Friday, January 15, 2016

2015: Year of the curve

I've grown up on the baseball field. My brother played ball through college, so needless to say I have seen thousands of baseball games in my life. There is one particular pitch, called a curve ball that starts out one way and then curves and dives downwards to the plate.

This particular pitch is the best one to describe 2015. Without going into details (I would need a novel), it was an interesting year. It was one of a lot of changes, growth, faith, prayers, tears, laughter, challenges and love. It was a year that I'm not sad to see end, though.

A few of our "highlights":

We went to the Braves spring training and Clearwater beach in March! The boys loved it!

Jack absolutely LOVED the snow we had this year (Feb) and is a snow angel making pro! Hank didn't know what to think, but didn't hate it!

Hank was baptized at 10 months! Such a proud moment.

Jack turned THREE and Hank turned ONE. (Not sure how that's even possible!!!)

The boys began MDO, it was Hank's first time, and they loved it.

We rode on Thomas and had a fun time!

The boys dressed up as Firefighters (original costumes were to be the Tiger Family, but it was raining so we switched gears) and had a fun Halloween. Jack and I trick-or-treated by ourselves after the rain stopped and it was such a nice time.

We had a full Thanksgiving and realized we have so much to be thankful for.

Our Christmas was a blessed one and we were thrilled to be with our families.

While I'm looking forward to 2016 (and not sad to see 15 go), I am thankful for the lessons I learned and the team I shared it with. I'm most thankful that I have an amazing, loving, forgiving, miracle working Coach that helped me every time I got up to bat.

 2016, we will bat .1000 with no curve ball in sight!

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