Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014....a reality check

Ever since I can remember, I have had grandiose plans for holidays when I had kid(s). Easter is no exception. I would take my kid(s) to see the Easter Bunny, go to egg hunts, dye eggs at home and have the cutest Easter basket there ever was....

Well.............let the record show that those plans went straight out the window this year. I'm 0-4. I had the best intentions to do those fun things, but you know what they say....

Saturday, I had every intention to take Jack to the local egg hunt. We arrived and it was PACKED. Like crazy packed. We quickly turned around and went home b/c I wasn't about to tackle a herd of people 8 months pregnant with a wild tot in tow.  Thankfully, Jack had a blast just hunting eggs at my parents'!! Mom fail/reality check #1.

I also wanted to dye eggs, but forgot to get the dye kit every.single.time. I went to the store. I'm sure there are other ways to dye eggs but it wasn't happening. Mom fail/reality check #2.

I decided not to even attempt the Easter bunny this year since Santa was a disaster. Mom fail/reality check #3.

Completely forgot to order a cute monogrammed basket and lost the one he had last year. Thank God for Aldi's $2 baskets that Jack loved b/c it had a "leece car" on it. Oh and the EB had every intention to get J some Easter books and a few more items for his basket but didn't. Mom fail/Reality check #4/

Anyways...shockingly we still had a lovely Easter. I guess if you focus on the fact that Jesus is risen the rest doesn't really matter.

Jack and I went to Mass with my mom and barely got a seat. Jack was perfect and the homily just what we needed to hear.

After mass, we headed to my parents' house for an early dinner. My brother and his family came down too. Ben had to work the night before, but made it down just in time to eat (go figure!).
silly kids!

Millie and Pa and the boys!

We had a yummy lunch and then headed outside to hunt eggs my nephew hid! Not going to brag, but I found the golden egg...2 years in a row!
hunting eggs

I found it!!

We played, talked, ate and just had a wonderful time.  I cannot believe that next Easter we will be a family of FOUR!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hammer time: 30/31 weeks!

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: I don't know and don't really care too!

Maternity clothes: Pants-yes, tops- mostly regular with longer tanks under.

Stretch marks: Nope!

Belly button in or out: almost out
we had a mini session for Jack and the photog got this of Hank and me! (note: i wasn't dressed for maternity pics!)

Sleep: Not good. Heartburn and sore hips/arms/legs etc. I've been using a heating pad which seems to help. Ugh!
Best moment this week:  hearing a strong 145 bpm heart beat!

Worst moment this week:  apparently he is low and his back/shoulders are down by pelvic bone. Every now and then, he'll pinch the nerve and it hurts like nothing else. We were in Target and the pain was so bad, I literally had to leave (and not browse). You know you're miserable if you have to leave Target!!

Miss anything:  not having heartburn...I just hope that it goes away as soon as he's born like it did with Jack.

Movement: he's a dancing machine!

Cravings: nothing really....just sweets. Really wish he'd crave veggies!

Queasy or sick: Good ole heartburn! Zantac 150 isn't helping much so it's good ole Tums for now. I'm hoping to get an essential oil to help.

Looking forward to:  seeing him next week on the u/s

Update: Unless he makes his appearance earlier, Henry will be here a week early...either by induction or section (if he is still low-lying or previa). We really need to get on the ball now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break!

A couple of weeks ago, we had spring break. I was so glad to get a week to spend with my boy, with out schedules or backpacks.


Went to the park that we discovered is 5 minutes from our house!

Went for a million and one walks to see the "tractors" and read 1,000 books.

Went for story time at the local library! It was so fun...even for me! Two stories, a story on DVD (Max and Ruby), a Puppet show and an art activity! Cannot wait to go back.

Had fun cleaning. He loves to sweep, so who am I to stop him?!

It was nothing like Spring Break of years past, but I was so thankful we had a week to just be together! I know it's going to be few and far between when his brother joins us, so I'm treasuring it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jack Attack: 2 years!

Well....since you're officially a two year old, with tantrums to prove it, I figured we'd do a "stat" post so we don't forget this fun stage.

At 2 years old you....

Weigh: 23.11 pounds and are finally ON the charts! Dr. Ros did a happy dance. We're all so proud of the hard work you've done and are doing in the eating/gaining department.

Are 34 inches tall...almost 3 feet! Crazy!

Sleep: you still take a 2 (sometimes less) hour afternoon nap and go "night night" around 7ish and sleep til 6/7 the next morning. You are a great sleeper, thankfully! You usually wake up so sweet and talking to yourself. I love coming into your room and hearing "Hi Mama!"
first time sleeping with your bear!!

Eat: after months and months of trying, you're finally eating! You are OBSESSED with applesauce and yogurt. Obsessed. You also  enjoy turkey, cheese, rice, strawberries, pasta, and bananas. You eat pretty much what Momma and Dada have for meals, well...you at least try a bite.
 You feed yourself well with a fork and spoon!

You are finally officially on whole milk and no longer on Pedia Sure 1.5. Momma's wallet thanks you for this! ha! It took a while to wean you (milk shakes taste good, I know), but you did it. Dr. Anderson (your GI) said to wean you in hopes that you'll eat more now and it has worked (so far).
last night as a 1 year old!

You are "allergic" to Mangoes. You literally threw up 3 times and broke out into hives, after eating several pouches with mango in them. Weird.  Dr. Ros said we can introduce them back when you're 4.

You go to "school" from 9-2 every day and LOVE it. You just recently moved up to the 2 year old class and your mom had a harder time about it than you!

You are potty training, yourself! You let us know when you want to sit on the "pot pot" and are starting to get the concept of wet/dry. Fingers crossed you continue!

Your speech is slowly but surely coming along. Ms. Dana (your therapist) is now focusing on speech since your eating is improving. You are finally mimicking us really well and repeating quite a bit of words.  You can string two words together!! "Thank you", "Bless You" and "Dada's truck", seem to be your favorite.

watching the tractors work!

You love to watch the tractors work! You also love trucks, buses and the mailman. EVERY truck is Dada's though. Silly!

You are obsessed with "George" aka Curious George! You only watch a few minutes but get so excited! You're a good little monkey!

You still study the situation/person before you open up and act like your normal silly self.

You love to read and really like "mama mama mama" aka Llama Llama books right now! Ms. Dolly (Parton) sends you a new book every month and you really enjoy them.

You love to be outside and still love bath time. You're finally in the big boy tub (not sure why it took us so long!) and think it's the best thing ever. You also loved taking a bath in Mama's tub. Don't get used to that, Bud. You clean yourself now with a wash rag. So cute.

You love to help sweep, wipe down counters/floors and pick up. I hope this never changes!

You're still rear facing in the car. Momma doesn't want to transition you just yet, but we will probably do it soon (now that you're 2 and over 20llbs). If I had my way, you'd rear face til college!!
waiting for school....reading one of your faves

You love kissing "Jank" and think you have a baby in your belly too! If only. I cannot wait to see you become a big brother. You're going to be the best.

You are a fantastic kid and I'm so blessed to call you mine!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monkey See Monkey Do...Jack is 2!

Sunday we celebrated our favorite 2 year old and had the best time!

I began brainstorming on the "theme" of Jack's party a couple of months ago. I debated between two things that he loves and ended up going with Curious George. Jack LOVES "George".  I searched Pinterest and Etsy and was all set. I had every intention to keep it small and simple, but between our families and close friends, it is hard to do!


my mom found this monkey pinata and we thought it was a cute!
chose to do cupcakes instead of a big cake....way easier to serve/eat!

my SIL let me borrow their bounce house....Jack didn't want to get out, ever.

Monkey snacks: banana, pretzels, banana moon pies, Curious George fruit snacks
I found the cutest red/yellow deli containers at Dollar General of all places! Perfect!

We had "Hundley's Hot Dogs" & "Chawkies Chips and Dip"

we also had Banana Splits...yum!

Gift time! Jack was spoiled rotten!

more bounce house fun!


Birthday Boy!!!

This is the face of HAPPY!

All in all, Jack's 2nd birthday party was a huge success! I really could not have done it with out Ben and my Mom's help though. Throwing a party while 7ish months pregnant is exhausting!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Two years. 730 days. That is how long we've been blessed to be Jackson's parents. It's crazy how fast those days went by and boy were those days crazy! ;-)

There's so much I want to say but I don't want to get all sappy and start crying (again)!!! So...

 We've been through a lot together and you are one tough cookie!

 I thank God every day for blessing us with you and this sweet smile! I pray that you never stop smiling.

 You are a "Momma's boy" but LOOOOOOVE your "Dada" so much.  He loves you a little bit too, ha!

 You are busy busy and are oh so curious.

 You're such a helper! I pray that you continue to help when you're a teenager. (Won't hold my breath)

 You are going to be a fantastic big brother!

You are loved, more than you'll ever know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hammertime: 28 wks

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: I don't know and don't really care too!

Maternity clothes: Pants-yes, tops- mostly regular with longer tanks under

Stretch marks: Nope!

Belly button in or out: weird in between stage

Sleep: Great, actually. Except I have the weirdest and most vivid dreams, which is odd for me.
Best moment this week:  Hearing Hank's heart beat.

Worst moment this week:  My regular tech was training a new tech, so the new tech was doing all of my "prep". The new girl couldn't get a heartbeat on the monitor, which was odd since I was feeling him move. My regular tech took over and said "122, but accels to 155 (which means he's moving etc)." She asked if I felt the baby move and I reassured her, yes. Of course, this concerned me. His HB had been in the 150's every visit, so I was concerned why it was so low.

My Doctor came in shortly and she asked if I had any questions/concerns and I mentioned the low HB. She mentioned "he's asleep!" and said "I'll wake him up and check it again!" She spent several more minutes checking the heart beat....143!!! Much better! I love my Doctor!

Miss anything:  not going to lie....a glass of wine sounds lovely right about now!

Movement:  Yep!!

Cravings: BBQ. The last few days, he's made me eat a BBQ chicken pizza, BBQ chips, and a BBQ sandwich. He's a true Southern boy!!

Queasy or sick: Good ole heartburn!

Looking forward to:  going to the Dr every two weeks now....more chances to hear his sweet heartbeat!