Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas 2014 recap!

Christmas came and went by waaaaaay to fast! It seems like we went from Halloween to New Year's in an instant.

Fortunately B had both Christmas Eve and day off again this year, so we were able to celebrate as a family of four!

We went to the children's Mass and were late (meaning we were on time but not 1 hr early..ugh), so had to stand in the vestibule.

After church, we headed to my parents for dinner and Christmas festivities. My mom made a chicken casserole and other delicious foods. She wanted something easy but always goes overboard!

 Present time was so much fun this year. Jack got it more than years before. We kept it simple this year and only did gifts for the kids. So much better than stressing out over getting gifts for my brother/sil and parents when we all truly do not need anything.
one sweet present!

opening the indoor trampoline that Millie and Pa gave them!

Jack's favorite gift was "a neat" tractor that his cousin Drew gave him!

Santa came early Christmas morning! Jack asked for a "tractor scooter" and Santa brought him one and also a chalkboard!

After breakfast we headed to B's parents house for the day. Of course, Jack had a couple gifts there too. Spoiled!!!

We ate a yummy supper and spent time just enjoying family.

It was a wonderful Christmas and we are blessed more than we deserve.

Life has been overwhelming lately.

1. B's truck broke down on interstate (at 4 AM on his way home). My wagon broke down (on interstate on my way to a dr's appointment). The car we borrowed while ours was repaired etc, broke down. Seriously. Ugh.

2. I've had dailyish headaches since H was a couple months old. When I went in for my 6 wk postpartum appointment, I asked my Ob if she thought it was hormonal/stress. She didn't think so and referred me to my PCP b/c my Bp was a tad high for me (and I'm never high).

I went to my PCP and she ran blood work and referred me to get a MRI just to rule out everything. Two days after the MRI, my Doctor calls and I knew it wasn't good. It wasn't a tumor, but I had several concerning spots on my brain that weren't age appropriate and a fluid-filled cyst on the base of my brain. I basically have an 80 year old's brain. Great. She sent me to a Neurologist.

Neurologist is perplexed b/c I literally just turned 30 and should not have the white spots on my brain. She doesn't think it's MS (THANK YOU LORD) but says I could be having "mini strokes" (great!). She ran more bloodwork and my homocystine levels were increased. She put me on folic acid, a beta blocker and a baby aspirin to help avoid clots/stroke.  I also had a MRV to make sure my veins in my head were not clotting. Everything there looked great...thankfully!

I follow up with her Monday. The drugs seem to help mostly, so I'm hopeful she won't want to run the dread spinal tap that she mentioned doing.

this guy had his first fever this week but did amazingly well!! he's back to his regular self  already
3. Jack and Hank are both doing great but I'm over the non-stop appointments.  We have weekly therapies which is overwhelming trying to coordinate sometimes. Follow up Dr appointments are practically weekly and lets be honest, hauling two kids to appointments is not fun. Applesauce pouches and goldfish can only occupy an almost 3 year old for so long.

Jack had a fantastic follow up with the ENT. He was so great and sat perfectly still while the Dr pulled the tubes out. The Dr commented that most kids (especially his age) don't do that well! His ears are healed! woohoo!

Hank has had a spot on the back of his head that is scaly and huge. Initially we all (his ped too) thought it was cradle cap, but nothing was helping and it was getting bigger. She referred him to a Dermatologist and we finally had the appointment. The Derm is apparently the "best" of the best here in Nashville and he had no clue what the spot is. Fantastic. We were given instructions on how to get the scales off, and control his eczema. He actually mentioned that the eczema could be related to H's metabolic issue, but obviously we don't know for sure. Weird.

4. Work has been crazy. My coworker said that December was much busier than usual and I can believe it. April-May are usually our extra busy months, so I'm already dreading it!! I try not to complain since this job is awesome for me, but goodness!!!

Ben has also worked crazy over time, has a lot of court cases and is in class 3 nights a week.

this guy makes me laugh!

I love my children. I'm thankful we have great doctors, healthcare and insurance to provide the much needed care/therapies. I'm thankful we have transportation and family that has graciously loaned cars. I'm thankful that I'm able to work at home and for such a great company.

However.........I'm OVER.IT. I could use quiet. I could use a week where we have nothing to do but our normal day-to-day things. I could use a week where nothing breaks, no kid gets sick, no unexpected bills pop up or deadlines that have to be met. But...this is real life, so I guess I'll just have to keep swimming. I just wish someone would throw me a frickin live saver every now and then.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hammerin' Hank: 6 (&7) months

He's technically 7 months now, but better late than never.


Weight: 15 pounds (12/30)

Height:  my memory stinks, but he's in the 50+%

Did not like the Doctor examining him and only cried a second with the shots. He thankfully did not have a reaction to the shots the next day! Woohoo!

He is officially inch worming everywhere!
the 6-9 month shirt sleeves are too short. Oops!

He is soooo close to sitting up by himself. His PT is confident that he'll be in no time, and he's working hard.

He started solids at 6.5 months. I'm making his foods this time and started with sweet potatoes. I'm horrible (and he's totally a second child!), but he's only had sweet potatoes and bananas thus far. But, he loves it! Squash is up next.

He's babbling like crazy. He can say "dada" and Ben swears he said "Hey Jack" the other day!!

He had a follow up with the Geneticist. She is thrilled with how well he is doing. She still doesn't have a definitive answer, but is confident that he shouldn't experience another acidosis episode.

He has a spot on the back of his head that is concerning, so he'll go to the Dermatologist soon. We all initially thought it was eczema/cradle cap, but it's getting bigger and harder, so his Dr wants to make sure it's nothing serious. At this rate, we'll have every specialty covered in less than a year!

His laryngomalcia is thankfully not interfering with his growth or causing any breathing issues. I chose to skip this month's check up with the ENT to avoid possible flu exposure. I called and thankfully the RN and Doctor are both understanding and said we can postpone it a month/two (he'll be fully vaccinated w/ flu shot then).

He is genuinely happy, all the time!

He sleeps great at night (8-5, usually) but doesn't have set nap schedule.

He nurses on demand and eats complimentary solids twice a day.

He LOVES his brother and playing with anything that belongs to his bubby.

He's pretty much a great baby!! I'm not partial, or anything!