Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hammerin' Hank: ONE YEAR

I am truly amazed at how fast these past 365 days went by. I blinked and you're a year old already. Not cool. Not cool!!!

This year has been a roller coaster full of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. Thankfully, the highs outweigh the lows! We went from not knowing if you were going to even make it 48 hours, to celebrating every.single.milestone with enthusiasm. For that, I am so thankful.

Here's your ONE year stats (I have to keep saying that you're a year to make it sink in...mama is in denial)

Weight: 17.9 pounds (whopping 0.8%)
Size 3 diapers, clothes 12 months tops, 3-6/12 months pants (Earth to clothing manufacturers...get it together people! It shouldn't be that big of a size difference in "sizes".)

Height: 29 inches

You're crawling on hands and knees. (10ish months)

You're pushing the chair/push toy/whatever else around like a champ. You practically run with it now.  You cruise and climb onto the train table/trampoline.

You have 7 teeth.

Your nicknames are: Bitty Bitty, Hanky Panky (probably not the best one!), Hankford (don't even know) and Hammer.

You're saying Dada and talking non-stop but nothing clear yet. Jack is reallllly hoping you say his name (and it sounds like it sometimes).

You're eating like a champ. You love food. Turkey, chicken, fruit (watermelon especially), veggie straws,  guacamole....nothing you don't like yet! You're still nursing and we're trying to introduce a DF toddler formula for extra calories (and when you go to MDO).

You've had several reactions to dairy, so we're on a strict DF diet now. You're going to the Allergist (yay, another specialist) next month to test. Hoping it's just an intolerance that you'll outgrow.

You love going to the church nursery and the teachers all comment how sweet you are and how "easy" you are! I hope you keep this up!

You are LOVED more than you know.

Happy first birthday, sweet boy!