Friday, June 20, 2014

A birth story...

(no clever title b/c I'm honestly a bit drained)

I cannot believe our sweet Henry is here already! The past 39 weeks went by so fast.

Ben and I headed to the hospital bright and early at 6 AM. We arrived and checked into our room, 201. It was almost shift change, so we had to wait for the new nurse to come on to get everything started. Thankfully, it was my favorite nurse ever...Gail! She delivered Jack and I love her.

At 7:45, my Doctor came in and broke my water. My fluid was minimum. I was mentally prepared for him to come soon after, since his brother did....but nope!

Shortly after (8:05) the CRNA came in to start my epidural, sans drugs. We chose to do this last time too, and I'm so glad. The epidural experience was so much better this time around.

9:30 I started feeling the contractions and they became more painful. I was once again experiencing back labor, which is no fun. The CRNA came back in and started the drugs. Woohoo.

11:30 I was only 4 CM. Boo. However, I was having good pressure so at least we were making progress.

My parents and B's mom all came in to visit. We were all shocked that H wasn't here yet, but trying to be patient! I did my best to rest.

2ish: my contractions were stronger and closer together, I was quickly making progress.
I love him!

3 ish: PRESSURE....finally a 10!!! My nurse got the bed ready for labor and had my practice pushing one time. She immediately called the Dr and said "Now!"
It's go time!

3:31: One push/contraction later: HANK IS HERE!!!!!!

He let out the sweetest cry and was perfect. Dr. J looked him over and wasn't concerned. He was tiny but perfect.

He was immediately placed on my chest and I immediately fell in love. B was able to cut the cord and help the nurse "assess" him.
Love at first sight!

Proud Dada!

We spent a bit of time nursing and bonding before his big brother came in to see him! Jack was so great with him but didn't really want to sit on the hospital bed w/ me (probably thought he was having another surgery!).  His great Uncle John (from NYC), Great Aunt Mo, Great-Grandmother, and of course Grandparents came to visit him!

My WHOLE world!!!

Uncle John and Millie

Millie and Pa

Aunt Mo

Grandma, Grandmomma and Jack Jack

checking out his new brother...he did give him a hug!


I'm 2 for 2!!!

Soon after he went to the nursery to get measured/weighed and eventually a bath. He couldn't get a bath right away, and we had to wait til 8ish to get him back to our room. 

bath time
his cousins escorting him into the room!
My brother and his family came to see him that night and were immediately smitten.

Uncle Bubba and the cousins

Aunt Marney!

My brother left, and Hank and I spent some sweet time just snuggling and trying to nurse (he wasn't really hungry). The Nursery nurse, Nancy, came in around 11 PM to take him back to the nursery for a few hours.

I miss this.

Unfortunately......this was the last time I was able to hold him and he was admitted to the NICU. More on his NICU stay and condition to come....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello World!

Henry is here and we are in love!!

6/12/14. 3:31 pm. 6.5llbs. 19 1/2 long.

Unfortunately, he was sent to the NICU at 1:30 AM in respiratory distress. Fortunately, he had awesome Nurses and a Neonatal NP who were on top of their game. Unfortunately, his numbers were way off so he was transported to another hospital's NICU (they have more specialists). We have no diagnosis or prognosis yet....

Birth story and more info on his NICU stay to come...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A right of passage?

Last week was one for the books, and honestly I hope to never repeat it!

J's school was out last week b/c the church was using the school rooms for VBS. My parents and B's mom were all lined up to watch J, so I could work one last week.  The week was all planned out and things were going well....until....

Tuesday, I get a phone call at work from my Mom. She never calls me at work, so I knew it was a big deal. My mom is a nurse and has seen a lot. Growing up, unless we were bleeding or a bone was sticking out, it wasn't a big deal. Anyway....she calmly states "Jack was playing on the swing set and lost his balance and fell off the teeter totter swing"...."landed on his arm, cried a lot.....still crying several hours later, not moving arm"....."call his Dr and meet me at the ER".

My heart stopped briefly, but I knew J was in great hands with my mom/dad. I met her at the ER and he was seen immediately. The PA came in and assessed his arm and ordered an X-RAY.

His arm was so swollen that it was hard to get an accurate picture, but the X-RAY didn't show anything too concerning. They put him in a sling and said to contact the Pediatric Orthopedic doctor ASAP. 

poor guy
Fortunately, the Ortho doc had an opening the next day. He took another X-RAY and informed us that J's elbow is in fact fractured. He had a supracondylar fracture and he needed "surgery" to correct it before he could be put in a cast. Great. Just great.

Friday was surgery day. Thankfully, it is a "closed reduction" surgery, meaning they didn't have to cut but they did have to put him under anasthesia. From what the Dr explained (in simple terms), he basically had to flex/manipulate J's arm in different ways to get the bones to line up properly. It's very painful, therefore they have to do it under anesthesia.
keeping J entertained

he loves selfies!

showing off his "tattoo"

He has to wear a cast for 3 weeks before he goes back to to see the Dr. Hopefully he'll be able to take it off then (the dr thinks it will be healed by then).
post op

So far, the cast hasn't really slowed him down one bit. It took him a couple of days to figure out he can still use his hand and to stop asking for it to get "up" (off).

Thankfully, Henry has cooperated and stayed put during this whole ordeal! I only need one son misbehaving...ha!