Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hammerin' Hank: 9 months

So yeah, I totally posted a blank post. Sleep deprivation strikes again!

 Weight: roughly 16 pounds (we go 4/13 to his well check)

Height: TBD

Clothing/diaper: 6-9 month shirts, 9 month pjs and 3-6 shorts/pants (narrow behind boy!); size 2 or 3 diapers


- You can finally sit up independently and confidently (8 months)

- You still army crawl but you're working hard on crawling correctly

-You pull up on EVERYTHING. (9.5 months)

-You're learning to go up the stairs in PT. Not ready for this...

-You're clapping and babbling like crazy.

-First word: Dada (naturally...ugh!)

-You're eating just about all the fruits and veggies and chicken/turkey.

-You're slowly eating "table" foods. For some reason your Mama is scared to death to feed you anything. Sorry bud.

-You're most likely allergic to yogurt. You had a reaction after a few bites, but we're not 100% to what. Hopefully it was just a fluke.

-You still nurse on demand. You refused a bottle for the past month or two, but I'm hoping you'll start taking a sippy cup soon.


-You started going to the church nursery, and love it. The ladies say you're the best baby. I agree!!

-You are playing outside more and finally not crying while on the grass.

-You're playing ball with yourself and it's the cutest thing ever. You'll hit the ball, then crawl to get it and hit again and again and again!! Love it.

You're the absolute cutest baby and we love you!!!