Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hank is oFISHally ONE!

I'm just oh, 7 months late on this post. Sorry Hank!

Hank turned 1 (I'm still in denial that he's not an itty baby anymore) on June 12th! We wanted his first birthday to be a big celebration to celebrate his miraculous year.  We stuck with the fish theme like his brother, but went with the fishing theme! I think his party was very cute!!

My great-grandfather's tackle box!! 

my mom was such a huge help with his decor

cookie treats!

Hank's (DF) smash cake!!!

Big brother trying to show him how to eat his cake! Neither boy was a smasher.

sweet boy 

opening gifts with his Aunt!

Fishing with his buds!

We had a fun time fishing, bouncing, playing and loving on this sweet 1 year old!!  I''m so thankful to be his mom and for the joy he brings to me.

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