime: 26 wks

This pregnancy seems to be both flying by and going oh-so-slow. I'm not complaining and trying to savor being pregnant...even if I tend to forget that I'm actually 6.5 months pregnant. (How does one forget with a large and in charge belly? Beats me!)

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: I don't know and don't really care too!
24 weeks at a 20's themed Casino night!

26.4 weeks

Maternity clothes: Pants-yes, tops- mostly regular with longer tanks under

Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: weird in between stage

Sleep: Pretty good....knock on wood
Best moment this week:  Ben asked Jack where "Jank" (aka Hank!) is and Jack pulled up his own shirt and pointed to his belly! Aww!

Worst moment this week:  Over doing it and cramping a tiny bit. (Nothing worrisome, just need to calm it down!)

Miss anything:  My clear skin.

Movement:  Yep!!

Cravings: Nothing really...just the usual sweets.

Queasy or sick: Just heart burn but thankfully it's not as bad as it was with Jack. (Knocks on wood). I'm also finally on the mend from my month long cold/sinus infection.

Looking forward to:  hearing his heartbeat again next week, even if I have to do the dreaded glucose test before hand!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

life lately

We officially started living in our new house on Sunday and it has been amazing!

Sunday we loaded up two trucks (a la the Beverly Hillbillies) and moved our bed and Jack's crib, with a few other things, and took off to the new place. 

We unloaded and all of our help left (how dare them!) us to do the unpacking/setting up. Well....immediately after we set up our bed, we discovered that we (I'm NOT to blame for this!) left the remote to our bed (it's a Sleep Number) at his parents. It has to have the remote in order to inflate. First world problem for sure. However, we were determined to sleep in our house come hail or high water...even  if it meant the couch! Thankfully, his parents graciously met us half way and brought the remote (and the other 10 things we forgot that night).
thankful for a brother who doesn't mind helping...

The past few days have consisted of us getting into a new routine and unpacking little by little. Our morning routine went from relaxed/lazy/5 minutes to school to get up/dress/eat a quick bite/drive 45 mins...but so far it's been great! It's actually making me get prepared in advance which is nice. Oh and a huge thank you to Stonyfield for finally making their yogurt in a pouch. So easy for Jack to take on the road.
reading in the car before school (we arrived early)

He and his bear are sleeping just fine in his new house! (first time ever to let him sleep with anything other than a blanket. big for me!)

We've met several neighbors and Jack has a boy his age just a few houses down! So excited!!! We've also been to my brother's house to play. Being so close to them makes me happy. I'm glad our boys will be able to grow up together and have a great relationship.
Practicing their Easter Egg hunt skills!

We still have a lot to do and still have lot of stuff at his parents house, but little by little....we're making this house a home!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Growing up...it's not for the faint at heart!

It just occurred to me that in less than a MONTH we will have a two year old. Two years. Where have the days gone? Seriously. I can't even think about it without tearing up.

This week was hard for me in particular.

Wednesday the Director at J's school texted me (we're friends) and asked if we were okay with J moving up to the 2 year old class next week. Um...no. He's a BABY for pete's sake. Alas, my rational self said "yes, he needs to be with more age-appropriate peers/environment etc etc". The mom in me still doesn't like it though!! My baby is growing up.

I'm so worried about how he'll transition, b/c he (and I) LOVE his toddler teacher. She's so patient, eager to work with him (with implementing his therapy recommendations etc), she's kind and he's learned so much this year.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm overreacting b/c today he was able to hang out with his new class and LOVED it. He ate lunch, he did art, he napped, he played outside all while acting like he owned the place.

Of course, the day after I get the news that he's moving up, Ben shared me this picture.

I lost it. (thanks a lot hormones!)

Ben always takes Jack to get his hair cut at the same barber B has used for 20 years. Moms aren't allowed (B's rule, not theirs!), so this is their time! (and yes, I went for the first cut and have gone with them a couple times!) I think it's sweet that they have something to do just "boys'! Anyways...Ben has been trying for about a year to get Jack to sit in the chair by himself, but it wasn't happening. This week, Jack DID it. He sat in the chair, sans "buddy", and did not shed a tear! While I'm proud, I'm a little sad too.

My baby......he's not a baby anymore.

I'm really not sure how I'm going to be when he starts kindergarten or college. Sorry in advance, bud, if I'm the only mom who shows up crying at your first day of college...ha!