Friday, October 24, 2014

Hammerin' Hank: 4 months

I'm just a tad behind. Poor guy didn't even get a 3 month update. I guess I'll start saving now for his therapy sessions when he's an adult.

4 month stats:

Height: 25.25 inches long (56%)

Head Circumference: 42 inches (37%)

Weight: 12llbs 12.8 oz (9%)'re ON the charts! Yay! You're in size 1 (and sometimes 2) diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

You nurse roughly every 3-4 hours and can mostly go all night.
You're rolling from your tummy onto your back and have rolled from your back to tummy several times. Momma figured out your new grab onto the crib slats and use it as leverage to flip! Smart kid.

You are all smiles (but capturing it is hard!) and have begun to laugh a little. It's the cutest thing. You also love to talk!

You're working with a PT and Developmental Therapist to ensure you'll meet your milestones, since you're a tad delayed.

You were recently diagnosed with "Larygnomalacia" or bad larynx. Basically, your larynx is misshapen and it causes you to breath REALLY noisy when you are sleeping.  You should grow out of it though but the ENT will keep an eye on ya.

You are sleeping through the night, in your own crib, but do wake up once to nurse (usually early in morning). Momma doesn't mind and is oh so thankful for the 6+ hours of straight sleep!

You spent the night with Millie and Pa, while Mom and Dad had a date night. We missed you like crazy but we all made it!

You LOVE your brother and he is smitten with you!

You're tolerating tummy time, especially if brother helps you.

You're now putting everything in your mouth and learning a lot about your environment!

You're the sweetest little guy and are loved very much!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Lake Winnie for the Win

This summer flew by! I'm not complaining that it's fall, but I would like time to sloooow down!

My mom, SIL, and I decided to take our boys (and cousin Alaya) to Chattanooga's Lake Winnie theme park before school started. It wasn't crazy hot or crazy busy, so it was a nice way to test the theme park waters. It honestly reminded me of a larger fair type environment, but it was perfect for our crew.

Jack loved it! He rode every ride in the kiddie area...over and over and over again!  The bigger kids were kind enough to ride with him on the few that I couldn't (even if they were "baby rides" as Drew called it).
I love his smile!
First ride!
cousin W being a good sport!
cousin Lay Lay looks thrilled! ha!

This guy enjoyed the park too! Even if he only got to ride the train!
We also went to the nice water park at the end, to cool off (and crash). It ended up being a wonderful day!

He never naps on me any more...aww...loved it!