Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jack attack: 3 years!!

I cannot believe it has been 1,095+ days since I've fallen madly in love with my first born, my Jack.

Three, thus far, has been fun. Challenging. Tiring. We're only a couple weeks into this whole 3 year old thing, but so far it's going well. (Ask me in a few months!)


Weight: 29 pounds even! I think you're in like the 4%, but who cares! You've worked hard for every single pound, so as long as you're growing I'm not concerned.

Height: 3 ft 2ish inches


You're definitely asking that dreaded "why" question and "what's he/she/it doing?".

You know most of your colors (pink is still hard for you, but um...we hardly have any pink in our house. Sorry bud!). You know all of your shapes, and can count to 20+. You know your full name, street and parents names.

You're speaking in complete sentences. We're working on phrasing questions properly, but you've definitely improved (and have the demanding part down perfectly)!

You're hitting baseballs off a "tee" and are quite good! Future Atlanta Brave? Perhaps! We've signed you up for a "start smart" tee ball program and you are excited.

You've finally started expressing that you're hungry! Yay! You're actually eating more foods, but still HAVE to have your morning pop tart and milk. Ugh. One day, you'll go with out it. One day. You have the biggest sweet tooth now (you're my son after all).

You're almost 100% potty trained. We're still working on not going 2 in your underwear, but I'm so glad you're almost there. You've trained yourself and we're so proud!

You're SO helpful. If I need a diaper or my phone or anything, you (99% of the time) are always willing to help. You love to help wash dishes, mow the grass (for all of 4 seconds), laundry, & sweep.

You have one chore....putting the trash bag into the trash can. You love it. You need just a tiny bit of help to put the last edge on, but you've got the shaking it out thing down pat.

-Your imagination has blossomed, exponentially. Some moments you're a dinosaur, others you're flying in your rocketship, you and Hank ride in a train quite often and you're always cooking something yummy for me to eat!

-You're finally becoming more vocal in social settings. You love to wave hi to our neighbors and actually speak to the cookie guy at Publix now! :)

-You do get "Scared" of strangers or random things, but we're working on reassuring you that you're safe. "That man scared me" is a phrase we hear quite often....usually followed by..."he's a nice man". Reassuring yourself works too, I guess!

Phrases that I just love and REALLY need to video:

-"It's okay, Emiwy" (I won't ever admit to you that I secretly think it's cute that you call me Emily sometimes)

-"Look at my face"  (When you want our full attention...guess it's payback from us saying it to you)

-"Are you so happy/proud of me?" (yes, baby, always!)

-"Jesus lives in my heart" (this just melts me....)

-"I love you, Mom". ( grown up already!)


-You're still obsessed with all things trucks, transporters, tractors etc.

-You love to watch Curious George and Daniel Tiger. We do try to limit your exposure and those are the only things you're technically allowed to watch (other than Wheel of Fortune!)!

-You love to ride your tricycle, run the bases, hit baseballs and mow grass.

-You're an awesome big brother. You love to help feed, help with diaper changes (bringing me one etc), give brother a paci/toy etc, and you love to play with him. You're a tad rough and we're working on being gentle.

It's been the happiest three years of my life!

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