Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hammertime: 36 wks...Progress and Prayers.

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: Not sure!

Maternity clothes: I'm refusing to buy more, but I'm running out of options for this heat. Thank God for maxi dresses and skirts!

Stretch marks: Nope!

Belly button in or out: weird stage!

Sleep: Pretty good, but I have several potty trips now and sometimes have to sleep with the heating pad.
Not a good selfie taker! ignore Jack's "dry dry" towel
Best moment this week: seeing him on the u/s and I'm a "loose" 1 CM dilated (meaning almost 2) and 50% effaced! He also got an 8/8 on his Biophysical test (meaning he "practiced" breathing, moved and had a great heart beat).

Worst moment this week: Since I was/am measuring small, my Dr ordered an u/s this week. Hank's head, legs and arms are measuring on track, which is a huge relief. However, his stomach is measuring a month small, which is concerning.  The level of amniotic fluid is in the low normal range (10.1), but my Dr said anything in the double digits is considered good. So weird, b/c I had a ton with Jack.

This means one of two things: 1. he's just small. 2. My placenta isn't efficient enough and he's not getting enough nutrients etc. He is officially diagnosed with "IUGR"...Intrauterine Growth Retardation (or Restriction).

Soo.....I go back Thursday (I'm doing weekly visits now) and will have a non-stress test to see how he is doing. If the test shows that he's doing fine, then we will do another u/s a week later (38 wks).  If the test shows anything concerning, she'll pull the plug and induce me early.

Praying for my Hank....grow baby grow! 

Miss anything:  sleeping on my belly!

Movement: he's so crammed but definitely moves...however, this kid loves to sleep (even on the u/s). Lets hope that keeps up when he's here.

Cravings: Pineapple and sweets (ice cream etc)

Queasy or sick: Heartburn and charley horses. Ouch!

Looking forward to:  getting his room together...mostly.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hammertime: 34 weeksst

Gender: Boy #2!

Weight gain: My Doctor actually let it slip (she didn't get the "I'm not looking at the scale" memo..ha!) 17 llbs- she said I'm doing beautifully, if only I felt that way.
Strawberry pickin at 34 wks

Maternity clothes: I'm refusing to buy more, but I'm running out of options for this heat.

Stretch marks: Nope!

Belly button in or out: weird stage!

Sleep: Pretty good, but I have several potty trips now.
Best moment this week: hearing a strong 147 heart beat

Worst moment this week:  I'm only measuring 31 weeks, which is concerning to me (and the Dr). My Dr isn't too concerned b/c of the great u/s at 32 weeks, but wants to do another u/s at my next appt. I always measured on track with Jack, so this is odd to me.

Miss anything:  not going to lie....but a nice cold beer (or any adult beverage) would be wonderful in this heat!

Movement: oh yeah

Cravings: Pineapple

Queasy or sick: Good ole heartburn! Zantac 150 isn't helping much so it's good ole Tums for now.

Looking forward to:  seeing him next week on the u/s

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Saturday, Nashville lost one of it's Finest. He was directing traffic after a car crash and was struck by an RV and killed. He was only 25.

I know here in TN, it is law that you're supposed to move over when you see any emergency vehicle on the side of the road (or wherever they have lights on etc). I hope one day it will become standard practice/law everywhere. It will save lives.

In honor of Officer Petrina and for all first responders (Police/Fire etc)....MOVE a life.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pickin' fun!

After a 2.5 hour nap (for both Momma and Jack!!!), we headed out to grab a quick bite. While out, we discovered that our local strawberry farm was open for the season. It was raining off/on, so we debated on whether or not to go pick some berries. Thankfully, we opted to GO (after we went home and put on proper shoes).

It was truly a blast, albeit a very muddy one!

picking his own  berries but not too happy he had to wait to eat 'em

that's one good looking berry!

Here's one more Dada

Taking a break from all their hard work!

I'm not a strawberry person but these were delicious! We picked a whopping 4 pounds of berries. My boys devour 'em, but honestly I don't think they can eat that many. Strawberry jam??

It wasn't fancy and it was a bit crazy (2 year old + mud....need I say more?) but it was truly one of the best days.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To Nest or Not to Nest

It's May. That means 36 days (or less) til the new guy arrives. It is finally sinking in but it's not necessarily motivating me to work faster on getting everything done. Something about having a wild two year old who drains all of your energy (and an out-of-the-home job, new-unorganized house etc) really puts a damper on the whole nesting thing.

I've created a list. It seems to get longer and there isn't as many check marks as I'd like.

I still need to do...

1. Bring H's dresser to the house (it's still at B's parents)
2. Paint said dresser (as well as the one for J's room) and get his nursery ready
3. Put together the crib and order a crib mattress. (even though he wont' see it for a couple of months!)
obviously not the bedding we're going with

4. Wash his clothes, bassinet cover etc. (I'm looking forward to seeing itty bitty clothes again!!)
5. Install carseat and have them both inspected (I did get the inspector's #, so that's a step!)
6. Pack my hospital bag. (We're 35 mins away from the hospital, so I don't want to be rushed if my water breaks sooner than planned)
7. Clean out the garage so I can park my car! I don't really want to park outside with two rugrats to tote in, especially it the heat/rain etc.
8. Cook/freeze at least 4 meals.
9. Register with the hospital
10. Find/purchase a double stroller

Shew....I'm tired just reading this list!

However, I HAVE done a few things...ha!

1. Ordered my breast pump. Thank you Cigna!
2. Contacted a local baby wearing group. I hope/plan on wearing this guy more.
3. Sure there's more I've done, right?!

It may take a small miracle, but I'm determined to get everything done. After all, it will be easier to accomplish tasks with only one "helper"...right?!